Malachi York

Ask The Nuwaupians, why did your teacher have to sexually abused children?

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Question: Ask The Nuwaupians, why did your teacher have to sexually abused children?

Answer: They will just stand there looking sad.

Nuwaupians will have everyone believe York's trial was closed to the public,  This is false.  York's trial was open to the public for as many as could fill the gallery seating.  Nuwaupians use the fact that the actual court room itself was closed off, but WONT inform the other Nuwaupians that a separate room was set aside for the public to view the entire trial on close circuit TV .  The public witnessed everything that took place in the courtroom with the exception of the faces of the jurors.  The following is what was witnessed by the public viewing of the 6th day of York's trial January 12th 2004.

These are (Trail Notes) taken from public viewing in the Public Gallery. It was open to all and there were 30-50 people watching the trial in real time and they took very good notes, most being current and former Nuwaupians.


Q.  Salaam  did Mr. York ever explain to you why it was okay for him to be doing these kinds of acts to you and Issa?

Salaam Laroche: No.
Q. Did he ever talk to you about Egyptian gods and stuff?
Salaam Laroche: Yes
Q. Tell the jury what he told you about that.
Salaam Laroche: He said that the gods like Osahen and them used to have sex with each other. This was in Athens.
Q. How old would you have been at that time?
Salaam Laroche: 15.
Q. What did you do when you went to Athens?
Salaam Laroche: Nothing really.  I guess whenever York needed me,  he would call me.  But we didn't do nothing there in Athens.
Q. And when you say that Mr. York would let you know when he needed you and that's when you would go to Athens, what would he need you for?
Salaam Laroche: Sex.
Q. What type of sex acts did Mr. York do with you in Athens?
Salaam Laroche: Oral sex and he tried to do the anal sex.
Q. Did Mr. York ever ask you to perform anal sex on him?
Salaam Laroche: Yes.
Q.  And what happened on that occasion?
Salaam Laroche: I just couldn't.  I'd try, but my penis wasn't getting hard.  I couldn't  do it.
Q. And did any sex acts happen between Husna and you in Athens?
Salaam Laroche: Yes.
Q. Who was present when that happened?
Salaam Laroche: York and Khadiyjah was sitting there watching TV that's when they was playing a porno flick of some lady hitch-hiking on a road and some guy stopped and picked her up.  But it was Khadiyjah and Husna there and York.
Q. And you said that they were playing a porno video?
Salaam Laroche: Yes.
Q. Do you know what type? Was it a video or was it a DVD?
Salaam Laroche: It was a DVD.
Q. Tell the jury what happened during that incident with you, Mr. York,  Husna,  and Khadiyjah.
Salaam Laroche:  Well, Khadiyjah didn't do anything.  She was just sitting there watching.  But Husna performed oral sex on me.  And York, he came behind her and he had anal sex with her.  And then he told me to go behind her, and she was performing oral on him and that was it.  But at a different time we was in Athens and I took a bath, but it was just me and York, and he tried to perform anal sex on me again over there, and that's when told about the Egyptian gods used to have sex with each other with boys.

The Athens mansion had a bad odor as foul as the unspeakable deeds done there when occupied by the religious cult leader Malachi York, now serving a 135-year prison sentence on federal child molestation and racketeering charges.
Why did he do it? Because he enjoyed it.