Malachi York

Ask the Nuwaupians did you know your teacher had a passion for sexually abusing children, both girls and boys?

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Question: Ask the Nuwaupians did you know your teacher had a passion for sexually abusing children, both girls and boys? 

Answer: They're speechless at this point

York's trial was public despite the Nuwaupians implying that it was closed to the public.  Over 50 public spectators witnessed York's trial and everything that transpired.  All of the testimony was heard and all of the witnesses were seen.  Jin Hee Bea (Ginger Chang) is another sex partner of York while he was married to Kathy Johnson. Chang did work on his books, did some of the translations from Hebrew to English and was his personal driver.

Q. Ms. Chang, how old are you?

Chang: I'm 35.

Q. And do you know the defendant in this case, Dwight York?

Chang: Yes.

Q. Do you know him by names other than York?

Chang: Yes. I know him as Imam or Doc.

Q. Where were you living when you first met him?

Chang: Upstate New York.

Q. And when you moved to upstate New York, did you have any children?

Chang: I had a son. He'd just turned one. And I was pregnant, about maybe three, four months.

Q. Ms. Chang, once you moved to upstate New York, did you join Mr. York's community there?

Chang: Yes.

Q. And once you joined the community, was it common for you to have contact with people who did not live within that community?

Chang: No.

Q. Were you in contact with any of your own family members at that point?

Chang: No.

Q. Was there any reason why you weren't in contact with anyone other than people that lived within the community?

Chang: You're not allowed to use the phone to call out.

Q. Did you do any type of work for Mr. York when you joined his community?

Chang: After I had the baby, I worked in the office.

Q. Did you ever receive a salary?

Chang: No.

Q. While you were living in upstate New York, did you begin a sexual relationship with Mr. York?

Chang: After I had my second baby.

Q. Were you still living in upstate New York?

Chang: Yes.

Q. Do you recall how old you were when your sexual relationship with Mr. York began?

Chang: Maybe 23.

Q. And on the first occasion when you had sexual relations with Mr . York, did someone bring you to him?

Chang: Yes.

Q. Who was that?

Chang: Habiybah.

Q. Was Habiybah an adult at that time?

Chang: No. Because she was still considered one of the Banaats.

Q. What Habiybah say to you when she took you to York the first time you had sex with him?

Chang: She took me to Doc's trailer, and said that Doc wanted to see me, so we went together.

Q. And would you explain to the jury what happened after you got to the trailer?

Chang: We were all in there. We were talking for a little while, and then there was a door, so Habiybah was in one room and me and Doc was in the other. And we had sex and that was it.

Q. After your first sexual encounter with Mr. York, were there other times when you had sexual relations with him?

Chang: Yes.

Q. And how would you know that Mr. York wanted to have sex with you? Is there something that he would do or something he would say to initiate sexual relations with you on a particular day?

Chang: Well, he would always start out with a conversation first, and then during the night time, alot of people were around and they would try to stick around as long as they can to see who was going to be the one that stays in the house. And sometimes it would be me; sometimes it would be others. I think he does request who he wants there sometimes.

Q. Now, when you say a lot of people, Ms. Chang, what are the sexes of these people that you're referring to as a lot?

Chang: People who was in the office, they would come with the books. He would revise it or what-not: And there would be girls watching videos there or just hanging out.

Q. What type of videos?

Chang: Just movies.

Q. Were there times when you saw adult pornography?

Chang: A few times.

Q. When Mr. York moved to Georgia, did you go with him?

Chang: Yes.

Q. Did you continue a sexual relationship with him in Georgia?

Chang: Yes.

Q. Did you meet a boy in Eatonton named Khalid Eddington?

Chang: Yes

Q. And how old was he when you first met him?

Chang: I'm not sure, but I know he wasn't 18

Q. Did you ever see Mr. York do any sex acts with Khalid?

Chang: Yes.

Q. Where did this happen?

Chang: In his bedroom in Georgia.

Q. And would you explain to the members of the jury what happened during that incident?

Chang: It was during the daytime. I was in the office. I got called to bring a book over and met him at the house, and Khalid was there. When I went there, It started out with oral sex, and then Khalid on Dr. York, and then Khalid joined in, and he was inside me. And then I started bleeding, so I excused myself and I left.

Q. Did you see Khalid leave his room?

Chang: No.

Q. And how old did you believe Khalid to be when this incident happened?

Chang: I know he was under 18.

Q. Ms. Chang, did Mr. York have any rules about interaction between adult men and women that you recall?

Chang: That wasn't allowed. We were not allowed to look at another man. We would always have to look down when we were passing by or something.

Q. And what about if you happened to meet a man your own age in Eatonton that you like, was that allowed?

Chang: No, that was not allowed.

Q. But it was allowed for Mr. York to have people that he was sexually involved with, is that right, his own age?

Chang: Yes.

Q. How long had you lived there?

Chang: I'm estimating about maybe three years.

Q. And during that entire three years, did you always have job assignments?

Chang: I was usually in the office, and then sometimes we would take turns baby-sitting the kids.

Q. And did you ever get paid during the entire threes for any of the work you did?

Chang: No.


This testimony is another indication that Malachi York took advantage of people, in particularly an Asian mother and a then under-aged boy named Khalid Eddington, performing sex acts on him. York separated Men from the Women, where they were told not to even look at men, leaving Malachi York the one man they could look at, talk with, giving him full rang of sexual partners from the children to the adult females, something all cult leaders have in common.