Malachi York

Question: Ask The Nuwaupians, why do they say there were no children molested because all that testified were adults?

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Question: Ask The Nuwaupians, why do they say there were no children molested because all that testified were adults?

Answer: The majority of Nuwaupians are totally ignorant of York's curious predicament.

There were several teen victims who testified against York ranging in age from 15 to women early twenties.  One of those young teen victims was Salha Eddington, she endured York's sexual abuse for years, and it would have continued had York not been arrested.

"...How did you leave the property?

 Salha Eddington: He got arrested and DFACS came.

 Q. What year was that?

 Salha Eddington: 2002.

 Q. How old were you then ?

 Salha Eddington: 15..."


Salha, Amala Noel and Krystal Harding were the youngest victims to testify against York, so why do Nuwaupians say that there were no children who testified?  or do Nuwaupians consider 14 and 15 year olds adults?  The following are parts of Salha's testimony against the man who sexually molested,  she gives a unique look at life behind the pylons of "Egipt of the West" and how York was a sexual deviant who treated his victims like sex slaves.


During the course of the trial of this case, there were 40-50 spectators viewing the trial on closed circuit television with the witnesses, inclusive of alleged victims or witnesses who would be under the protection of the Title 18, United States Code, Section 3509(d). The names and faces of victims and all witnesses in the trial of this case were witnessed by the 40-50 spectators or members of the public.

Any photos or images of the victims is not to disrespect, vilify, or degrade them in any way. It's intended to show the faces of those individuals who had the courage to come forth and tell what they knew and experienced first hand, despite knowing that they would be hated, ridiculed, labeled traders, threatened, and friends lost.  Having pictures of these victims helps to bring a reality to the minds of the readers, showing that these are real people and suffered at the hands and will of Malachi York.


Q. How old are you Salha?

Salha Eddington: I'm 16.

Q. Are you in school?

Salha Eddington: Yes.

Q. What grade are you in?

Salha Eddington: In the 10th.

Q. What was your age the very first time you first attended school?

Salha Eddington: I was 15.

Q. So you first attended school a couple of years ago?

Salha Eddington: Yes.

Q. Did you live with your Mother when you lived in Eatonton, Ga.?

Salha Eddington: Yes.

Q. Did you see your Father while living in Eatonton as a child?

Salha Eddington: No.

Q. At what age did you no longer live with your Mother in Eatonton?

Salha Eddington: I believe I was 8 or 9.

Q. Where did you live after that?

Salha Eddington: I was living in the girls house.

Q. Who lived there?

Salha Eddington: Amanda, Rodeya, Beluwra, Lena, Jamila, I don't remember the others.

Q. How old were they?

Salha Eddington: Amanda was a couple years older than me, Beluwra and Lena was around my age.

Q. So you were 8 when you first moved to the girls house?

Salha Eddington: Yes.

Q. When was the first time you remember seeing Dwight York?

Salha Eddington: Maybe, 6-7

Q. Do you see Dwight York in the court room?

Salha Eddington: Yes.

Q. Could you point to him and mention what he's wearing?

Salha Eddington: He's right there and he's wearing a navy blue jacket with a light blue shirt.

Q.  Your Honor, may the records show that the victim has identified the defendant Dwight York?

(The Judge) Yes.

Q. Now Salha did you have a job while working on the property?

Salha Eddington: Yes, I used to pack incense, soap and books for sales.

Q. And how old were you when you started that job?

Salha Eddington: 10 or 11.

Q. Were you paid for the work you did?

Salha Eddington: No.

Q. How old were you when you left the property?

Salha Eddington: I was 15.

Q. How old were you the first time something sexual happened?

Salha Eddington: 10 or 11... around that time.

Q.Tell the jury what you remember the first time anything like that happened.

Salha Eddington: I remember playing in the park once and Kathy called me down to help clean the kitchen, so we was cleaning and York had walked by.  He went in the living room and Kathy told me to go in, so we went in, it was me and Beluwra.

Q. To go where?

 Salha Eddington: The living room where he was.

Q. And what was Kathy's last name?

Salha Eddington: It was Kathy Johnson. 


Salha Eddington: I remember him taking my hand and trying to get me to touch his penis.

Q. What did you do?

Salha Eddington:  I kinda held back because I was shocked because it was like, he's Imaam and I didn't expect it.

Q. So when he took your hand and placed it on his penis, where was Kathy Johnson?

Salha Eddington: She was in the kitchen.

Q. And all of you were in the living room?

Salha Eddington: Yes.

Q. Where was Krystal?

Salha Eddington: She was standing near him.

Q. And Krystal is also known as Beluwra?

Salha Eddington: Yes.

Q. What was the next incident you remember??

Salha Eddington: When he was living up the hill.

Q. Where do you mean?

Salha Eddington: He was living across the street from where Ramses club was.

Q. Okay, and what happened?

Salha Eddington: He had anal sex with me.

Q. Did this happen in his house?

Salha Eddington: Yes.

Q. How did you get there?

 Salha Eddington: I got called to go over there to clean up.

 Q. Did you ever go to York's house if you weren't called to come in there?

 Salha Eddington: Yes.

Q. What happened when you came over?

Salha Eddington: I was cleaning and after awhile we stopped cleaning.  We were all hanging out, then later that night, that's when it happened.

Q. Where there other people there?

Salha Eddington: Rodeya was with me.

Q. How old were you at that time?

Salha Eddington: 12 or 11, I don't remember exactly.

Q. How old was Rodeya?

Salha Eddington: 13 or 14 maybe.

Q. Do you remember what time of the night it was?

Salha Eddington: About 12, 1AM.

Q. Who was there?

Salha Eddington: It was only us, me and Rodeya

Q. So what happened?

Salha Eddington: He had anal sex with me.  Then after that, he had sex with Rodeya.

Q. Who is "he"?

Salha Eddington: York.

Q. What room?

Salha Eddington: In the living room.

Q. And did you see him do something to Rodeya as well?

Salha Eddington: Yes, he was having vaginal sex with her.

Q. Did you?

Salha Eddington: No. just anal.

Q. How did that make you feel?

Salha Eddington: It was painful at the time, but eventually I got over it.

Q. Did you tell him that it was painful?

Salha Eddington: Yes.

Q. Did he say anything?

Salha Eddington: No.

Q. Did he stop?

Salha Eddington: Yes.

Q. After that were you treated any different?

Salha Eddington: Yes.

Q. How?

Salha Eddington: I got to go out with the girls and I got clothes here and there.

Q. When you got to go out, with the girls, what sort of places?

Salha Eddington: Red Lobster, O' Charley's, different restaurants.

Q. Who took you to these restaurants?

Salha Eddington: York.

Q. You said you went out with the other girls and York, who were the other girls, who were they?

Salha Eddington: Safa'a, Rodeya, Amanda, Camilla.

Q. How old was Safa'a?

Salha Eddington: She was probably 13 or 14, she's older than me by a year I think.

Q. Were there other girls that went places with York?

Salha Eddington: it was Hanaan; the twins Husna and Hasnaa and Iyisha.

Q. The twins?

Salha Eddington: Husna and Hasnaa Evans.

Q. Are the twins about your age?

Salha Eddington: They're older.

Q. How much?

Salha Eddington: A year.

Q. What about Hanaan Merrit?

Salha Eddington: I think she's 2 years older than me.

Q. After the defendant had anal sex with you, did it stop or did it continue over time?

Salha Eddington: It continued pretty often.

Q. Would you be alone with York, Rodeya or with others?

Salha Eddington: There would be others.

Q. Who do you remember seeing the defendant having sex with, either touching the genital area, oral sex, anal sex, or vaginal sex?

Salha Eddington: I saw Sakinah, Amala (Amanda), Rodeya, Beluwra, Safa'a and one of the twins once.

Q. Which twin?

Salha Eddington: I think it was Husna.

Q. How old was Husna at that time?

Salha Eddington: 15, 16.

Q. How old was Sakinah?

Salha Eddington: I think she was 19, or 20, Amala was about 17 .

Q. What did you see him do with Amala?

Salha Eddington: He had vaginal sex with her.

Q. Did you see him engaging in sexual activity with Krystal Harding (Beluwra)?

Salha Eddington: Yes vaginal sex.

Q. How old would Krystal have been at the time?

Salha Eddington: She was about a year older than me.

Q. And how old were you?

Salha Eddington: 13 I believe.

Q. This started when you were 11 or 12?

Salha Eddington: Yes.

Q. How long did this go on?  How old were you when the defendant Mr. York stopped having these sorts sexual acts with you?

Salha Eddington: I was 15 when it stopped.

Q. Why did it stop?

Salha Eddington: Because he got arrested.

Q. Did you always work in Eatonton, Georgia?

Salha Eddington: No I also worked in Athens.

Q. How old were you when you worked in Athens

Salha Eddington: I was 13.

Q. When you went to Athens, would you stay over night?

Salha Eddington: Yes, sometimes.

Q. Before the arrest, did anything happen of a sexual nature in Athens with the defendant?

Salha Eddington: Yes. I remember one time when I was making my bed in Athens, Habiybah called me into his room, so I went in and I guess he was trying to give me a hug, so I went down and hugged him, and that's when I first lost my virginity to him.

Q. Do you know Habiybah's last name?

Salha Eddington: No.

Q. Was anyone else in the room when Habiybah told you to go in there?

Salha Eddington: No. 

Q. Did Habiybah stay in the room?

 Salha Eddington: She was in the room, but not in the bed because he had curtains around it.

Q. What was he wearing if anything when you went in the room?

Salha Eddington: A Long white pajama like thingy, and I got into his bed and at first I was just kind of laying there and I thought he was going to give me a hug but that's when I lost my virginity.

Q. When you say you lost your virginity, what do you mean exactly?

Salha Eddington: He had vaginal sex with me for the first time.

Q. How old were you?

Salha Eddington: I was 13.

Q. Did he put his penis in your vagina?

Salha Eddington: Yes.

Q. Did it happen at any time after that incident?

Salha Eddington: Yes.

Q. Was other people in the room?

Salha Eddington: Yes, Beluwra, Amala, Safa'a, Suhaila, basically the same girls.

Q. Did these things usually happen in groups of girls or alone?

Salha Eddington: They mainly had been in groups.

Q. Were there ever any boys with you when this would go on?

Salha Eddington: No.

Q. Did you see him have sexual contact with other girls in Athens?

Salha Eddington: Yes. 

Q. Which ones?

Salha Eddington: I saw him with Suhaila, Amala (Amanda), Safa'a and Rodeya.

Q. Did you ever see the defendant engage in any sort of sexual activity with either of the twins?

Salha Eddington: Yes, we was in Athens, because after a while, they started coming to Athens, So I saw Husna have sex with him there and in Eatonton.

Q. And would the defendant go back and forth from Eatonton to Athens?

Salha Eddington: Yes.

Q. Do you know whether the defendant ejaculated?

Salha Eddington: Yes he did.

Q. Did he ejaculate inside or outside of you?

Salha Eddington: Outside.

Q. And how would you know that?

Salha Eddington: Because I was able to feel it like on the bed or on my skin (semen).

Q.  How did you leave the property?

Salha Eddington: He got arrested and DFACS came.

Q. What year was that?

Salha Eddington: 2002.

Q. How old were you then?

Salha Eddington: 15.

Q. Had you lived your entire life in that community?

Salha Eddington: Yes.

Q. Did you tell the FBI what you told us here in court?

Salha Eddington: No.

Q. Why not?

Salha Eddington: Because I was scared and we was told that if it comes out, just say it didn't happen so I stuck to that.

Q. Who told you to say that?

Salha Eddington: Abigail. (Habiybah Washington)


In other testimonies, Habiybah Washington herself said that she was directed to tell victims NOT to tell what was taking place sexually with York,

Q "...did Mr. York ever express to you any concerns that some of the children did or might talk to others about what was taking place sexually with him?

Habiybah Washington: he would want me to talk to them about the dangers of opening their mouths and that if they did, it would bring down out community and our Nation. so I would have to talk with them.

Q. Did you talk with some of the children ?

Habiybah Washington: Yes.

Q. Did you recruit other children for Mr. York's sexual activities ?

Habiybah Washington: Yes I did.

Q. Who were some of the children ?

Habiybah Washington: They were, Salha Eddington, Safa'a, Husna, Hanaan, Hasnaa, Suhaila, Jamiyla and other girls around my age..."

-Habiybah Washington's testimony January 12, 2004 (Trail Notes)


Q. Your Honor, I would like to show the witness exhibit 104A.

(The Judge) Okay.

Salha, do you recognize anyone in this video?

Salha Eddington: Yes, I see Hanaan, Iyisha, one of the twins, Hagar and some lady named Elizabeth.

Q. Who is that man walking in front of all the women and girls?

Salha Eddington: It's York.

Q. Do you know where this place is?

Salha Eddington: Yes, it was at O' Charley's in Conyers, Georgia.

Q. Who's the person in white?

Salha Eddington: That's Hasna.

Q. Did you ever want to leave the property?

Salha Eddington: Yes, when I was 14.

Q. Why was that?

Salha Eddington: Because I was getting tired of it all, the environment, working for nothing, the sex, the whole thing was getting on my nerves.

Q. Why didn't you just leave?

Salha Eddington: Because I was affraid too at the time, I didn't want to leave my Mother and sister there and I always felt that if I left and wanted to come visit my Mom, they wouldn't let me see them because I left.

Q. Did you tell your Mom what was going on sexually with the defendant?

Salha Eddington: No I didn't.

Q. Did you ever try avoiding the defendant?

Salha Eddington: Yes.

Q. Please tell the jury about that.

Salha Eddington: I wouldn't go to his house or anything like that.

Q. And what happened as a result?

Salha Eddington: As a result, I couldn't go to restaurants as much or anything.

Q. Did the sex stop?

Salha Eddington: Yes.

Q. When was this?

Salha Eddington: When we moved back to Eatonton, and that's when it slowed down.

Q. How old were you when you moved back to Eatonton, Georgia?

Salha Eddington: 14 or 15.

Q. So it slowed down, but there was still sexual activity after returning to Eatonton with the defendant?

Salha Eddington: Yes.

Q. What type of sex?

Salha Eddington: The same type, vaginal, oral.

Q. So up till May 2002 you lived your whole life in that community?

Salha Eddington: Yes.

Q. Do you remember the defendant making statements regarding what to tell the doctors?

Salha Eddington: Yes and I remember him telling Husna Evans this because once she had a problem and she wanted to see a doctor, York told her,

"if they ask you if you ever had sex, tell them yes and that you had a boy friend "

Q. Did you hear him say this?

Salha Eddington: Yes I was in the room.

Q. Thank you Salha...No further questions...


Salha Eddington's testimony was powerful and corroborated, Nuwaupians nor the York defense team could not refute her statements, Nuwaupians would rather set up websites and post flyers to discredit, disrespect or disparage Salha and other victims. This is all the cult members could do, never producing evidence that proves the prosecution's case wrong. This is part and parcel why Nuwaupians claim that there were no children involved in the testimonies.


"...Nuwaupians can duck and cover from the facts...but that can't refute them..."