Malachi York

Ask The Nuwaupians, with your teacher being an Author, Researcher, Translator, Lecturer, Business Owner, Traveler and Recording Artist, how did he have time on his hands to have sex?

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Question: Ask The Nuwaupians, with your teacher being an Author, Researcher, Translator, Lecturer, Business Owner, Traveler and Recording Artist, how did he have time on his hands to have sex?

Answer: Huh?

Nuwaupians will not speak on York's family life from the number of wives to his offspring, yet they'll promote the propaganda that he had no time to molest or have sex with children because he was to busy writing books, building an Egyptian theme park, translating ancient texts, teaching Nuwaupu, researching, developing new forms of the Nuwaupic language etc..

The logic against their pseudo argument is to just ask Nuwaupians, just how many wives/concubines has York ever had and how many children does he have and what's the age range of those children (oldest and youngest)?  By asking those questions, you as a logical thinking person will effectively shut down the "frequency report".  It's used in an attempt to demonstrate that it would be impossible for York to have been such a busy man and have all of that sex.  It then backfires on Nuwaupians when you ask them how many children York's had over the years.

Nuwaupians have to explain how can a busy man have so much time producing babies. It would be an absurdity to believe that a person with over 40 children, doesn't have a high sexual appetite or sexual addiction.  By York NOT testifying in his own defense, much of that type of information was never questioned..


This is what is being pushed by the current Administration of the Nuwaupian cult. According to a York advocate, Bro."POLIGHT" says,  

"...According to the prosecution, from 1993 to 2002 which is an eight to 9 year period of time H.E. Dr. Malachi K. York would have to have had sex 11,568 times at age 56, and these overzealous sex acts per year continual to a 9 year period of time would have been 1,446 times meaning 121 times per month and that would have been continual which would bring it to about 4 times a you really believe he had that much sex, plus he had Hereditary Angioedema, which causes a degradation in your sex drive..."

-The Great Debate: Brother Polight vs General Tazaryah ISUPK - Is The Black Woman God #55:20-#55:59


The truth of the matter is, that's what the defense came up with as a frequency report based on the estimated times that the victims said they had encounters with York.  No one in the prosecution team gave those numbers or claimed this. It was a speculated calculation. So if Salha Eddington, said she had sex once a week or David Noel mentioned twice a week etc... the defense would take those numbers and stretched them out. It's the Nuwaupians who are buying into those exaggerated claims by the defense. This is because the trial transcripts are sealed. If the transcripts were public, Nuwaupians not at the trial would see that it was in the closing remarks at the end of the trial that these statements were alleged by the defense, and according to eye witnesses at the trial and the trial notes which has, those statements Nuwaupians are claiming the Prosecution made, was never said nor implied.

The defense took the testimony of the prosecution's witnesses and projected numbers on the amount of times each victim said a molestation act took place. So if Salaam Larouche said he was molested twice a week, then the defense took that and multiplied it times 52 weeks for a year, so the figures were created by the defense using that process.


Re-Cross Examination by: York Attorney, Adrian Patrick (trial notes:)

Q. Amala you stated that from 1994-2000, on average you had sex with the defendant about twice a week correct?

Amala Noel: Yes.

Q. And that would be anal intercourse right?

Amala Noel: No.

Q. It wasn't ANAL intercourse frequently?

Amala Noel: Not frequently, it was vaginal.

Q. So when did you first have ANAL sex with the defendant?

Amala Noel: When I was 9.

Q. But you said yesterday it was when you were 8?

Amala Noel: I said 8 is when he started touching me.

Q. So you didn't have anal intercourse with him when you were 8?

Amala Noel: It happened when I moved to Georgia and I moved to Georgia when I was 9 in 1993.

Q. Alright, but it was anal sex regularly?

Amala Noel: Yes.

Q. And you were 9 years old?

Amala Noel: Yes.


The bottom line,  NO ONE said York was having sex 112 times a day, except the defense in the exaggerated closing remarks, and unfortunately for York, the jury didn't buy it.

The entire frequency tactic was thought up as a way to take attention off the failed strategy of claiming York is a very busy man, writing books, teaching, building, lecturing. That he was just too busy to molest anyone, hoping to cause doubt in the minds of the jury and spectators, a strategy that fell on it's face once an approximate number of how many children York has was made public, So with more than 50 children, the majority being adults today, how was York able to have that much sex to impregnate that many women and still run the Nuwaupian cult ?  

If he had that much time for teaching, building, farming, singing, producing music artist, translating Egyptian, Sumerian, Biblical, Qur'anic texts, writing books, plural wives and sex bringing forth more than 40 children, then he wasn't as busy as Nuwaupians have fooled themselves into believing.