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Ask The Nuwaupians, Did You Know That Your Teacher Malachi York NEVER Took Back His State Guilty Plea Of Molesting Children?

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Question: Ask The Nuwaupians, Did You Know That Your Teacher Malachi York NEVER Took Back His State Guilty Plea Of Molesting Children?

Answer: They'll say it's all a great big conspiracy or the rednecks just railroaded him.

Malachi York made several bad decisions throughout the course of his legal fight.  One of the bad decisions he made was to NOT withdraw the State guilty plea.  On January 24, 2003 Malachi York plead guilty to child molestation charges, a plea that he never retracted

York believed the misinformation related to Liberia and wanted to take the easier route. He thought Liberia could help him despite several people informing him otherwise.

An attorney will tell you that you can't fight for the innocence of someone who doesn't fight for their own innocence without contradiction. In other words, you can not scream and give press conferences and do documentaries saying "Dr. York" is innocent while "Dr. York" himself is in a contradictory situation with no withdrawal of any guilty pleas, and his co-defendants all pleading guilty etc. And to compound the issue more, York's own witnesses who were listed as victims but testified for York have now stated that they lied in court and only did it under peer pressure and to help and make others happy but now they're saying York did do the things he was accused of.  

This was publicly documented on Facebook two years ago. To add more problems is the fact that many Nuwaupians will grab at straws to fight tooth and nail to continually promote misinformation and sugar coated censored statements related to the legal cases and neglect to deal with all facts head on without emotional feelings, insecurities, hype, and exaggerations.  All of these things and more must be taken into consideration.

What Nuwaupians continually fail to do is to actually put in time and study law and legal procedures. Many Nuwaupians would rather study you tube videos of fabricated UFO and Alien hoaxes or photoshopped pictures related to Nibiru, UFO, and Aliens, than study law to gain skills to possibly help Dr. York.

York refused to withdraw either plea and his State plea is still on record.  There is no excuse why that plea is still on record. The State Case number is 2002CR229-10. Anyone can pull the docket and obtain the court documents.

The Federal Plea was rejected by Judge Lawson. The State Plea was accepted. The State plea was video taped and is available for all to witness Dr. York signing the State plea.  The guilty plea is in the State court in Putnam County where this video was recorded. 
Only the Federal Plea was rejected. The State Plea was accepted and is still on record intact.  So Dr. York still has a guilty plea filed on record in the State case. For the record, there's a difference between CASE and TRIAL. There is a State Case but no State Trial. There was no State Trial because Dr. York pleaded guilty. If one makes a plea, there is no need for a trial. The Federal Plea was rejected and that is why the Federal Case went to Federal Trial.

If it were true that Dr. York withdrew his State plea agreement, then the Nuwaupians you would be able to produce court documentation showing the withdrawal, But NO such documentation exists.  Cognitive Dissonance is a psychological/mental condition where basically, people have to trick their own minds in order to justify believing something false. Most people do this by way of repetition of the falsehood.  

 Even if Dr. York was to be released from federal prison, he would still have to face the STATE charges that he plead guilty to.
What is a Plea?
A guilty plea is “more than a confession which admits that the accused did various acts,”  it is a “stipulation that no proof by the prosecutor need be advanced.”
 (Boykin v. Alabama (1969) 395 U.S. 238, 243, 242-243 & fn. 4.)
 “A guilty plea is the <legal equivalent' of a <verdict'  and is <tantamount' to a <finding'” (People v. Statum
(2002) 28 Cal.4th 682, 688, fn. 2.) 
The same applies if the defendant plead no contest. (Pen.
Code, § 1016, subd. 3.) 
-Attorney Jonathan Grossman
Below is a copy of the cover sheet to York's guilty plea agreement. 



 Page 58. of York's State guilty Plea.


Again, his guilty plea still stands and he has never retracted or taken it back. There are some common sense issues that Nuwaupians are too blinded by indiscriminate and emotional ties to see.


The logic flow:


-York entered two guilty pleas - State & Federal on two different days in two different courts etc.


- The excuse made up after the fact was that these guilty pleas were the result of being tortured and under duress.


-York did not withdraw EITHER one of his guilty pleas.


-The Federal Plea was REJECTED by a judge, it was not withdrawn by York. So it took a Judge to not accept it.


-The State Plea is still on record.


-York is not being tortured or under duress YET refuses to address and withdraw his State guilty plea.


If a person was tortured into taking a guilty plea, the moment they have the chance, they would withdraw that which was forced upon them through torture etc. York did not withdraw ANY of his pleas to this day. This is not the behavior of someone who was forced to do anything. The moment someone who's forced to do something is free from that force, that individual usually stops doing what they were previously forced to do.

The following is York's guilty plea on January 24, 2003


The fact is York plead guilty in both the Federal and State venue. The camera recording was done in the STATE court where there is NO requirement for the PSI to be conducted before sentencing and before the Judge's acceptance. The State pleas are handled differently than the Federal pleas. Nuwaupians mistakenly mix the two. The plea were not acquired through torture or duress.


The entire torture and duress claim was created as an excuse to explain why he took the pleas in the first place. It was only a propaganda tool for the time.  Nuwaupians failed to acknowledge the fact that York further destroyed his presumption of innocence by taking the guilty pleas which was the most damaging thing to do in his case.  

Again, York's STATE guilty plea is still on record to this day and there's no excuse or possible claims of duress or torture he can make as to why it's still being on record. This further demonstrates that the torture and duress claims were simply excuses created after the fact as a distraction.