Malachi York

Ask The Nuwaupians, did you know that statements from witnesses and victims at Malachi York's trial, were confirmed in a little known video from 1991?

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Question: Ask The Nuwaupians, did you know that statements from witnesses and victims at Malachi York's trial, were confirmed in a little known video from 1991?

Answer: Nuwaupians can't offer anything in refute. 


In 1991 Malachi York, made a series of statements that came back to haunt him at his court trial in 2004 when former members of York's inner circle told jurors that York removed them from school while they were children just to work on his property and become  his personal child sex toys.

Below is a video clip which confirms the testimonies of Habiybah Washington, Nichole Lopez and others when they explained that York would refer to school as, "She'ol", a Hebrew term meaning "Hell".   York used sheol as a justification to remove them from attending public or private school.


Q. Did you attend school? 

Habiybah Washington: Yes I attended school when I was 6 when I went to the first grade.

Q. How many years of public school did you have?

Habiybah Washington: I attended first to the ninth grade.

Q. Where were you living when you attended the ninth?

Habiybah Washington: In upstate New York.

Q. So when you lived in upstate New York, Sullivan County, how long did you attend public school?

Habiybah Washington: For one year, he (York) took us all out of school.

Q. Why was that?

Habiybah Washington: Well at the time he started a religion he kinda went the Judaic way and he was saying that school was Shoul, which in Hebrew meant Hell, an evil place to send your kids, so he took all of us out of school Nichole, Safia, Sakina, Chandra and Ebony. 

-Habiybah Washington: January, 2004


Q. You indicated that you have never been to public school right?

Amala Noel: Yes.

Q. So all the education you have  is what you learned in the land right?

Amala Noel: Yes sir.

Q. You also stated that you only obtained a third grade education right?

Amala Noel: That's right.

Q. Then how did you learn to read so well?

Amala Noel: My Mother taught me how to read, I got a third grade education in Georgia..

Q. But you learned fluent Arabic right?

Amala Noel: I learned Arabic in New York.

Q. So in New York you went to public school?

Amala Noel: No I didn't attend public school.

Q. So what were you receiving in New York in the Community?

Amala Noel: Arabic, math and science. In New York were got taught Arabic, in Georgia we received a third grade education.

Q. Okay, are you in school currently?

Amala Noel: Yes now I'm in school.

Q. I asked you before if you were in school and you said no.

Amala Noel: You asked me did I ever attend public school and I said no.

Q. Alright, are you in Collage now?

Amala Noel: Yes.

Q. Tell the jury how you can get into Collage with a third grade education?

Amala Noel: Well I got a GED.

-Amala Noel: January, 2004


Q. You testified that the 9th grade was your last year, did you ever go to school again?

Nichole Lopez: No, when we moved to upstate New York, we went through some changes with religion/doctrine. We started wearing Islamic and country and Western cloths. Towards the end of the school year Doc was telling us that he felt, if people really wanted to learn, they could learn at home because if they go to school, kids are going to school to have fun or mess around with boys, so he said that wasn't the right way to go and that he would put us in home school.  There were a couple of girls that wanted to go to regular public school, so they wrote a letter that I gave to him asking to go to public school, so he said,  "since they want to go to school, send them to New York" and he kicked them out.  And of course no one asked to go to school after that so we all just stayed home.

Q. He kicked them out, you're referring to Dwight York?

Nichole Lopez: Lopez: Yes.

-Nichole Lopez:  January, 2004


York would rather disparage having a quality education in favor of serving him financially and sexually, that's the behavior of a narcissistic maniac,


"...I do not live under your law, I am not a student enrolled under Earth principles, I don't have the morals you have, your idea of morals is different..."

-Does God Exist according to Our Time? (audio) Malachi Z. York