Malachi York

Ask The Nuwaupians, what are Malachi York's views on Pedophilia?

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Question: Ask The Nuwaupians, what are Malachi York's views on Pedophilia?

Answer: They may not remember what he wrote.


Malachi York did write a short set of comments regarding pedophilia. These comments were made during the time he was molesting a young victim, Habiybah Washington who would later give birth to his son. When reading York's words, there's a few similarities in his views on pedophilia and the acts committed on the victims which were mentioned at his trial.




The object of the Pedophilian is children that range from 13 years old and under.  Men are most likely to practice Pedophilia than women.  There is rarely any kind of sadistic acts performed. Usually the Pedophilic prefers to fondle the child or persuade the child to manipulate his genitals. Often times some degree of oral and anal sodomy is engaged in.  Most Pedophilians are victims of broken homes marked by divorces, separations or death.

One rare type of Pedophilian is the senile man, who remembers the sexual pleasures of childhood and takes to fondling little girls.  The senile man chooses this form of sexual pleasure because of his waning sexual capacity for adult women.

-Malachi York: Sex Life of a Muslim pg. 276


Let's look closer into what he wrote and what was mentioned and corroborated at the trial.


1) Malachi York: "The object of the Pedophilian is children that range from 13 years old and under".


Q. Ms. Washington at what age did Mr. York begin a sexual relationship with you?

Habiybah Washington: I was 13.

Q. And when you were 13 and Mr. York began to do sex acts on you and where were you living then?

Habiybah Washington: I was living in New York.

Q. Do you recall how old Mr. York would have been when you were 13?

Habiybah Washington: He's 30 years older than me, so I think he was 43.


-Habiybah Washington January, 2004


Q. How old were you the first time something sexual happened?

Salha Eddington: 10 or 11.

Q.Tell the jury what you remember the first time anything like that happened.

Salha Eddington: I remember playing in the park once and Kathy called me down to help clean the kitchen, so we was cleaning and York had walked by.  He went in the living room and Kathy told me to go in, so we went in, it was me and Beluwra.

Q. To go where?

Salha Eddington: The living room where he was.

Q. And all of you were in the living room?

Salha Eddington: Yes.

Q. Where was Krystal?

Salha Eddington: She was standing near him.

Q. And Krystal is also known as Beluwra?

Salha Eddington: Yes.

Q. What was the next incident you remember??

Salha Eddington: When he was living up the hill.

Q. Where do you mean?

Salha Eddington: He was living across the street from where Ramses club was.

Q. Okay, and what happened?

Salha Eddington: He had anal sex with me.

Q. Did this happen in his house?

Salha Eddington: Yes.

Q. How did you get there?

Salha Eddington: I got called to go over there to clean up.

Q. Did you ever go to York's house if you weren't called to come in there?

Salha Eddington: Yes.

Q. What happened when you came over?

Salha Eddington: I was cleaning and after awhile we stopped cleaning.  We were all hanging out, then later that night, that's when it happened.

Q. Where there other people there?

Salha Eddington: Rodeya was with me.

Q. How old were you at that time?

Salha Eddington: 12 or 11, I don't remember exactly.

Q. How old was Rodeya?

Salha Eddington: 13 or 14 maybe.

Q. Do you remember what time of the night it was?

Salha Eddington: About 12-1AM.

Q. Who was there?

Salha Eddington: It was only us, me and Rodeya

Q. So what happened?

Salha Eddington: He had anal sex with me.  Then after that, he had sex with Rodeya.

Q. Who is "he"?

Salha Eddington: York.

Q. What room?

Salha Eddington: In the living room.

Q. And did you see him do something to Rodeya as well?

Salha Eddington: Yes, he was having vaginal sex with her.

Q. Did you?

Salha Eddington: No. just anal.

Q. How did that make you feel?

Salha Eddington: It was painful at the time, but eventually I got over it.

Q. Did you tell him that it was painful?

Salha Eddington: Yes.

Q. Did he say anything?

Salha Eddington: No.

Q. Did he stop?

Salha Eddington: Yes.

Q. After that were you treated any different?

Salha Eddington: Yes.

Q. How?

Salha Eddington: I got to go out with the girls and I got clothes here and there.

Q. When you got to go out, with the girls, what sort of places?

Salha Eddington: Red Lobster, O' Charley's, different restaurants.

Q. Who took you to these restaurants?

Salha Eddington: York.

Q. You said you went out with the other girls and York, who were the other girls, who were they?

Salha Eddington: Safa'a, Rodeya, Amanda, Camilla.

Q. How old was Safa'a?

Salha Eddington: She was probably 13 or 14, she's older than me by a year I think.

Q. Were there other girls that went places with York?

Salha Eddington: it was Hanaan; the twins Husna and Hasnaa and Iyisha.

Q. The twins?

Salha Eddington: Husna and Hasnaa Evans.

Q. Are the twins about your age?

Salha Eddington: They're older.

Q. How much?

Salha Eddington: A year.

Q. What about Hanaan Merrit?

Salha Eddington: I think she's 2 years older than me.

Q. After the defendant had anal sex with you, did it stop or did it continue over time?

Salha Eddington: It continued pretty often.

Q. When you say you lost your virginity, what do you mean exactly?

Salha Eddington: He had vaginal sex with me for the first time.

Q. How old were you?

Salha Eddington: I was 13.

Q. Did he put his penis in your vagina?

Salha Eddington: Yes.

Q. Did it happen at any time after that incident?

Salha Eddington: Yes.

Q. Was other people in the room?

Salha Eddington: Yes, Beluwra, Amala, Safa'a, Suhaila, basically the same girls.

Q. Did these things usually happen in groups of girls or alone?

Salha Eddington: They mainly had been in groups.

Q. Were there ever any boys with you when this would go on?

Salha Eddington: No.


-Salha Eddington January, 2004


With York's comments on pedophilia and what he did to his young victims, 13 and younger, it's as if his comments are manuals on future events. 


2) Malachi York:  "Usually the Pedophilic prefers to fondle the child or persuade the child to manipulate his genitals. Often times some degree of oral and anal sodomy is engaged in".


Q. And at age 13, did Mr. York approach you directly about engaging in sex acts with him, or did someone else speak with you?

Habiybah Washington: No. Someone else.

Q. Who was that?

Habiybah Washington: A woman named Rodeya.

Q. What did she say to you?

Habiybah Washington: She confronted me about wanting to learn how to have sex. She told me I would be groomed in sexual activities. She told me that it was for the purpose of learning how to please my husband.

Q. And did she ever mention someone in particular who would show you how to do these things?

Habiybah Washington: She showed me a picture of his penis, and she asked me did I know who this belonged to, and I said no. then she told me who it was, and she asked me would I mind learning with him.

Q. And who was this he person?

Habiybah Washington: Mr. York.

Q. How did you react to that?

Habiybah Washington: I don't think I really reacted at all. She asked me if I was willing to learn, and I said yes.  I was in his house with Rodeya, and he was coming up the steps from his studio, and Rodeya told me to go behind the curtain, and he came in the room, and she sat him down on the chair, and started giving him oral sex and he saw me through the curtain, so he pulled me out, and Rodeya was showing me what she was doing to him, and she wanted me to do it and he was like I shouldn't just be the guinea pig like I feel like I'm just the guinea pig; so Rodeya started to unbutton my dress, and she took it off and then he just started fondling me.

Q. How old were you?

Habiybah Washington: I was 13

Q. And when Mr. York referred to guinea pig who was he referring to?

Habiybah Washington: He was the only one sitting there, showing himself.

Q. Was there anyone in the room except Mr. York, Rodeya, and you?

Habiybah Washington: No.

Q. What type of sex acts did Mr. York do to you while you still lived in Brooklyn?

Habiybah Washington: It was just oral sex and anal.

Q. Would some of these sex acts occur with you girls in groups?

Habiybah Washington: Yes it did.

Q. Do you know Krystal Harden?

Habiybah Washington: Yes I do.

Q. Do you know her by any other name?

Habiybah Washington: Yes I did. Krystal "Beluwra" Harding was a different child than Amala. Krystal was a lot more out and playful and she wasn't into herself like Amala was. There was an incident where I think Krystal "mooned" him.

Q. Did Mr. York express any concerns to you about Krystal before she arrived in Eatonton?

Habiybah Washington: He also wanted Krystal close because he wasn't sure if Krystal was going to her mother either.

Q. Did you see him do sex acts to Krystal Harden?

Habiybah Washington: Yes.

Q. And how old was Krystal when you first saw Mr. York doing sex acts?

Habiybah Washington: About 5 or 6 years old.

Q. And would you describe for the members of the jury what you saw during the first incident?

Habiybah Washington: Krystal was performing oral sex.

Q. Was anyone else in the trailer?

Habiybah Washington: Issa.

Habiybah Washington: At that time Beluwra wasn't living on the property. Her mom was one of his girlfriends, so she would come visit. I just remember that she mooned him. And he was talking about that incident, and he told me that, Beluwra was kind of frisky-like you

Q. How often did you see Mr. York do sex acts with Krystal Harden in Eatonton?

Habiybah Washington: It wasn't often. Krystal was one of the girls who would always have outburst or she would get into arguments with people or with her Mom, and she would just blurt it out. So she was one of the girls who didn't really keep quiet about it. So it wasn't often with Krystal.


-Habiybah Washington: January, 2004


Q. Amala you stated that from 1994-2000, on average you had sex with the defendant about twice a week correct?

Amala Noel: Yes.

Q. And that would be anal intercourse right?

Amala Noel: No.

Q. It wasn't ANAL intercourse frequently?

Amala Noel: Not frequently, it was vaginal.

Q. So when did you first have ANAL sex with the defendant?

Amala Noel: When I was 9.

Q. But you said yesterday it was when you were 8?

Amala Noel: I said 8 is when he started touching me.

Q. So you didn't have anal intercourse with him when you were 8?

Amala Noel: It happened when I moved to Georgia and I moved to Georgia when I was 9 in 1993.

Q. Alright, but it was anal sex regularly?

Amala Noel: Yes.

Q. And you were 9 years old?

Amala Noel: Yes.


-Amala Noel: January, 2004  


Q. Did Mr. York only stand next to you, or did he do anything to you during that incident?

Salaam Laroche: He sat next to me and he was touching me and he told me to touch HIS PENIS, so I did it. And I think that was it. But that was the first incident 

Q. What's the next incident you recall between you and Mr. York?

Salaam Laroche: I know it was in the same mobile home and he asked me to perform ORAL SEX ON HIM.

Q. And what what did you do?

Salaam Laroche: I did it, but I didn't know what I was doing, so I guess he had Khadiyjah show me, like she performed oral sex on me.

Q. And were you still 13 at this time?

Salaam Laroche: I was still 13. But this all happened like within a month, then a month afterward, two months after.

Q. Tell the jury about the time when he tried to perform ANAL sex on you.

Salaam Laroche: He told me to relax, and I couldn't. I mean, I never had that done to me, so it was like I didn't know what was going on. But he tried to penetrate my anus. He tried to put it in but could't go all the way in. I mean, it never actually went in, but it couldn't go in because I guess I wasn't relaxed because every time he tried, it kept, getting tight and hurt, so I was just nervous but it never actually went all the way in.

Q. Do you know if he put any liquid on you or his penis?

Salaam Laroche: Yes. Baby oil.


-Salaam Laroche: January, 2004


3) Malachi York: Most Pedophilians are victims of broken homes marked by divorces, separations or death.


Malachi York is the product of a broken home, he had no relationship with his actual father David P. York, 

See Question #210

 and was very select when speaking about his childhood, and from what we could find, York says the following,

"...It is because of my association with Shaikh Daoud who was one of my forerunners, let me start by saying on Friday at Jumah, June 21, 1957 A.D. at age 12, I met and became his son, he changed my name from Issa Al Haadi Al Mahdi and York to Isa Abd'Allah Ibn Bakr Muhammad...I continued to assist Shaikh Daoud like a son from 1967 A.D. on through the 70's A.D. until he died in 1980 A.D.

-Shaikh Daoud Vs. W.D. Fard pg. 115-118  


York may have been molested as a child himself, but that should not be used as an excuse nor a justification for him to sexually molest so many children over the years.