Ask the Nuwaupians who guides the pen of their teacher?

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Question: Ask the Nuwaupians who guides the pen of their teacher?


Answer: You will get different replies as usual.



In several of York’s publications he claims that his pen is guided by “the masters”.


York as As Sayyid Isa Al Haadi Al Mahdi in 1989 wrote in his book called The Ansaar Cult Rebuttal To The Slanderers which says…“The words of the Masters come through me and Al Khidr is the one who guides my pen. He is the same being who taught the prophet Moses.”


York as Dr. Malachi Z. York wrote on page 23 of his book called The Man From Planet Rizq “I am a being from the 19th galaxy called Illyuwn. We have been coming to this planet before it had your life form on it. I manifest into this body to speak through this body. I am a entity and etheric being. I incarnated into this realm from time to time. My incarnation as an Ilah Mutajassid or Avatar was originally in the year 1945 A.D. Then in 1970 was my time to come in flesh to start my work of breaking the spell of sleep.” On page 26 it says “If you have the time to read, you will learn that I, the author of this book and hundreds of others, I am not, by any means, an ordinary man. I am a seeded entity. I was pre encoded to awaken at an appointed time. That means that my DNA structures were genetically designed to go off like a time bomb of awareness, at a designated moment, in order to accommodate the light being, the ether being, that was to come into this current human body born 12 midnight Tuesday, June 26 1945 A.D. here on the planet Qi (Earth).” The facts on York’s birth certificate says he was born at 9:10 pm witnessed by Dr. Woodworth. York then says “His body like all human beings was not able to handle all the light knowledge coming to the planet. The time for genetic birth was 1970 A.D. I had an initiation in the late 60’s and I interpreted it as Al Khidr who was Murdoq and it turned out I was a product of an abduction.” On page 28 York says “ Melchizedek is 76 Trillion years old. He has been in me since 1970 and now has taken over. I am him, perfection.” On page 29 York says “I posses a number of eight distinct personalities, there are also others.”