Ask The Nuwaupians, was Anton LaVey one of the masters that guided Malachi York's pen?

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Question: Ask The Nuwaupians, was Anton LaVey one of the masters that guided Malachi York's pen?

Answer: They will have no clue.

Something Nuwaupians don't take time to do, that's to check Malachi York's sources, when this is done, there's no coincidence that similar concepts and patterns of thought are found.  In one case is the writings of the founder of the Satanic Church of America, Anton S. LaVey.  In some of his writings, he places an emphasis on the number "9", declaring it to be the number of Satan.



"...Despite others' attempts to identify a certain number with Satan, it will be known that Nine is His number".

-The Satanic Rituals: pg. 219-220 Anton Szandor LaVey


"...9 is the number of days during which Haylal (son of Tarnush and Mylitta) and his disagreeable Eloheem, Neteraat fell from heaven".

-What is Nuwau-Pu? pg. 21



"...Nine is the number of the Ego, for it always returns to itself..."

The Satanic Rituals: pg. 219-220 Anton Szandor LaVey


"...The ninth letter of the English language is "I".

-What is Nuwau-Pu? pg. 21



"...No matter what is done through the most complex multiplication of Nine by any other number, in the end the final equation nine will stand forth.

-The Satanic Rituals: pg. 219-220 Anton Szandor LaVey


"...9 is a number when multiplied reproduces the same figures. These same figures when added up to down and down to up, their sums equal 9. Notice how sums are the inverse or in reverse sequence of each other. For example 45 and 54 which if added together equal 9..." 

-What is Nuwau-Pu? pg. 21



"...The true ages of times are cast in the likeness of Nine, with all cycles obedient to its Law. All matters of terrestrial concern may be evaluated by the infallible resolution of Nine and its offspring. Action and reaction relative to humanity's tribal needs are contained within successive nine-year periods: the total of both (eighteen years) is called a Working. The beginning and end of each Working is call a Working Year, and each midway point between Working Years displays a zenith of intensity for the Working which has been brought about.

-The Satanic Rituals: Anton Szandor LaVey pg. 219-220


"...Primary creation was performed by 9 Ether whose science is Nuwau-Pu...9 is a very meaningful number. Its symbolic of Heaven, Hell, Creation and Birth. 9, nine, is the number of months in a period of pregnancy, the formation of physical life..."

-What is Nuwau-Pu? pg. 19-21


"...So both or all existence exists in cycles and circles limited duration. It takes a universe nine years to be born as it takes a human nine months to be born..."

-Actual Facts 36- Existence How and Why?


The similarities of LaVey and York's views of the number nine are more than a coincidence, York tells Nuwaupians that a coincidence are "two incidences".  Clearly Anton LaVey was writing on this topic before York and looking over York's long history of plagiarism, it can be safe to conclude that York lifted parts of Anton LaVey's doctrine on the number nine, to him, the number of Satan, you decide.