Ask The Nuwaupians, What evidence do you have that supports York's belief that Jesus died at age 120 in Egypt?

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Question: Ask The Nuwaupians, What evidence do you have that supports York's belief that Jesus died at age 120 in Egypt?

Answer: They have no evidence.

For years the Ansaar and Nuwaupians, under the leadership of Malachi York going as far back as the 1970's when he went under the name "Imaam Isa", would debate Hebrew Israelites, Christians and Muslims day and night on this theory that "Yashua/Jesus/Isa" did not die on the cross as the bible says, but that Judas was made to look like Jesus, and that Jesus escaped death where he eventually died at age 120 on top of a pyramid.  This fantastic and contradictory story is still being pushed by Nuwaupians.

It's contradictory because some Nuwaupians say that "Yashua/Jesus/Isa" never existed, and that he was really Horus or Tammuz.   So if he never existed, then why would York teach them that Yashua/Jesus/Isa died in Egypt on a pyramid at age 120?


On the True Light tape "Which Jesus Do You Follow"  York says...

"...I'm saying, he died at a hundred and twenty years old, up until the time he died at 120 years old...alright, Genesis chapter 6 verse 3, and the Lord said my spirit, and it's ruwh! as a singular, shall not always strive with man, shall not always dwell with man right? for that he which is a singular individual not a group, also is if Christians acknowledge that the Messiah Jesus claimed to have been before Abraham, was I was he said...and back in the beginning according to St. John, then Jesus was back in the books of Genesis correct..."

Years later, York writes in various books likes "360 Questions to Ask A Christian, The Degree of Christism" and the Nuwaupians holy bible, the "Holy Tablets" he makes the following statements,

"...after Yashua completed his 7 schools he stood before the High Priest to receive his scroll of the higher degree.  Thus, he was told: "you are the spirit of A'lyun A'lyun El, no man can do more, but A'lyun A'lyun El will confirm your tittle and decree.A dove descended and a voice shook the temple saying, "this is Rawuh shil ANU." Yashua at this point was 120 years old.  When Yashua was in Egypt he spoke of the events that took place in his life. Thus, they became a part of Egyptian history.  The Egyptians called Yashua, Isous and Iyasus and Horus..."

-Holy Tablets: Chapter of the Christians 15 Tablet 22:63-71 (pg. 1501)


This story as written by York is not documented any place.  York offers no corroboration or Egyptian source supporting his claims.  York then goes on the say, 


"...this crucifixion at age 120 was the ascension of Yashua to be met in the skies with a craft, to where he is alive to this very day awaiting his return. The Great Pyramid at Giza, Egypt, is a sepulcher which is a place and mount of the dead. It is written that Yashua died on a cross.  The Pyramid is the cross that represents the astrological symbol, power...Yashua went to Egypt to for the ritual of the opening of the mouth reinstillment of eternal life.  The four triangles of the pyramid form the cross when looked at, when viewing the pyramid from a position above it".

-Holy Tablets: Chapter of the Christians 15 Tablet 22:5-11 (pg. 1504)



York offers not a single reference point historically to check his words and certainly nothing from Egypt.  He says that Yashua died in Egypt at age 120, but gives no proof.