Ask the Nuwaupians, was John Hanson the first black President of the United States?

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Question: Ask The Nuwaupians, Was John Hanson The First Black President Of The United States?

Answer: Most Nuwaupians would say yes.

Since 1997, a Nuwaupian publication known as the "Nuwaupian Moors Newsletter" has published information about John Hanson, the first president of The Continental Congress. In one of the Newsletters Edition1 Volume 16, headlined "The First President Of The United States Was A "Black" Man, A Moor", the Staff Writer states facts about John Hanson, the first president under the Articles of Confederation. This information can be found in documents as well as online. The staff writer made a mistake when they placed a picture of a Black man who they got off the internet and said that he was "Fig. 4 John Hanson, the First president of the United States was a moor."


The picture of that "black man" that you see on the cover of the newsletter is name John Hanson, but he was another John Hanson, not the one who was President of the Continental Congress. Here are the facts, proving that that photo is not the John Hanson you think it is.

John Hanson (1721-1783) (Titled "President of the United States in Congress Assembled," John Hanson is considered by some the first U.S. president because he was the first to serve under the Articles of Confederation. He was, however, little more than presiding officer of the Congress, which retained full executive power. He could be considered the head of government, but not head of state.

Source : The World Almanac® and Book of Facts 1996 ; licensed from Funk & Wagnalls Corporation. Copyright © 1995 by Funk & Wagnalls Corporation


In their article, the Nuwaupians have numerous images of John Hanson. Besides the one that you see above, they have one of him as a kid who the Staff Writer calls "Fig 9 Mulatto John Hanson" and one of him in old age that the staff writer calls "Fig. 7 Europeanized John Hanson". They even have a statue of John Hanson and a Fig 12 called "John Hanson False Bust" All 4 of these John Hanson's look alike, same nose, hair style, eyes. etc but the Staff writer on page 2 says that these are all false John Hanson's and that the real image of John Hanson can be found on the web at which you can find under "American Memories" under Daguerreotype pictures, which is an early photographic process with an image on a light sensitive silver metallic plate."

What the Staff Writer failed to tell you is that "The Library's daguerreotype collection consists of approximately 600 photographs dating from 1839 to 1864. Portrait daguerreotypes produced by the Mathew Brady studio make up the major portion of the collection. The collection also includes early architectural views by John Plumbe, a few outdoor scenes, and copies of painted portraits." This can be found at

The best way to find the picture of John Hanson is to use the Library of Congress SEARCH ENGINE on this page . Type in JOHN HANSON then press SEARCH.

1 Items containing the exact words John Hanson.

1 Items containing the words John Hanson near each other.

0 Items containing all of the words: John Hanson, but not near each other.

4873 Items containing one or more of the words: John Hanson


Next, click on the link that says

1.Daguerreotypes [John Hanson, three-quarter length portrait, three-quarters view, wearing glasses, seated at desk] 

WOW, Right? WRONG !!!! Don't forget to read the information that comes with the PHOTO (Keep track of the dates and the bold face) 

[John Hanson, three-quarter length portrait, three-quarters view, wearing glasses, seated at desk]

CREATED/PUBLISHED [between 1856 and 1860]


Photographer unidentified.

Was part of LOT 8554.

Written on back of plate: John Hanson, Senator from Bassa Co.

Original served by appointment only.

Transfer; Manuscript Division.

Forms part of the American Colonization Society Records, 1792-1964 (Library of Congress).

Forms part of the Daguerreotype Collection (Library of Congress).

The American Colonization Society was organized in 1817 to resettle Afro-Americans in Liberia.


Hanson, John,--Liberian Senator.

Portrait photographs--1850-1860.


MEDIUM 1 photograph : sixth plate daguerreotype.


REPRODUCTION NUMBER LC-USZ6-1924 DLC (b&w film copy neg. post-1992)

COLLECTION Daguerreotype Collection (Library of Congress) Records,

REPOSITORY Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division Washington, D.C. 20540 USA

DIGITAL ID (b&w film copy neg.) dag 3d01924


Below is a drawing of the Liberian Political body in Monrovia, Liberia at the time and the name John Hanson is clearly visible, he's seated at the red table.




What is the the American Colonization Society Records?

"The American Colonization Society collection, a group of material related to African American emigration to Liberia, contains thirty daguerreotypes of Liberian government officials and other colonists. The sitters include Joseph Jenkins Roberts, the first president of Liberia; his wife, Jane Roberts; Stephen Allen Benson, Secretary of the Treasury under Roberts; and Edward W. Blyden, who became a prominent educator in Liberia. Five images have the name of the photographer, Augustus Washington, stamped on their brass mats. Washington was a black daguerreotypist who operated a studio in Hartford, Connecticut, until November 1853 when he moved to Liberia. An additional eleven images, housed in identical brass mats and preservers, were also most likely taken by Washington." Source



FACT: President John Hanson Was Born in 1721 and died in 1783.

FACT: Daguerreotypes was invented by French artist and inventor Louis Jacques Mandé Daguerre who was born in 1789 and died in 1851

FACT: The daguerreotype, a photograph produced on a silver-coated copperplate treated with iodine vapor, was developed with J. Nicéphore Niepce and ceded to the Academy of Sciences in 1839.

FACT: The photo of the Daguerreotype of Senator John Hanson was taken between 1856 and 1860

FACT: Officially Hanson was the third President of the Continental Congress, successor to the first two men to hold the office, Samuel Huntington and Thomas McKean. He was the first to be elected to the position after the surrender of the British at Yorktown, the first to serve a full one-year term, and the first to formally use the title President of the United States in Congress Assembled.

*How is it Possible for a man (President John Hanson) who died in 1783 to have his picture taken by an invention that didn't exist until 1839?

*How is it Possible for a man (President John Hanson) who died in 1783 to have his picture taken by an invention when the inventor was not even born yet?

*How is it Possible for a man (President John Hanson) who died in 1783 to have his picture taken between 1856 and 1860


The Nuwaupian Leader even went as far as to say that there is a Black man on the back of a 2 dollar bill and that the Black man was President John Hanson.

If Malachi York claims to be divinely sent and always "Wise Right and Exact", then why does he and his followers have to twist the truth just to win their case?