Ask The Nuwaupians, Do you live by faith or by facts?

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Question: Ask The Nuwaupians, Do you live by faith or by facts?

Answer: They would be shocked to find out that their teacher has contradictions in his books.



Nuwaupians will bash and trash Hebrews, Christians and Muslims if they find the least contradiction in their books, but turn a blind eye when the man who's a self professed being from another planet makes open contradictions in the books he writes. The contradiction here is centered around the story of Djoser (Zoser) and the creation of the pig, something that's never mentioned in any ancient or modern Egyptian text.  

York writes,

Therefore Avram, Ibrahim,Abraham (IBRU.UM) was sent to clean up these lepers. Before his journey, Zoser and his student Imhotep created the animal that would clean up the filth from a dog, a rat and a cat together known as the PIG.

-Leviathan 666: The Beast as the Anti-Christ Part One of Four pg. 195.


(99.) Zoser, combined the cat+the rat+the dog =SWINE.


(100.) The first breed that ZOSER came up with was the wild boar.


(101.) But the wild boar, Abram had no control over,


(102.) For the wild boar did what it wanted to do, and would belt you to death is you stood in it's way.


(104.) ZOSER came up with the swine, finally, and it's nature was that of the rat, and the cat, and the body of a dog...

-Holy Tablets Chapter 13 Tablet 3:99-104


The Egyptians were a great civilization with many Nubian scientist, spiritual healers, mystics, astronomers and mathematicians like ZOSER, who DID the GENETIC splicing FOR the EXTERMINATION DEVICE called Al Khinziyr, the PIG.

-Holy Tablets chapter 13 Tablet 3:24

The Dog, pg. 31 

Halloween: The Evil One's Sabbath pg. 23


York, assuming that all have forgotten what he previously wrote, he contradicts his previous statements by teaching those of his A.E.O. the so-called Ancient Egiptian Order the following,


At Saqqara Cairo Egipt a burial from the archaic period revealed the remains of an entire funerary meal, placed in pottery vessels before the head of the deceased. Pigs were also found amongst the Mummies at Saqqara as well. Ask yourself, before the bible, the old testament book Leviticus of the Jews and Muslims got their not eating pork from Egipt, Swine or pig was never eaten by the noble class it's flesh was unclean to the Waab "Priest" Egiptian deities of Egipt. Dried fish was also discovered in other tombs as food offerings for the deceased. Swine however was not amongst the meat consumed by the ancient Egiptians because it was the product of the gene splicing of a dog, cat and a rat, thus they considered it unclean and not edible, a man made creature. 

-AEO Monthly Magazine Edition 1, Volume 4. pg. 19. 


The key point here is the "Archaic period", this era preceded (to Come before) the Old Kingdom,


"The Archaic or Early Dynastic Period of Egypt immediately follows the unification of Lower and Upper Egypt c. 3100 B.C. It's generally taken to include the First and Second Dynasties, lasting from the Protodynastic Period of Egypt until about 2686 BC, or the beginning of the Old Kingdom".

The Oxford History of Ancient Egypt. Oxford University Press. p. 479. 


York wrote earlier that the pig was created by Zoser for Abraham, but contradicts this by writing that the pig predates Zoser when mentioning the Archaic periodsHe sinks deeper in contradiction with the Zoser/Pig theory when he writes,

It was from the local wild-animal population that BEFORE the so-called dynasties, Egiptians derived their main domesticates: sheep and goats, cattle, donkeys, pigs and a variety of poultry were sold to outsiders. 

-AEO Monthly Magazine Edition 1, Volume 4. pg. 22.


This contradiction demolishes his original premise that Zoser created the pig for Abram(ham).  So why do you Nuwaupians follow such fraudulent, baseless and unsubstantiated claims by your teacher?  Oh wait, I know why, because you are people of faith and not interested in facts.

3. I will follow the Lamb in true faith; our savior, the man of the times, Dr. Malachi Z. York, forerunner of the real Messiah.

-The Baptism Ceremony pg. 6


which is contradicted by..

...that's why I teach you to have FACTS because by having FAITH it isolates the ability to question.

-The Degree of Christ-ism pg. 433 

This explains why Nuwaupians are in a critical state of confusion, and no better than the groups they attack.