Ask The Nuwaupians, Was Melchizedek, Marduk?

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Question: Ask The Nuwaupians,Was Melchizedek, Marduk?

Answer: They'll say he's Melchizedek, Marduk is En. Mur. Dug. Gal who is Melchizedek.

      En. Mur. Dug. Gal who is Melchizedek


"For far too many years we have looked for our savior, some call him the Mahdi and others the black Messiah, we know him as the LAMB Rabboni Y'sha Bar El Haady; Khazown Yashu'a ; Revelation 21:9...we judge him by his works, for we have seen him at work for over 20 years. He is hated, he has been imprisoned, scorn, reviled and slanderer, yet he still stands strong. We have seen him give and give and get nothing in return.  

He has helped many human beings only for them to be Judas Escariot and turn on him for his love. We have seen him heal the sick with one touch of his hand. He has told us everything that is happening now in the world, before it happened. He told us we were Nubians, and he started the nose ring. He explains so clearly each holy scripture in Aramic which is Hebrew and Syriac which is Arabic, with him we now know all things so clearly YES he is here in human form right now, don't miss him, come sup with him, he is the key to all locked doors, he is the answer, yes, PEACE in the LAMB it's TRULY WONDERFUL"

-Elohim (video)

"I say unto you who are faithful and true, I am the Melchizedek of all the holy prophets.  Allah has sent me to give good tidings to prepare the way for Ha Mahiakh or El Masuh, the real Messiah."

-Malachi York: The Holy Tablets pg. 1649


Since the 1990's, Malachi York has been able to get away with this lie unchallenged. 


"...He tells us his galactical name is Yaanuwn and that he, in ancient times, was called simply MURDOQMichael or Melchizedek"

-Man from the Planet Rizq (introduction)


"I know now who and what I am. At age 40 I saw the full light; "NOW" I know the power given to me by the soul , Al Ruwh, (Melchizedek, Michael, Miyka'el) has allowed me to bring you out of tipple darkness into the light of undisputable truth!!! Melchizedek is 76 trillion years old. He has been in me since 1970 A.D. and now has taken over. I am him, perfection."

-Man from the Planet Rizq pg. 28


Then on the very same page the question is asked, "Do You Have Proof Of This?", with the chance to supply evidence for his readers, York offers nothing but comments that move away from any efforts to prove such a claim, yet York will wrote the following in regards to Muslims, Christians, Black Hebrews or The Nation of Islam,


"They make statements about events and time, but they don't produce the evidence, or the document to support what they say,which leaves the reader in the same state they are in religion, to believe, but not have facts"

-Malachi York: Let's Set the Records Straight pg. 239



When reading about the 50 names of Marduk as found in seventh tablet of The Enuma Elish, none of them are Melchizedek, Michael nor Malachi.  On the video, The Pale Man and the Bible, York says,

"...So Melchizedek is the angel Michael that is his real name...he is the guardian angel who guards the pen of Imaam Isa Al Haddi Al Mahdi..." 

In that same lecture, York calls him, "the warring angel", but when looking over the stories of the Babylonian hero Marduk, also called Amar Utu in late Akkadian, we find nothing that bares any similarity to that of Melchizedek.  Marduk's greatest fame was his battle and defeat of "Tiamat" as found in the forth tablet of the Enuma Elish.


Akkadian Transliteration: 

Tablet 4 lines 123-131,

(123.) is-tu lim-ni-su ik-mu-u i-sa-du

(124.) ai-bu mut-ta-'- du u-sa-pu-u su-ri-sam

(125.) ir-nit-ti An-sar na-ki-ru ka-li-si us-zi-zu

(126.) ni-is-mat dNudimmud ik-su-du dMarduk kar-du

(127.) e-li ilani ka-mu-tum si-bit-ta-su u-dan-nin-ma

(128.) si-ri-is Tiimat sa ik-mu-u i-tu-ra ar-ki-is

(129.) ik-bu-us-ma be-lum sa Ti-a-ma-tum i-sid-sa

(130.) i-na mi-ti-su la pa-di-i u-nat-ti mu-uh-ha

(131.)u-par-ri-'-ma us-la-at da-mi-sa...


English Translation:

(123.) Now after the hero Marduk had conquered and cast down his enemies,

(124.) And had made the arrogant foe even like ...,

(125.) And had fully established Anshar's triumph over the enemy,

(126.) And had attained the purpose of Nudimmud,

(127.) Over the captive gods he strengthened his durance,

(128.) And unto Tiamat, whom he had conquered, he returned.

(129.) And the lord stood upon Tiamat's hinder parts,

(130.) And with his merciless club he smashed her skull.

(131.) He cut through the channels of her blood...


There exist nothing in the Epics of the Mesopotamians regarding the triumphs and Majesty of Marduk that compares to that of the biblical "Melchizedek" yet some how York was successful in convincing the Nuwaupians that he was an incarnation of Marduk, never explaining how the two were one in the same with any substantive evidence. 


1.) Melchizedek was never considered a God - Marduk was in Enuma Elish Tablets 4

1. They prepared for him a lordly chamber, 

2 . Before his fathers as prince he took his place. 

3. "Thou art chiefest among the great gods, 

4. "Thy fate is unequaled, thy word is Anu! 

5. "O Marduk, thou art chiefest among the great gods, 

6. "Thy fate is unequaled, thy word is Anu! 


2.) Melchizedek was never referred to as a Planet - Marduk was in Enuma Elish Tablet 7

"Let his name be Nibiru, 'the Seizer of the Midst'! "

"For the stars of heaven he upheld the paths..."

 [mulMarduk = Neberu (Nibiru) = Jupiter]


3.) Melchizedek did not have 50 names - Marduk doesEnuma Elish Tablets 6-7

1. When Marduk heard the word of the gods 

2. His heart prompted him and he devised 

3. He opened his mouth and unto Ea 

4. [That which] he had conceived in his heart he imparted [unto him] 

5. My blood will I take and bone will I 

6. I will make man, that man may

7. I will create man who shall inhabit


4.) Melchizedek did not create humans to be servants to the Elohim - Marduk does create human workers for dAnuna(ki) Enuma Elish Tablet 6 line 7

"lu-ub-ni-ma amela(a) a-sib"

I will create man to inhabit earth.


5.) Melchizedek had no beginning or end, Mother nor Father - Hebrews 7:3 "Without father, without mother, without descent, having neither beginning of days, nor end of life; but made like unto the Son of God; abideth a priest continually. - Marduk was the son of Ea "Enki" and Damkina Enuma Elish.


6.) Melchizedek never builds a tower for Abram, David or Jesus - Marduk has the dAnuna(ki) and Igigi build a high tower for himself, Enki and Enlil, Enuma Eilish Tablet 6

"That the service of the gods may be established, and that [their] shrines [may be built].


7.) Melchizedek is mentioned in Genesis, Psalms, Hebrews, Dead Sea Scroll 11Q13. - Marduk is mentioned in 45 different Clay tablets, lime stone, black basalt, crystal quartz and cylinder seals. 


8.) Melchizedek is called "King of Peace" (Salem) Genesis 14:18 - Marduk was called a Prince in Enuma Elish Tablet 6 line 148 "the Mighty Prince"


9.) There is no New Year ritualistic celebration to Melchizedek -There is one for Marduk called, an Akitum, or in Babylonian, "res-sattim" (leading year) in Babylonian theology, it came to be dedicated to Marduk's victory over Tiamat.


10.) Melchizedek is called "the warring Angel" by York - Marduk has NEVER been issued this title nor is it in any Mesopotamian literature. 


The overwhelming evidence that DEBUNKS York's assertions that Melchizedek was Marduk, is indisputable.