Where in the Code of Hammurabi does it mention the penalty of The Boat?

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Question: Where in the Code of Hammurabi does it mention the penalty of The Boat?

Answer: What's that?

Malachi York has lied again, this time it's on the fallacy of "the boat".  York claims it to be found in the Code of Hammurabi, yet there's absolutely NOTHING supporting such a ridiculous claim.  York taught the Nuwaupians...

"In an attempt to extinguish this unlawful act, men have set down punishments through the centuries for people who practice these sexual acts. One such person was Hammurabi. Hammurabi established the law of Nimrod, which applied to the Canaanite tribe.

The penalty for persons found guilty of these sexual acts was that the male bestialist was chained to the animal involved and both were burned to death.

For the female accused of this act, she was sentenced to what is known as the penalty of "The Boat." The victim was strapped on her back in a boat somewhat resembling a canoe and a second boat identical to the first was placed on top. Her head, feet and hands protruded outside, while the rest of her body was contained inside of the two boats. The woman was then forced to eat and drink a large amount of food and wine.; If she resisted, the torture was applied by putting small punctures in her eyes until she gave in. The process continued for days and sometimes weeks. The woman eventually defecated and urinated, wherein decay began to set in. The unbearable smell, attracted worms and other creatures, which ate their way through the rotted excrement and into the body of the woman until she finally died.

These were extremes that they went through to get the point across that these acts were wrong. These same types of people were accused of being witches and the like in the 1500's A.D."

-Sons of Canaan pg. 79

In that book, York gives not a single reference, line or word from the Codes of Hammurabi, yet the Nuwaupians will regard  York and his teachings superior to that of Scholars, historians and linguist of their perspective fields.

York goes on to say,

"The code of Hammurabi was designed to civilize and control the lepers cleaned up by Abraham in the kingdom of Nimrod".

-People of the Sun pg. 101

There is nothing in the Code of Hammurabi that mentions the biblical Abraham, Nimrod or Canaanites, York's lies are monumental.


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