Ask The Nuwaupians, did the Anunnaki mine for Gold as Malachi York claimed?

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Question:Ask The Nuwaupians, did the Anunnaki mine for Gold as Malachi York claimed?

Answer: The Nuwaupians will make up a lie that South Africa is Mesopotamia or scratch their heads wondering what else to say.

This question is asked because many Nuwaupians when challenged on this "Gold Theory" of York, they will not answer with a citation from a Mesopotamian text, rather, they will take the focus away from Mesopotamia and direct you to South African gold mines totally unrelated to Sumer. 
This is the predictable tactic of Nuwaupians which is to simply duck and hide because they know that York didn't give proof so they have to grab anything they think sounds convincing. 
Before we proceed further please read something York wrote that's relevant to this post.


Based on the above, York was fully aware of the importance of supporting your commentaries with evidence. In the tract called, Enki as Creator, from the Actual Facts series, York in keeping with the teachings of Zecharia Sitchin says,


"Ba-Anunnaki, Paa-Nazdiru, Ha-Eloheem, the Gods were complaining about having to work the mines for the Nubt "Gold" in Abzu "South Africa" as being too difficult."

York didn't even consult the text of the Atrahasis, let alone translate it, because the text tells you where these Anunnaki/Igigi were working,


Atrahasis tablet 1 lines 21-25,

(21) The gods were digging watercourses,

canals they opened, the life of the land.

The Igigi-gods were digging watercourses

canals they opened, the life of the land.

(25) The Igigi-gods dug the Tigris river

and the Euphrates thereafter.

-Translation by, Assyriologist: Benjamin R. Foster 1993.


The gods had to dig out canals,

Had to clear channels, the lifelines of the land.

The gods dug out the Tigris river

And then dug out the Euphrates.

-Translation by, non Assyriologist: Stephanie Dally 1991.


After Anu had ascended to the heavens and Enki had descended to the watery abyss (Apsu), [the seven great divinities imposed labor on the other deities. . . .]

They dug the Tigris and Euphrates rivers, [to supply life-giving water to the land] 

-Translation by, Assyriologist: W.G. Lambert and A.R. Millard 1969.

Here we have shown 3 translations and they all have the same general theme, the Igigu(i) were forced to do the work of digging out watercourses and digging the Tigris & Euphrates rivers, there's nothing mentioning gold or any metal for any reason. So why is York lying and saying it does?  In spite of the fact that there is no reference to gold, York insist upon keeping the lie in the minds of his readers going.

"Ba-Anunnaki, Paa-Nazdiru, Ha-Eloheem, the Gods were complaining about having to work the mines for the Nubt "Gold" in Abzu "South Africa" as being too difficult".


This comment is a case of mixing truth with falsehood. Yes the story speaks of the Igigu(i) "complaining.." of the "heavy burden..." then York adds the "mines" and "abzu South Africa" something clearly not mentioned in the text. The source regarding a "complaint" of working" can be found in,

Atrahasis tablet 1 line 35-40, 

"35] ... the vast marsh.

They counted years of drudgery,

... and forty years, too much!

... forced labor they bore night and day.

They were complaining, denouncing,

[40] muttering down in the ditch:

"Let us face up to our foreman the prefect,

he must take off our heavy burden upon us." 


In the cited text, there is no mention of the Igigi digging, mining or looking for gold (Kug.sig17) So where was York getting these poor interpretations?  Why are they trying to get the reader to believe that there was a gold mission by the Anuna(ki)?  It's certainly not from the text. 

Enki and Ninḫursaĝa (c.1.1.1), line c111.49A

49A. kur tu-/uk-ri-iš\ki kug-sig17 ḫa-ra-li

49B.na4za-gin3 [X X] X-ga ḫu-mu-ra-bal-bal-[e]

49C.kur me-luḫ-ḫaki na4gug niĝ2 al di kal-la

May the land of Tukriš hand over to you gold from Ḫarali, lapis lazuli and ……. May the land of Meluḫa load precious desirable cornelian, meš wood of Magan and the best abba wood into large ships for you.


Zecharia Sitchin started this Gold mining myth in his Earth Chronicles series, and he like York, doesn't cite a source mentioning a mining for gold.  Sitchin says,

"The metal, with it's unique properties, was needed back home for a vital need, best as we can make out, this vital need could have been for suspending the gold particles in Nibiru's wanting atmosphere and thus shield it from critical dissipation"

-The Wars of Gods and Men pg.78


In other words, he's using a theory, conjecture about the gold story.  the above comment from Sitchin is where York plagiarizes the idea that Anu sent the Anunnaki to earth to gather gold to take back to Rizq and repair it's ozone layer,

30.) The planet RIZQ has three suns Utu, Afsu and Shamesh that all have damaging ultraviolet rays and has a much faster rotation than that of this planet, so the depletion of the ozone layer occurred at a faster rate.

31.) We needed to build a protection, a dome of gold dust particles suspended in the atmosphere, to protect the planet from the damaging ultraviolet rays".

-Holy Tablets Chapter 2 Tablet 1:30-31 


York took this idea from Zecharia Sitchin, changing it from Nibiru needing gold protection in it's atmosphere to it being Rizq's atmosphere.  

Another point, number 11 of the tract says, 


"gold" in Abzu "South Africa..Abzu" is South Africa!

this is totally ridiculous and shows without a doubt that either York or those who put this nonsense together knew nothing about the basic fundamentals of Mesopotamian history and language.


Abzu, an Akkadian word also read as Zu.Ab and Ap.Su was a reference to the sea or deep ocean. 

abzu "water" Old Akkadian, Lagash II, Ur III, Old Babylonian) written as abzu; abzux(|UMUM×KASKAL|) "(cosmic) underground water; a ritual water container in a temple" also in Akkadian, apsû. So this Sumerian word has a water association, how in the world is this related to South Africa" 

-The Electronic Pennsylvania Sumerian Dictionary


There's many mistakes in this tract, here's a couple more...


(41) "Anu, An descended from the nine. He as the Heavenly one was the ruler of Nibiru"

NO text mentions that Anu (Akkadian) An (Sumerian) was ruler of Neberu (Nibiru).


Nibiru is called Marduk's star in the Enuma Enlish Tablet 7, and nowhere does it mention Anu ruling Nibiru and NEVER is ANU mentioned with Nibiru in any capacity. This is all nonsensical and designed for one reason, book sales.