Ask The Nuwaupians if they would consider themselves a UFO cult?

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Ask The Nuwaupians if they would consider themselves a UFO cult?

Answer: We are children of the Eloheems, Neteru and Anunnaki and they are from the planet Rizq in the 19th galaxy.

Whether they admit it or not, Nuwaupians are and have been regarded as a UFO cult, some say IFO's (identified flying objects).  York as far back as the 70's claimed to be a space creature, and came out in the early 1990's claiming to be

" extraterrestrial being from the 8th planet in the 19th galaxy Illyuwn..."

York made this claim of being from another galaxy in the mist of encouraging his followers to question everything, and how facts out weighs religion, yet to this day, he and his followers teach and believe that York is the embodiment of some "beings" or extraterrestrials that manifest in or speaks through him.


York talks about being the Son of the mythical Enqi of the Akkadian cuneiform texts and the he (York) is from the 19th galaxy and even had the nerve to "sell" a chart with bogus planets and planetary names as proof.  Unfortunately he never presents any physical evidence to support the assertions.

the above image bares a similarity to the He-Man cartoon series of the 1970's which depicted a tri-solar system.


York in the mid to late 90's spoke openly about his pseudo home planet Rizq, and that the planet/space ship called Nibiru was behind the comet Hale-Bopp.  York said,

"Exodus 14:9 tells you he's going to bring Nibiru back in a large cloud over the earth...the crystal city Revelation 21:2  AND NIBIRU IS BACK... ASTRONOMERS HAVE SIGHTED IT NEAR THE COMET HALE-BOPP.  And for further confirmation of what I have been telling all along, Information was released about a comet named Hale-Bopp which was discovered by Alan Hale and Thomas Bopp in the summer of 1995 A.D. There is certain information about this bright light that is next to the comet which was cited on November 1996, the officials did not make public..."

- The Mysteries of GOD Revealed pg. 37-38


This was during the same time that another UFO cult "Heavens Gate" was talking on a similar topic. The Heaven's Gate cult were also speaking of an object that was near the Comet Hale-bopp (Nibiru), however this UFO cult decided to kill themselves in order to make the trip to Nibiru.


York opted out of the suicide alternative in favor of extending the date of the arrival of Nibiru, so each year he would come with another excuse as to why Nibiru had not arrived and as usual, York never gives evidence to his claims.  These two pages below are from the official Holy Bible of the Nuwaupian cult called, The Holy Tablets, here York is explaining that in August 12 of 2003, space ships will come to Earth and abduct Nuwaupians, ten years later.... still NOTHING!  


As you may see, York has extended the date as far away as 2043, spoken like a true con man.  Now let's look at York's bogus claims of being a space man.


1. "...I am called an Extraterrestrial being.  What you would call a being from another world.  An Extra-Terra-Astral from another galaxy. We are more than 100,000 years advanced than you on this planet. Since we have passed through this state, I come here to give you the guidance of man out of your past, that has become your future and have returned to warn you".

- Is God An Extra-Terra-Astral (Extraterrestrial)


2. "...I am a being from the 19th galaxy called Illyuwn. We have been coming to this planet before it had your life form on it. I manifest into this body to speak through this body. I am a entity and etheric being. I incarnated into this realm from time to time. My incarnation as an Ilah Mutajassid or Avatar was originally in the year 1945 A.D. Then in 1970 was my time to come in flesh to start my work of breaking the spell of sleep."

-The Man From Planet Rizq pg. 23


3. "...If you have the time to read, you will learn that I, the author of this book and hundreds of others, I am not, by any means, an ordinary man. I am a seeded entity. I was pre encoded to awaken at an appointed time. That means that my DNA structures were genetically designed to go off like a time bomb of awareness, at a designated moment, in order to accommodate the light being, the ether being, that was to come into this current human body born 12 midnight Tuesday, June 26 1945 A.D. here on the planet Qi (Earth)".

-The Man From Planet Rizq pg.26


4. "...I am from the 19th galaxy Illyuwn, far outside of this one...I came from the planet Rizq by way of Nibiru, you call it Jannat". Our solar system is within the 19th galaxy on this side of the first warp called the black hole...The planet that I come from each being lives to be 1000 years old."

-Holy Tablets pg. 1640-1641


York also claims to have the super powers to turn himself into a space ship,


"...Does this mean Riziqians can travel interdimentionally?  Ans:...Yes! WE CAN, RIZQIYIANS, have the ability to travel withing many time frames and density levals, as well as in between in and out of your very dreams...WE RIZQIYANS astrally travel from location to location...the body can be turned into a "ship" by utilizing the seven seats or chakras of the body. I will teach this to those who listen".

-Are There (UFO'S) Extraterrestrials in Your Midst? pg.107-108


"I come from a star fleet of people that are scientists, and the planet Yaanuwn comes from they live to be trillions of years old, when they raise up to beings "Etherians or Etheric beings".  While in their physical state they each live 120 years".

-Is God an Extra-Terra-Astral? ( Extraterrestrial) pg.111


Naturally York can't turn himself into a space ship, if he could, he would have to get out of Federal Prison, thus he's another phony space creature, the head of a multi-million dollar UFO child sex cult.  These comments by this self professed space alien, makes him one of the greatest con men in American history and the biggest in African American community.