Ask The Nuwaupians, Do you believe everything Dr. York writes or inserts in his books?

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Ask The Nuwaupians, Do you believe everything Dr. York writes or inserts in his books?

Answer: Pops told us that he came to set the records straight and give us the right knowledge, so I see no reason not to except as fact everything he gives us.


Below is "Bat Boy" a faux fact that York taught to his followers that it was and is real.


Let's look at a few comments given by Mr. Nuwaupu, Malachi York.


"You need your leaders to do research and to back up everything they say with documents, not just words that sound good. Make them produce documents to prove it...make them prove it with ancient documents, pictures, slabs, tablets, carvings,engravings, records, documents, and scriptures"

-Let's Set The Record Straight pages 2-3


"...demand that anyone attempting to impose upon you their religious beliefs, they are to produce the facts...

-The Holy Tablets chapter 10 tablet 10:11


"I call you to accept this truth as bestowed upon me by the masters who guide my pen, for of myself I could not have done the works of it".

-The Holy Tablets (A Personal Note From The Receiver)


"You will not only find that what has been revealed to me is without doubt"

-The Holy Tablets (A Personal Note From The Receiver)


(9) If one has to believe, it means he or she does not know, that is ignorance.

(10) Hence, belief is ignorance and religious beliefs without the facts is ignorance;

(11) So demand that anyone attempting to impose upon you their religious beliefs, they are to produce the facts.

(12) The most deceptive word in religion is the word "believe" or "belief",

(13) Because a person can believe anything and this means that a person can believe, 

(14) And be 100% wrong.

(15) But knowledge is knowing and knowledge is correct information.

(16) "To know" gives one the confidence, but belief infers doubt.

(17) Knowledge can be checked out by 1 or more of 3 test:

(18) Experience, Evidence, Reason,

(19) Knowledge is always logical and it reasons out.

(20) The first step to Nuwaubu is right knowledge which will pass any one of the three test,

(21) That is practical for knowledge given.

(22) One cannot always use the experience test, because the experience test is not practical for all knowledge.

(23) The evidence and reason test are those tests which are more often practical.

-The Holy Tablets chapter 10 tablet 10:9-23


"When You Begin To Investigate Each Of These Names And Investigate The Leaders And Their Knowledge Of The Language Of The Groups Which They Say They Belong; You'd Find Charlatans, Hypocrites, And Just Down Right Phonies; They Are Star Struck. It's Just Another Way Of Performing Before A Large Crowd, Feeling Important, Massaging Their Own Ego. It's The "Look Important" Syndrome. You Don't Need That Anymore; You Need The Facts".

-Let's Set The Record Straight pages 2-3


"They make statements about events and time, but they don't produce the evidence, or the document to support what they say, which leaves the reader in the same state they are in religion, to believe, but not have facts"

-Let's Set the Records Straight pg. 239


York appears to embrace with strong conviction, truth, factual information and that which can be proven, but here's a few examples of his disregard of supplying simple evidence.  York released a number of books under the "UFO and Extraterrestrial series" and those publications were to also told to be the truth, facts beyond doubt.

York used some of the drawings from a science fiction booklet called, Barlowe's Guide to Extraterrestrials: Great Aliens from Science Fiction Literature, 


it's a publication that made it clear on the cover that it's a science fiction book.  Also used are pictures from Barlowe's Guide to Fantasy, another book by artist Wayne Barlowe, which is a companion to his earlier book, Barlowe's Guide to Extraterrestrials, it contains his visualizations of different creatures from various works of fantasy  This is also a book that York put in a list for Nuwaupians to read and study. York took some of those drawings and added them to his books with commentaries that encourage Nuwaupians to accept them as a reality. 

In York's book, Is God An Extraterrestrial? on page 87, there's a creature in (figure 73) called the "Athshean" a creature that York expects his Nuwaupians to believe is real.

This image was taken from Barlowe's Guide to Extraterrestrials: Great Aliens from Science Fiction Literature, and next to the Athshean there's another weird drawing of what's called a "Salaman",  I must repeat, the cover and the artist tells the reader that it's all fantasy and science fiction, yet York teaches that they are real.


On the next page he (York) has the nerve to have an image of what York calls, PICKLE MAN  a cartoon illustration of a monster with a bad case of acne. 

Next to that is figure is an illustration of the 1950's Horror movie classic,

The Creature from the Black Lagoon, why he placed that image in the book is anyone's guess. York then takes The Predator creature from the film and claims it to be real as well, even stating that it's from the Andromeda galaxy,

Ques: Tell Us More About The Insect Looking Beings?

Ans: You have those that look like insects and rodents. There are insects and rodents on Earth now, that are from other planets such as roaches, Grasshoppers, Praying Mantis and Scarab Beetles just to name a few. Don't forget about the Dolphin...You also have beings that look like insects, however, they are human in shape.

-Is God An Extraterrestrial? pg. 86-87



"...Extraterrestrials like the "Predator", who was copied from an actual being from Andromeda Galaxy, a spiral Galaxy that looks like grasshoppers..."

-Is God An Extraterrestrial pg. 196


York arrived at his conclusions of the so-called beings of Andromeda looking the way they do because he claims the galaxy looks like a grasshopper. York should never be taken serious, he gives no evidence to back any of those claims evidence.  York even cites some of the most ridiculous tabloid newspapers, like The Weekly World News as proof,  with famous stories like, Bat Boy and "Space Alien Meets with Newt Gingrich" on pg. 135 of Is God An Extraterrestrial?

On page 96 of Are There (UFO's) Extraterrestrials in Your Midst?, York uses another drawing from the Barlowe's Guide to Extraterrestrials: Great Aliens from Science Fiction Literature, a creature called, a "Dilbian" (center figure), standing next to the "Salaman". 



York's Holy Tablets bible has an endless supply of stupid images like these, and York wants you to believe them by writing, 

"Don't take my word for it, look it up for yourself! There are a countless number of books, magazines and newspaper articles on this topic. So that you can see that what I'm saying is true".

-Are there (UFO's) extraterrestrials in your midst? 





And the Nuwaupians claim that York is so intelligent and all about "facts, truth and wisdom", but puts garbage like this in his books and tries to get the followers to believe it.


Yes, those picture are from York's holy book and he actually wants people to believe it to be true and to take him serious as being a wise man. This type of buffoonery goes on and on in several of York's publications. York would dismiss those in religion because they presented images of mythical deities, gods and unsubstantiated characters, yet he's guilty of doing the same thing by using images from a science fiction book as if they were real. This is in direct conflict with the so-called science of Nuwaupu.