Ask The Nuwaupians, is "Dr. York" a Medical Doctor?

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Question: Ask The Nuwaupians, is "Dr. York" a Medical Doctor?

Answer: They believe York to be anything he claims without question.

This question is asked because York for some reason attempts to gives a medical evaluation on persons classified as obese. He writes,

"Many people today who are obese are descendant of these Deros."


-Holy Tablets Ch.16 tablet 4:51


Where is the evidence to support such a vague physical evaluation?  
There is not a medical doctor in the world who has published in any medical journal or presented any medical analysis mentioning or citing the name DEROS.  York in his habitual commentaries that he is a "reformer" does nothing more than adds his views to any given story with the intent to increase revenue in book sales and self aggrandizement, offering only his words as the rule and offering up no evidence. York in this case was plagiarizing the stories from Richard Shavers from the "Amazing Stories" comic magazine, teaching his cult members (Nuwaupians) that the images in his book of Deros are not only real, but that they live inside the earth and have been for centuries.

According to Shavers, "Deros" is short for "detrimental robots", nothing in York's doctrine regarding Deros resembles robots.  For York to pass off Shavers fantasy stories to Nuwaupians as factual, is paying the Nuwaupians a disservice. York adds a section of his holy tablets bible to elaborate on Deros and other unsupported creatures, yet Mr. York will contradict his comments in the same book, here's an example, 


51) Many people today who are obese are descendant of these Deros.

52) I'm talking about those people who have serious weight problem[s]

53) Weighing over three hundred pounds and more, which is not a trait of the elders, the Rizqiyians.

54) The Deros have no fingernails, toenails, nipples navel or rectum.

55) Their eyes are silver grey and glows in the dark, they have blonde eyebrows.

56) Other than that there's no hair on the body..."

-Holy Tablets Chapter 16 Tablet 4:51-56 



York offers the reader NO evidence whatsoever to support such a ridiculous claim, this is nothing more than religious garbage and new age cult psycho babel, much like monotheism which urges the followers to believe or have faith without presenting or citing any physical evidence. York in his holy tablets, contradicts the very foundation of this phony story by instructing the reader to always get the evidence and using simple reasoning, 


Nuwaubu (19 x 2 = 38) 

(6) Nuwaubu is the science of sound right reasoning, and it's followers are the sons and daughters of sound right reasoning.

(7) Belief is ignorance. Belief is to ignore the facts intentionally or ignorantly.

(8) Also Nuwaubu is right knowledge, Right wisdom and Right Overstanding.

(9) If one has to believe, it means he or she does not know, that is ignorance.

(10) Hence, belief is ignorance and religious beliefs without the facts is ignorance;

(11) So demand that anyone attempting to impose upon you their religious beliefs, they are to produce the facts.

(12) The most deceptive word in religion is the word "believe" or "belief",

(13) Because a person can believe anything and this means that a person can believe, 

(14) And be 100% wrong.

(15) But knowledge is knowing and knowledge is correct information.

(16) "To know" gives one the confidence, but belief infers doubt.

(17) Knowledge can be checked out by 1 or more of 3 test:

(18) Experience, Evidence, Reason,

(19) Knowledge is always logical and it reasons out.

(20) The first step to Nuwaubu is right knowledge which will pass any one of the three test,

(21) That is practical for knowledge given.

(22) One cannot always use the experience test, because the experience test is not practical for all knowledge.

(23) The evidence and reason test are those tests which are more often practical.

(24) Yet, Nuwaubu is the science of experience, evidence and reason,

(25) Because nine ether is the power of reason.


In his hypocrisy, York wrote the following.


"I call you to accept this truth as bestowed upon me by the masters who guide my pen, for of myself  I could not have done the works of it."

"For in these tablets is no doubt! It's the true guidance and that you can be sure of!"

"You will not only find that what has been revealed to me is without doubt...What is behind the words in this text is all that has come through me to bring you to the next level. This is why I have been sent to you. In order that you receive this divine revelation." 

"This scripture is a Holy Scripture, divinely inspired from the spirits who incarnate in the form of prophets, apostles and sires who have spoken to my heart and activated my mind to bring you this final revelation."

-A Personal Note From The Receiver, the Holy Tablets.


With all the rhetoric being stated, the claim that obesity is as a result of the fictional Deros, infers doubt, and York NEVER supported the claims as usual.