Ask The Nuwaupians, what's the significant's of a lie?

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Question: Ask The Nuwaupians, what's the significant's of a lie?

Answer: They may take you to the bible for answers.


The following excerpts are from a book York wrote on the Significance of a lie.


"This book is written for the purpose of pointing out to people the significance of lying..."

-The Significance of a Lie pg. 1


"People lie for many reasons. Some people lie to protect others. For example, you may lie to keep from hurting someone's feelings...Another reason that a person will lie is so that he or she will not get into trouble. It is called being deceitful and conniving. Instead of facing up to what you have done which is the truthful thing to do..."

-The Significance of a Lie pg. 20


Different Types of Lies:

1. White lie- Defined as a diplomatic or well-intentioned untruth.

2. Fib- Defined as an inconsequential lie

3. Tale- A deliberate lie or a falsehood. 

4. Gossip- (1) Trifling, often groundless rumor, usually of a personal, sensational or intimate nature; idle talk (2) A person who habitually engages in such talk.

5. Fables- Legendary stories; unverified stories, unverified means not substantiated; not proven to be true. To tell a fable means to narrate something as if it were true. Note that the key words in the previous sentence are

"as if they were true", which means that it isn't true... 

6. Story- A narrative, usually fictional, that is intended to amuse the reader or hearer. A story can also be called a tale. In other words a story is a lie that is told with style...

7. Hoax- (1) To trick into believing or accepting as genuine, something false and often preposterous. (2) An act intended to trick or dupe; impostor, something accepted or established by fraud or fabrication...

-The Significance of a Lie pg. 21-32


What Exactly Do I Mean When I Say The Greatest Story Ever Told?:

THE- Used before Nouns, that denote particular persons or things.

GREATEST- Large in number, of vast power, excellence, eminent, majestic.

STORY- A tale, a fiction, a falsehood.

EVER- At all times; always, constantly.

TOLD- Past tense and particle of tell.

Using the definitions above, the actual tittle should be: 


-The Significance of a Lie pg. 34


Now let's take a short look at claims York has made but didn't support with evidence. 


1. He was a blood descendant of the Islamic Prophet Muhammad?


2. He was a Direct descendant of Ben York of the Louis & Clark expedition?


3. He was the biblical character(s) Melchizedek/Michael/Malachi?


4. He was the Babylonian God Marduk aka "Jupiter" and Nibiru?


5. He was the Akkadian Sun deity Amar-Utu?


6. He was the cousin of the former prime minister of the Sudan, Imam Sayyed Al-Sadiq Al-Mahdi: Head of the Ansar Movement, Sudan.?


7. He was the true successor of Elijah Muhammad because he claimed that Elijah Muhammad foretold of his coming?


8. He was a Rabbi because he had his Bar Mitzwah in 1958 under Rabbi: Wentworth Arthur Matthews, leader of the Moorish Zionist Temple of the Moorish Jews?


9. He was an Extraterrestrial from the 8th planet in the 19th galaxy called Illiyuwn?


10. He in 1997 during his Zed ceremony, had the ancient Egyptian deity Ausar inhabit his body.


11. He had in his possession all the original religious scriptures including book of Barnabas and the Qura'an, the Suhuf of Adam and Abraham, the Torah and all the original cuneiform tablets of Sumer, Akkad, Babylon, Ur, Uruk!


12. He had 76 trillion years of knowledge.


13. He translated the papyrus of Ani "The Coming Forth by Day" The Enuma Elish, Atrahasis, Gilgamesh Epics.


14. He was the spiritual son of the Akkadian myth God Enqi.


15. He while in Mecca he met Malcolm X and taught him how to pray.


16. He was الخضر al-Khiḍr "the Green One of the Qur'an.


17. He was an Anunnaki.


18. He could make "sacred ash" appear out of nothing in his hand.


19. He could turn his body into a space craft.


He lied when he said

"I NEVER KNEW ANYTHING ABOUT THE NOBEL DREW ALI'S (HOWN) MOVEMENT UNTIL I WAS INTRODUCED TO IT BY A BROTHER NAMED SALAHUDIYN who was a member of the Ansaaru Allah Community DURING IT'S EARLY YEARS. He took me to the Moorish Science Temple in Queens in the early 70's. 

-Ansaar Cult: Rebuttal to the Slanderers pg. 60


Ques: Both, Shaikh Daoud and Fuad Abdul Ali Mohammed, were all associated with the Moorish Science Temple?

Ans: YES. Shaikh Daoud and Fuad Abdul Ali Mohammed were both associated with these groups at the same time and also were both sponsored by the King of Saudia Arabia. It is obvious that they knew each other, And the imposer was to infiltrate as the original. This was before the Nation of Islam then called the "Temple People." SHAIKH DAOUD TOLD ME HIMSELF HE MET HIM, THERE FORE SHAIKH DAOUD KNEW WHO THE REAL W.F. MUHAMMAD WAS, HE TAUGHT ME AND SHOWED ME A PICTURE OF THE IMPOSER SAYING, "That's him, that old imposer, what's he up to now?

-Shaikh Daoud Vs. W.D. Fard pg.15 


"...Extraterrestrials like the "Predator", who was copied from an actual being from Andromeda Galaxy, a spiral Galaxy that looks like grasshoppers..."

-Is God An Extraterrestrial pg. 196


"Enqi got caught up in the delicacies of the world, and he stopped transporting the gold. He started to take the gold, shipping it into South Africa..." 

-The Holy Tablets Ch. 2 T.1:74-75


"Nibiru is the Sumerian cuneiform word for the Egiptian name Manjet" 

-Jesus Found in Egipt


"The Hyksos dynasty were light-skinned mixed Arabs and Greeks...they were allowed to invade Egipt after the great Pharaoh Khufu removed the immigration ban so that the Egiptians can accept his son's Rahotep's mixed wife Nofret, who was a mixed race. This is why he is held in such esteem by Europeans and is the reason why his face is used on Masonic Shriner's symbol."

-The A.E.O. Monthly Magazine Edition 2, Volume 2 on pg. 8


"Many people today who are obese are descendant of these Deros."

-Holy Tablets Ch.16 tablet 4:51


"Down's Syndrome is a disorder caused by chromosomal abnormalities that develop during germ cell formation. The Teros's chromosome structure is so much different than that of earthlings, that the mixture caused the disorder."

-Holy Tablets Ch. 16 tablet 4:75-76


The Egyptians were a great civilization with many Nubian scientist, spiritual healers, mystics, astronomers and mathematicians like ZOSER, who DID the GENETIC splicing FOR the EXTERMINATION DEVICE called Al Khinziyr, the PIG".

-Holy Tablets chapter 13 Tablet 3:24


The list of lies go on and on and on... I leave the rest of the research to you, and based on York's own words and definitions, he would be a liar.  He claimed to have left religion behind, therefore to him, a lie would be insignificant.

                               The Master Deciever