Ask The Nuwaupians, why did Malachi York teach that humans used to fly?

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Question: Ask The Nuwaupians, why did Malachi York teach that humans used to fly?

Answer: Huh???

This is one of the silliest things Malachi York ever taught his followers.  He actually had the Nuwaupians believe that humans could at one time, fly though the air like Super Man. York says...

Question: Are Humans Mammals Or Reptilians?

37. Both, They Are A Combination, Having Both Lungs And Gills. As Well As, Wings. Just As Many Snakes And Whales Have Hips Without Legs, Thus Humans Have Wings Beneath Their Arm Pits, Which They Once Used To Fly And Swim.

Question: Are You Saying Human Beings Once Flew?

38. Exactly, That's Why Their Face And Body Is Aero Dynamic From The Top Of The Head Downward.But When Standing With A Flat Face And Flat Body, They Are Subject To The Dangers Of G-Force.

-Sacred Records of Atum-Re (The Black Book) Scroll 9 Winged Fowl pg. 437-38


This is 100% pure hypocrisy, York condemns people of various religious faiths for making statements without presenting evidence, yet in this case and others, he cites no ancient artifacts, nothing scientific, no biological or minimal medical data to supports his assertions!  


This only goes to show his ignorance when it comes to the human anatomy.  The Serratus Anterior muscles or what are commonly referred to as "wings" never served the function of flight at any time in human existence.  


"The serratus anterior muscles are what I refer to as our "wings". They help us move our arms multi-dimensionally and with great speed. We may not necessarily rely on them for quadrupedal locomotion, but they help us move forward by increasing our arm’s distance from danger, keeping predators at an arm’s length away or drawing an imaginary boundary. When the serratus anterior is flexed, it appears to lengthen the arm by wrapping the scapula forward toward the chest. When done repetitively this creates a motion like flapping wings or a movement patterns like that of a four-legged animal. Serratus anterior muscles are also known as the “boxer’s muscles” because of their mobility pattern. A boxer’s punch and reach come from the effectiveness of the scapula protracting and retracting"

"The serratus anterior muscles are also breathing accessory muscles. They originate on the upper eight ribs and insert into the medial border of the scapula. They stabilize the shoulder blades and when flexed will spread the ribs for an inhale. The greater the inhale, the greater the internal pressure. This pressure creates a strong support for action, balance, or resistance".



Serratus Anterior: Origin: Lateral Surface Ribs 1-9

Insertion: Medial border scapula

Action: Protraction Scapula, Down Rotation, Stabilize medial border of shoulder blade

Serratus Anterior ribs 1-8 or 9 medial border of the scapula on it's costal (deep) surface it draws the scapula forward; the inferior fibers rotate the scapula superiorly long thoracic nerve (from ventral rami C5-C7) lateral thoracic a. a lesion of long thoracic nerve will cause winging of the scapula (i.e., the medial border of the scapula falls away from the posterior chest wall and looks like an angel's wing)



Concentric Function: Abduction (protraction) & upward rotation of the scapula


Eccentric Functions: Decelerates dynamic scapular retraction


Isometric Function: Helps stabilize the scapulo-throacic joint


So Nuwaupians, what possible reason could York have made such a crazy set of statements void of evidence?  York could have done himself justice had he released a series of comic books featuring imaginative Nuwaubian super heroes with wings, instead York would rather make money selling fantasy stories about humans having wings and flying, this is "Right Knowledge" gone wrong. 





Narrative by Omar Shah