Ask The Nuwaupians, is The Beast super computer fact or fantasy?

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Question: Ask The Nuwaupians, is The Beast  super computer fact or fantasy?

Answer: They may direct you to countless NWO conspiracy sites as opposed to answering the question directly..


Here we have another case of York using mythology as a method to generate revenue from his followers.  York takes a little known story about a super computer in Brussels, Belgium, prints it in his books, gives no reference to the original source, and his spin to it and declares it to be true.  York states,

"This is something that i told you years ago. They are preparing for the year 2000 A.D. and beyond. Presently, their new mission is to create an organic computer and have it completed by the mid 1990's A.D. Its function will be to connect with the human nervous system, serving as eyes, ears, and voice boxes.  The man made "Organic" computers might be able to detect flaws, and even repair and replicate itself. Needless to say, this is happening today. There is a master computer in Brussels, Belgium called "The Beast," 3M or 3666.

It was programmed by the child born on June 6, 1966 A.D. This new internet hook up along with the computer will be connected into the body of this child. This computer is actually hooked up into the nervous system so that the computer will be able to react on human impulses to win the trust of the people who use computers."

-Sons of Canaan pg. 133


"6-6-66 A.D. was when he came up from the 6th chamber. This "child' turned 13 years old in the year 1979 A.D., which was the International Year of the Devil's child in the flesh. He became age 33 in the year 1999 A.D. completing his higher Degree 3+3=6.

-What is Nuwapu? pg. 94


Let's analyze York's words closer because there are various printed versions of this story that date back to 1973, but the most widely circulated early account appeared in Christian Life Magazine in August 1976.  In that article it described a giant supercomputer in Belgium nicknamed "The Beast," which was being used to gather data about everyone in the world.  The so-called "Antichrist" would soon be using the computer and the mark of the Beast to control the world's economy.  Christian Life would soon received a letter from Christian author Joe Musser, who had invented the Beast for his apocalyptic novel Behold a Pale Horse (Zondervan, 1970).  Musser was said to have been shocked that his fiction was being recirculated as fact, But as is often the case, the correction received little attention, and the stories continued. 

In Musser's letter he explained that the Beast Computer of Belgium did not exist in reality, but in fantasy. Musser said that he created the scenario for a novel he wrote, titled Behold a Pale Horse, and for a screenplay for the David Wilkerson film, The Rapture. 

In the letter, Musser stated that for three years he had seen the story he created being passed along as fact. The possibility for confusing fiction with fact was there from the outset.  As a part of the promotion for the David Wilkerson's film, some mock newspapers had been printed which had convincing-looking news stories about events that could be associated with the rapture, including the Beast Computer of Belgium.



- The Beast is the invention of Christian fiction writer Joe Musser, who included it in his book Behold a Pale Horse in 1970. In the book a gigantic three-story computer is located in the administrative headquarters of the then Common Market.

- The said machine was supposed to track all world trade through monitoring the buying and selling of every citizen on the planet. The self-programming Beast would use unique digital numbers given to every human being and invisibly tattooed by laser on the forehead

- The book was turned into a film called The Rapture

To promote the movie's original release in the mid-1970s the producers created a fictional promotional newspaper as a souvenir handout to accompany the film


"There is a scene in the movie that we shot in one of the [then] Bell Labs facilities, with row upon row of the old computers, with tapes spinning, etc. that footage depicted the computer that I nicknamed the Beast in both the novel and the movie," 

-Joe Musser


"Somehow, a Pennsylvania newspaper must have received a clipping taken from that promotional tabloid with the "end of the world" stories. A reporter apparently wrote an article based on it, which took information from my original idea in the book, also presented in the film, took it as fact, and published it."

-Joe Musser

 "The story has taken on a life of its own, and continues to this day. There are those who have come to me to ask if I have heard about the new computer called the Beast that is being used by the European Common Market (or some derivation of the EU) - a computer that tracks all of the information about everyone in the world."

-Joe Musser


Musser is now writing fiction novels with Oliver North, of the US Iran-Contra affair, leading to all kinds of political conspiracy theories.  The question remains, why would York teach this fantasy as fact to his readers and those who believed that he was a bringer of truth?