Ask The Nuwaupians if RED is the Devil's color, why does your teacher proudly wear it?

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Ask The Nuwaupians since Dr. York taught that RED is the Devil's color, why does he proudly wear it?

Answer: The Nuwaupians knew and feared that this one was coming. 


"Did You Ever Wonder Why Santa Wears The Color Red And The Devil's Color Is Always Red? Food For Thought"

 -The Luciferian Conspiracy pg. 43

Those are York's words from a book he released which was designed to "help break the spell".  His words are both interesting and revealing. For years York taught that the color of the Devil was red and that the color of peace, positivity and love manifest as green, yet York loves to adorn himself in the color red, and this being the case, why would he wear RED so proudly?  "Seeing is knowing", as York would say, let's take a look.




As intelligent as his followers claims him to be, surely he was fully aware of what he taught and what color he would wear.  To say that "...The Devil's Color Is Always Red" as "food for thought" can only mean that he could care less about what he taught. To claim that the Devil's color is red would also indicate that he believes that the Devil exist, yet he contradicts that by claiming that he rejects God, the Devil etc...


"We Completely And Categorically Reject All Myths, Fictions, Religions And Lies That Have Not Been Proven. That Would Include Your Heavens, Your Hells, Your Fire And Brimstones, Your Horn And Pitchfork Devils, Your Winged Angels And Your Old Man God Character Sitting On A Throne Up There Somewhere. We Deal Strictly With Facts. If You Can't Prove It We Don't Want To Hear It, That Doesn't Mean We Won't Listen To You, Just Don't Expect Us To Accept Your Beliefs By Virtue Of A Title Such As Reverend, Pastor, Deacon, Imaam, Shaykh, Rabbi, Minister, Theologian, Etc. That Is Your Sensationalism And We Deal With Just The Facts."

-The Holy Tabernacle's Guide For Better Living Purity And Neatness And Maintenance Of Health pg. 32.


York "Completely And Categorically Reject All Myths", including God and the Devil, then why would he contradict his previous statements, change them, then go back to maintaining the previous, previous statements he rejected? He spent so much time talking about "Black Devils" yet he rejects the myth of a Devil?

"I Would Like To Inform The Children Of Nuwaubu That This Devil That Everyone Has Stamped In Their Heads Wearing A Red Suit And Holding A Pitchfork In His Hand Is A Myth. They Are All Props To Take Your Mind Off Who Or What Really Is The Devil. They Want You To Believe That The Person Walking Around With Pentagrams, Walking Around In Costumes, Drinking Blood and Different Rituals And The Likes Is The Devil. It Is The Person That You Least Expect. It Could Be The Clean Cut Business Man Or The Sophisticated Business Woman. It Can Be Your Teacher Or Anyone...

-Are There Black Devils pg. 4


"York's statements and teachings has to taken with a grain of salt, because he lies habitually, which is what another notorious liar was well known for,


"I'm one helluva liar. Most of my adult life, I've been accused of being a charlatan, a phony, an impostor. I guess that makes me about as close to what the Devil's supposed to be, as anyone. It's true. I lie constantly, incessantly. Because I lie so often, I'd really be full of shit if I didn't keep my mouth shut and my bowels open."

- Anton LaVey, Satan Speaks, page 101;  Founder of the Church of Satan


Apparently York and LaVey has something in common, manipulation and deception.