Ask The Nuwaupians, is it true that Malachi York authored 400 to 500 books?

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Question: Ask The Nuwaupians, is it true that Malachi York authored 400 to 500 books?

Answer: They will have to say yes because that's the propaganda Nuwaupian administration taught at the time.


Nuwaupians as a whole will boast or brag that their teacher Malachi York wrote "over 500 books", but when you challenge that position, they can never cite such a number corroborated from any bibliology from York's publications.  Nuwaupians wont take into account the fact that there's a number of writings that are not actual books by the pen of Malachi York.




- Revised books

- Re-revised books

- Old books with new covers

- Books by Nuwaupian members

- Re-wording and his interpretations of the first five books of the bible

Re-wording and his interpretations of the books of Psalms from the bible

- Re-wording and his interpretations of the last book of the bible

- Compilations of previous books made into one extra large book with updated commentaries e.g. Degree of Moses-ism, Degree of Christ-ism, Degree of Muhammad-ism

- Plagiarized writings

- The release of religious studies and lessons from Western Islamic organizations e.g.  Moorish Science Temple, The Nation of Islam, The Nation of Gods and Earths  

- The release of Khalil Gibran's "The Prophet"

- The release of Speech's by Elijah Muhammad in book form

- The release of The Egyptian Book of the Dead E. A. Wallis Budge with commentaries and illustrations by York

- The release of leaflets and five page tracks on the topic of biblical characters which do not constitute a book

- The release of AOL online chatroom debate logs spoke with 2 former wives of York who worked in his "publications" department and supplied us with the following,


"...I guess when he started out, they use to mimeograph the books, I was not there then, when I was there, he had an entire publications department and many books. He even had a section with books no one could touch or much less read, unless they were working on a book for him.  If people asked a particular question in class, and he thought it was a good subject, he would delve into it with the people in publications and would sit around after they typed up a portion (most time from other people's books) or copy & paste what was already put out in other books, and he would sit and have them read it to him, then he would start to add lib, and the person had to type what he says.  He would expound/add flare, on what came from the book/s.


A good example of that was when they were doing the "holy tablets".  He had a hand picked team, put them in his living room, and they would be there most of the time, copying at times word for word from books.  He used tons of other peoples material, add his twist, and say it all came from him!   You should have seen him when he was doing the Rebuttal Book!   He was so mad that Bilal Phillips put so much of what was going on out there that he sat around as if in a boxing ring, with all the typist ready, and the sisters that worked in the back office all around as if they are watching a match with him dictating what to go in the book!!!  A few years back, I was reading through some of what was in the Rebuttal book, and most are lies to cover up what was said.   


Truthfully, I do not remember York himself writing any books!  Some sister always typed out what he dictated, or what info he needed from books, then he added to it.  The language part was researched, and added by the sister Ayana.  She did a lot of the Arabic, Khaatiybah, I think she did Arabic too and Rahil would do the Hebrew, those 3 sisters along with a few others did the languages.  When people came to class and asked a question in Spanish, he would quickly get a Spanish sister and ask her what was being said, etc.  He could not hold a conversation in Spanish, He probably knew a little something, like in some words or responses, but that is the extent of the Spanish.  He did know Arabic, he also would teach it to the sisters".

                     the ex-wives of York requested that their names not be mentioned.


During the court trial of Malachi York, two of his main office workers, Habiybah Washington and Ginger Chang, says he would dictate and they would write and do all the work on the books, add pictures, plagiarize, copy, paste etc.


Q. Habiybah, how would you describe your relationship with him? Were there responsibilities that you did for him? 

Habiybah Washington: I worked in the mail room, I worked on the books, the regular. It was books explaining our religion, what we believed, and didn't, historical, biblical stories, stuff like that.

Q. Who's ideas were these?

Habiybah Washington: It was his ideas, I mean some of it, we would type from other books but it was his ideas. He would dictate, we would type.

-Habiybah Washington January 12, 2004 Federal Court Testimony


Q. What did you do in the office?

Ginger Chang: I started doing the books, at the time we were doing the 5 books of Moses and I helped with it, I helped with doing the Revelation, re-translating (El's Injiyl).

Q. Were there others in the office that worked on those type of books?

Ginger Chang: Yes there were a lot of people too who worked on other types of books.

Q. During the time you worked on the books, and the other office duties, did you receive a salary?

Ginger Chang: No.

-Jin Hee Bae (Ginger Chang) January 12, 2004 Federal Court Testimony


Nichole Lopez: We went from Muslims to Christians to Hebrews to Native Americans, one time we had a Powwow where different Indians came, and once we were getting Hebrew words added into the language we spoke.  He started  making the NUWAUBIC language, even though we had teachers from Morocco who taught us classical Arabic, the kids had their own dialect of Arabic we spoke. And doc was amazed that we grafted our own language, and he would say we started another language, so he said he was going to put out a book on it and we would give him different words, but after a while he started incorporating Spanish and other words into it.

-Nichole Lopez  January 2004, Federal Court Testimony



What Nuwaupians and their supporters fail to realize is when they make the outrageous claim that a self professed man from another planet with 76 trillion years of knowledge wrote 4-500 books, the arduous task of proof is on them and to date, they have never produced a list supporting the claim.

self professed man from another planet 

"...the planet I come from each being lives to be one thousand years old..."

-Holy Tablets pg. 1647


76 trillion years of knowledge

"...I got 76 trillion years of information..."

-Malachi York: live class Temple of Imhotep 1997


One of the publications department workers and ex-wife of York told in an interview that,

"...there was usually a book list included, at least in the older Ansaar's books, that even though they were listed, they never went to print! He would include them anyway..."

This is evident even up to York's incarceration where books were advertized, but never released such as,

 - The Sumerian Torah

- The Sumerian Bible

 - Is Your Jesus The Real Jesus


"In every culture in this world of theirs, there creation seems to begin with what is formed or shaped but in fact the word they use is creation or create which if you look up creation simply means to grow. All begins with that principle. So in each and very culture there is what they call an incarnation or manifestation from being. That original being would have to contain all that was manifested and male, female, and neuter. This also pertains to those things on a molecular scale. You have the first element on the periodical chart. The element of hydrogen is first and then you have helium second and so on, but without the initial atom or molecules you couldn't get to the 99th or now even the 114th element.

Accordingly you will find in every culture such as the beings such as the Egiptian Rashunaat Ogdoad and these are sea creature which is where the seamen came from. And in the Sumerian cult you have the DINNEER 'The Righteous Ones': U.SHAM.GAL ''Flying Serpents': INA.A.NUNNA.QI 'Those who came to earth in Fifties" and the DINGIR 'Righteous Ones of the Rocketship" who are genderless and manifest and become gender. This is the real principle of what they call ''god': Simply a German word that expresses divinity to them God is neuter gender in that most manifest as male and female and many especially throughout the world where male and female exist.

-The Sumerian Bible 


So the next time a Nuwaupian says their teacher wrote over 400 or 500 books, simply request evidence to establish it as a fact, hold them to the same scrutiny and litmus test that York says he requires,

"...don't tell me about it until you can prove it to me...if you can't bring me facts then keep the junk, just keep it...cuz if you gonna bring it, immo ask...

-Malachi York live class Temple of Imhotep 1997