Ask The Nuwaupians do the Ostrich people of Zimbabwe attribute their foot conditions to extraterrestrials or space ships?

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Ask The Nuwaupians do the Ostrich people of Zimbabwe attribute their foot conditions to extraterrestrials or space ships?

Answer: They'll think back on the book where York mentions it, but also remember that he never gave evidence supporting it.

"don't believe me...check it out"

-Malachi York 1990 Monticello, NY


"we didn't believe we checked it out and found you to be a liar..." 2012


In one of York's publications, "Is God An Extraterrestrial?", York informs his readers that a tribe of people of Zimbabwe, in the southern region of Africa owe their unusual foot appearances to Aliens.

 -Is God an Extra-terra-astral? (Extraterrestrial) pg. 82-83

York gave no background information on these people, no evidence nor an explanation of how he arrived at his conclusions of an extraterrestrial craft in relations to this people.  Here's a short background and explanation of how there is no evidence of any "extraterrestrial" involvement with these people.

Vadoma tribe:

The Vadoma also known as Wadoma (or by the singular, Mudoma), is found in the Urungwe and Sipolilo districts, west of Zimbabwe, Africa. The ostrich people are a shy people and tend to stay in more rugged areas such as the Zambezi river valley away from the majority of other people. 

This genetic condition is called ectrodactyly. The foot is missing the three middle toes and the two outer ones are turned in, which is why the Vadoma people are also called the "two-toed" tribe. The foot itself is said to resemble that of an ostrich’s foot, thus the name, ostrich people. Ectrodactyly is an autosomal dominant condition which is the result of a single mutation on the number seven chromosome. 

Not everyone in the tribe has this condition, one fourth of the Vadoma people are born with ectrodactyly, but the ones who do are said to have been accepted into the group without any difficulty and that they are excellent tree climbers as a result of this physical irregularity. Because they are isolated, and due to a small gene pool among them, this tribe experiences this genetic condition of being two-toed much more often than other tribes in Africa.

The language of the Vadoma is Chikunda (Portuguese) and the language of the Mkorekore tribe, which is KoreKore.  The ostrich people live successfully off of the land by hunting, fishing, trapping wild animals and by gathering honey, roots and wild fruits. Their living accommodations are simple huts made from reeds and twigs. Information on this rather secret tribe with two toes is difficult to find, even in reference books. 

The government is attempting to assimilate the people of this small African tribe, the Vadoma, into mainstream society by providing not only clinics to help them physically, but schools as well to educate them. The ostrich people are not convinced the integration is in their best interest, and thus far, the government has been unsuccessful to convince them otherwise.


Ectrodactyly (also known as a split handcleft hand or lobster claw hand) is a skeletal anomaly predominantly affecting the hands (although the feet can also be affected). The condition has a highly variable severity.


The estimated incidence is at ~ 1 in 90,000 - 150,000 births


It results from a longitudinal deficiency in central digits where the mechanism is thought to be a failure of the median apical ectodermal ridge in the developing limb bud.


The most common mode of transmission is as a autosomal dominant trait, although autosomal recessive and X-linked modes of transmission also have been described.



Why didn't York bring ectrodactyly into the realm of plausibility to have a more balanced view?

York has never presented a single quote or reference from the Vadoma tribe nor Zimbabwe government officials who corroborates or verifies his claim that an extraterrestrial craft 200 years ago contributed to their physical condition. He has never even mentioned the group by name.  This narrative in York's books are simply lies used to build a controversy on the extraterrestrial idea thus generating book sales.  His theory is officially DEBUNKED