Malachi York

Ask the Nuwaupians, Are you aware that your teacher sexually molested the son and daughter of his one time right hand man Bruce LaRoche?

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Question: Ask the Nuwaupians, Are you aware that your teacher sexually molested the son and daughter of his one time right hand man Bruce LaRoche?

Answer: They're still in shock from the last question.

But the facts are, Yes, Malachi York sexually molested the children of his friend Bruce LaRoche, who was the person you always saw with York from the days in Brooklyn, Monticello and Eatonton.


Bruce's son Khalid Eddington testified against York at his trial.  York's trial was open to the public despite Nuwaupians implying otherwise.  Here are parts of what Khalid Eddington said on what Malachi York did to him, followed by what York did to his sister and daughter of Bruce LaRoche.  Clearly York has no respect for friends nor of his most loyal followers if he can molest the 13 year old daughter and sodomize the then 13 year old son of one of his friends. (Bruce had 2 wives).


The following are (Trail Notes) taken from public viewing in the Public Gallery. It was open to all and there were 30-50 people watching the trial in real time and they took very good notes, most being current and former Nuwaupians.


Q. You left New York to come to Georgia in June 1993 correct?
Khalid Eddington: Yes.
Q. You were 13 at that time?
Khalid Eddington: Yes.
Q. You stated that the defendant had oral sex and anal sex with you starting when you were 13 on to 16?
Khalid Eddington: Yes.
Q. Yesterday you referred several times to a blow job, would you explain the use of that term?
Khalid Eddington: It's a term meaning oral sex, when somebody's sucking the person's penis. 
Q. Also you mentioned during your cross examination a Jacuzzi room incident with Alexis and Mr.York.
Khalid Eddington: Yes. 
Q. Please tell the members of the jury about that incident.
Khalid Eddington: We came in the Jacuzzi room, next thing you know he's all of a sudden having anal sex with Alexis, and then he has anal sex with me, then it's me and Alexis with him on top.  So it was like a threesome. 
Q. Who's is the he ?
Khalid Eddington: Mr. York.
Q. How old was Alexis?
Khalid Eddington: Alexis was around my age.
Q. Did it happen only that one time?  Did it happen more that once?
Khalid Eddington: It happened more than once.
Q. And when you moved from upstate New York from Brooklyn, do you remember how old you were?
Khalid Eddington: I was around 10 or 11.
According to his testimony, Malachi York sodomized him at age 13, York would also molest his sister.
 This is what Salha Eddington, Khalid's sister and daughter of Bruce LaRoche said.
Q. How old were you the first time something sexual happened?

Salha Eddington: 10 or 11, around that time.
Q.Tell us what you remember the first time anything like that happened.
Salha Eddington: I remember playing in the park once and Kathy called me down to help clean the kitchen, so we was cleaning and York had walked by.  He went in the living room and Kathy told me to go in, so we went in, it was me and Beluwra.
Q. To go where?
 Salha Eddington: The living room where he was.
Q. And what was Kathy's last name?
Salha Eddington: Johnson. I remember him taking my hand and trying to get me to touch his penis.
Q. What did you do?
Salha Eddington:  I kinda held back because I was shocked because it was like, he's Imaam and I didn't expect it.
Q. So when he took your hand and placed it on his penis, where was Kathy Johnson?
Salha Eddington: She was in the kitchen.
Q. And all of you were in the living room?
Salha Eddington: Yes.
Q. Where was Krystal?
Salha Eddington: She was standing near him.
Q. And Krystal is also known as Beluwra?
Salha Eddington: Yes.
Q. What was the next incident you remember??
Salha Eddington: When he was living up the hill.
Q. Where do you mean?
Salha Eddington: He was living across the street from where Ramses club was
Q. Okay, and what happened?
Salha Eddington: He had anal sex with me.
Q. Did this happen in his house?
Salha Eddington: Yes.
Q. How did you get there?
Salha Eddington: I got called to go over there to clean up.
Q. Did you ever go to York's house if you weren't called to come in there?
Salha Eddington: Yes.
Q. What happened when you came over?
Salha Eddington: I was cleaning and after awhile we stopped cleaning.  We was kinda hanging out, then later that night, that's when it happened.
Q. Where there other people there?
Salha Eddington: Rodeya was with me.
Q. How old were you at that time?
Salha Eddington: 12 or 11, I don't remember exactly.
Q. How old was Rodeya?
Salha Eddington: 13 or 14 maybe.
Q. Do you remember what time of the night it was?
Salha Eddington: About 12, 1AM.
Q. Who was there?
Salha Eddington: It was only us, me and Rodeya
Q. So what happened?
Salha Eddington: He had anal sex with me.  Then after that, he had sex with Rodeya.
Q. Who is "he"?
Salha Eddington: York.
Q. What room?
Salha Eddington: In the living room.
Q. And did you see him do something to Rodeya as well?
Salha Eddington: Yes, he was having vaginal sex with her.
Q. Did you?
Salha Eddington: No. just anal sex.
Q. How did that make you feel?
Salha Eddington: It was painful at the time, but eventually I got over it.
Q. Did you tell him that it was painful?
Salha Eddington: Yes.
Q. Did he say anything?
Salha Eddington: No.
Q. Did he stop?
Salha Eddington: Yes.
Q. After that were you treated any different?
Salha Eddington: Yes.
Q. How?
Salha Eddington: I got to go out with the girls and I got clothes here and there.
Q. When you got to go out, with the girls, what sort of places?
Salha Eddington: Red Lobster, O' Charley's, different restaurants.
Q. Who took you to these resturants?
 Salha Eddington: York.
Q. You said you went out with the other girls and York, who were the other girls?
Salha Eddington: Safa'a, Rodeya, Amanda, Camilla.
Q. How old was Safa'a?
Salha Eddington: She was probably 13 or 14, she's older than me by a year I think.
Q. Were there other girls that went places with York?
Salha Eddington: it was Hanaan; the twins Husna and Hasnaa and Ieesha.
Q. You said the twins. What are their last names?
Salha Eddington: Husna and Hasnaa Evans.
Q. Are the twins about your age?
Salha Eddington: They're older.
Q. How much?
Salha Eddington: A year.
Q. What about Hanaan Merrit?
Salha Eddington: I think she's 2 years older than me.
Q. After the defendant had anal sex with you, did it stop or did it continue over time?
Salha Eddington: It continued pretty often.
Q. Would you be alone with York or with Rodeya or with others?
Salha Eddington: There would be others.
Q. Who do you remember in Georgia seeing  the defendant having any sort of sexual activity with? either touching in the genital area, oral sex, anal sex, or vaginal sex?
Salha Eddington: I saw Sakinah, Amanda, Rodeya, Beluwra, Safa'a and one of the twins once.
Q. Which one?
Salha Eddington: I think it was Husna.
Q. How old was Husna at that time?
Salha Eddington: 15, 16.
Q. How old was Sakinah?
Salha Eddington: I think she was 19, or 20, Amanda was about 17 .
Q. What did you see him do with Amanda?
Salha Eddington: He had vaginal sex with her. The same thing with Beluwra.
Q. How old were you?
Salha Eddington: I think 13.
Q. This started when you were 11 or 12?
Salha Eddington: Yes.
Q. How long did this go on?  How old were you when the defendant Mr. York stopped having these sorts of sexual activities with you?
Salha Eddington: I was 15 when it stopped.
Q. Why did it stop?
Salha Eddington: Because he got arrested.
Q. Did anything happen of a sexual nature in Athens with the defendant?
Salha Eddington: Yes.  I remember one time when I was making my bed and Habiybah called me into the room, and  I went in his bed, and I guess he was trying to give me a hug, so I went down and hugged him, and that's when I first lost my virginity to him.
Q. Was anyone else in the room when Habiybah told you to go in there?
Salha Eddington: No. 
Q. Did Habiybah stay in the room?
Salha Eddington: She was in the room, but she wasn't in the bed because he had curtains around it.
Q. What were you wearing if anything when you went in the room?
Salha Eddington:  Long white pajama thingy, and I went inside the bed and at first was just kind of laying there and I thought he was going to give me a hug but that's when I lost my virginity.
Q. How old were you?
Salha Eddington: I was 13.
Q.  What did he do to you?
Salha Eddington: He had vaginal sex with me for the first time.
Q. Did he put his penis in your vagina?
Salha Eddington: Yes.
Q. Did that ever happen again?
Salha Eddington: Yes.
Q. Was other people in the room?
Salha Eddington:  Yes, Beluwra, Amanda, Safa'a, Suhaila, pretty much the same girls.
Q. Did these things usually happen in groups of girls or alone?
Salha Eddington: They mainly had been in groups.
Q. Were there ever any boys with you when this would go on?
Salha Eddington: No.
Q. Did you see him have sexual contact with other girls in Athens?
Salha Eddington: Yes. 
Q. Which ones?
Salha Eddington: I saw him with Suhaila, Amanda, Safa'a and Rodeya.
Q. Did you ever see the defendant engage in any sort of sexual activity with either of the twins?
Salha Eddington: Yes. we was in Athens, because after a while, they started coming to Athens, So I saw Husna have sex with him and in Eatonton.
Q. And would the defendant go back and forth from Eatonton to Athens?
Salha Eddington: Yes.
Q. Do you know whether the defendant ejaculated?
Salha Eddington: Yes he did.
Q. Did he ejaculate inside or outside of you?
Salha Eddington: Outside.
Q. And how would you know that?
Salha Eddington: Because I was able to feel it like on the bed or on my skin (semen).
Q.  How did you leave the property?
Salha Eddington: He got arrested and DFACS came.
Q. What year was that?
Salha Eddington: 2002.
Q. How old were you then?
Salha Eddington: 15.
Q. Had you lived your entire life in that community?
Salha Eddington: Yes.
Q. Did you tell the FBI what you told us here in court?
Salha Eddington: No.
Q. Why not?
Salha Eddington: Because I was scared and we was told that if it comes out, just say it didn't happen.
Q. Who told you to say that?
Salha Eddington: Abigail, Habiybah.

These testimonies shows us that Malachi York had an obsession with young boys and girls, this is what the Nuwaupians have been hiding and hoping would not come out.