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Ask the Nuwaupians Why do they withhold the witness testimony from York's trial?

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Question:  Ask the Nuwaupians Why do they withhold the witness testimony from York's trial?

Answer:  What do you mean... the judge kidnapped the trial transcripts!


Nuwaupians will repeat the claim that the Federal Judge and Prosecution kidnapped the trial transcripts because they don't want the public to know what really went on in the court room.  Nuwaupians claim the government wants to hide the transcripts because it will show the public all of the faults in their case against York.  


In 2004, York did a series of telephone interviews from prison that were published on CD as a series called "Maku Speaks From The Isles of Patmos."  CD#5 is called "Judge Ashley Royal Kidnaps The Transcripts."  In this interview, York is asked about the transcripts and makes several statements on what HE WANTS people to believe:


Interviewer: I heard that they were going to be trying to close the transcripts of the minutes to the trial.   

Maku: That’s correct.  

Interviewer: What is that about? 

Maku: Well, actually you see what happened is first of all they had to close the trial from the public. So that no-one would see what was going on in the courtroom. Right, and then when Mr. Wood and Sills was on television, and people started calling in asking about the evidence and about the witnesses. There witnesses wasn't real victims but just FBI agents and just GBI, sheriff’s people etc, etc , etc.  Right, there backs became against the wall because they couldn't answer and so Maxwell Wood said you must have been in a different court than I am.  So he realized at that point these people are waiting for the transcripts or the minutes so that the public can put them up.  Now all we’re doing is waiting to get the transcripts.   So what happened is the truth is now starting to come out as they say, the chickens are beginning to come home to roost as they put it. 

Maku: Now they are beginning to realize that we’re waiting for the transcripts.  So they also realize we have specialists on it. A  L.N.P.A in Cincinnati is there on the case and there people dissect the so call P.S.I and all the mistakes, heights and upward departures and stuff that should not be there. Right now we got some special lawyers out of New York that are working.  A lawyer out of Savannah you know working.  So they now know we are going to have people go through these minutes with a fine tooth comb. Go through each transcription so we can find out any contradiction that has been made and every mistake that they made you follow.  So what there doing now is not only could you not see the truth in court but now we don’t even want you to hear the truth in court.  We’re going to block the minute’s cause they know as we get the transcripts we’re going to put that transcripts it up on the internet so everybody could see what people said while on the stand.  How they were crossed examined.  

Maku: So they had already spoiled it but the Judge had to move on because he was under orders to do it you follow.  So in actuality yes what you are saying is true.  We are at a situation now where they are going to really try to deceive the public because they don’t want anybody to hear what went on in the court.  So at first they made it so that no-one could see what went on in the court right.  

Interviewer: Right.

Maku: Now there trying to make it so nobody can hear.  You know that see no evil hear no evil.   

Interviewer: Right. 

Maku: And therefore we will not be able to speak the truth.   

Interviewer: That’s right.   

Maku: The world will be deceived.  We’re not having that because The Most High has his own way of working.  And what happened is that we already got the first two transcripts of the pre-trial.  I don’t have them, other people got them, the Attorney doesn't have them other people got them because they say that only the attorney can get it.  And if the attorney can get it only the attorney can check it out.  But we have several attorneys, that what they think because they think it’s only one attorney.  But we already got we have two very important though there pre-trial there the 30th, and the 16th, in detail and as our experts go through them. There are so many contradictions and mistakes.  That alone is going further heighten an investigation into the illegalness and the corruptness in this particular case you follow?


York makes it seem as though there is a conspiracy to hide the transcripts from the public in order to cover the mistakes of the prosecution against him during his trial.  What York doesn't mention is the fact that the trial was open to the public.  Nuwaupians have lied by repeating to everyone that the trial was closed to the public.  The fact is, the court room where the trial took place was closed to spectators in the seating gallery but a separate court room was made available for the public to be seated in order to watch the trial in real time on closed circuit TV.

The public could see and hear everything that went on in the courtroom with the exception of the Jurors faces.  All of the witnesses were seen and heard, the lawyers and the Judge.  Members of the public who witnessed the trial take place were allowed to write down as much as they possible could and many people took notation.  There were even people who were skilled at short hand.  This is significant because everyone who took notes could combine all of their notes and publish what took place during the trial.  If what York says is true about wanting to make everything public and put on the internet for everyone to see, then why haven't the Nuwaupians published all of the trial notes taken during the trial?  The trial took place in 2004 and we are in the year 2013, 9 years later.


- If the goal was to make sure the public could see and hear all the evil as York puts it, why haven't Nuwaupians published all of the notes?

- If the Government sealed the trial transcript to hide what took place at trial, why did the Government file a motion to have them made public in a redacted format which is to remove the names of any witnesses listed as victims and replace the names with a symbol such for example "P1, P2, P3" where "P" stands for person?  


Here are the facts related to the trial transcripts:

On February 22, 2006 The U.S. Attorney for the Middle District of Georgia filed an uncontested motion entitled “MOTION TO UNSEAL REDACTED TRIAL TRANSCRIPT” requesting the court to unseal a redacted transcript of the Case Trial. See Docket [373]

On March 2, 2006 a text only entry; no document issued as to The Honorable C. Ashley Royal issuing an order granting [373] Motion to Unseal Document (REDACTED TRIAL TRANSCRIPT) as to Dwight D. York (1). Signed by Judge C. Ashley Royal on 3/2/06.

So right there you have the prosecutor in the case put in a Motion to have the Sealed Transcripts UNSEALED, and the Judge granted the motion, but it was York who refused to have them published where everyone could view, this would include media.  At a cost of nearly thirteen hundred dollars, the Nuwaupians or their then administration could have hired and attorney to have the sealed transcripts re-transcribed, redacted and approved by the United States Attorneys Office , but this was never done and to this day Nuwaupians are still putting up a smokescreen of Conspiracy Theories.


Here's the proof, now ask the Nuwaupians, why do they say the transcripts were hidden or blocked by the United States Government when if they simply did some research, they would see that it was granted that they could be unsealed, but you have to have them redacted.




Now as far as the court being closed, let's look at the actual facts.  On December 30, 2003 the Honorable C. Ashley Royal gave a decision not to have the trial of this case closed despite the Governments motion to have a closed Trial.

Court Transcript December 30, 2003 pg. 2 LL 13-19 “I will also tell you that I’m not going to have a closed trial. I have made arrangements to have a closed circuit television set up, and any spectators will be able to watch the trial of this case on the third floor by watching the monitor set up for closed circuit television, and I think that satisfies any public trial requirements under the Sixth Amendment or the First Amendment.”
-The Judge C. Ashley Royal

During the course of the trial of this case, there were 40-50 spectators viewing the trial on close circuit television with the witnesses, inclusive of alleged victims or witnesses who would be under the protection of the Title 18, United States Code, Section 3509(d). The names and faces of victims and all witnesses in the trial of this case were witnessed by the 40-50 spectators or members of the public.


So who's really trying to block people from seeing and hearing what went on during the trial?