Malachi York

Ask the Nuwaupians, did you know York would purposely incriminate other Nuwaupians by having them perform sex acts first, so if he were to get caught, he would drag them down along with him?

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Question:  Ask the Nuwaupians, did you know York would purposely incriminate other Nuwaupians by having them perform sex acts first, so if he were to get caught, he would drag them down along with him?

Answer: They have no clue.

Any photos or images of the victims is not to disrespect, vilify  or degrade them in any way. It's intended to show the faces of those individuals who had the courage to come forth and tell what they knew and experienced first hand, despite knowing that they would be hated, ridiculed, labeled traders, and threatened.  Having pictures of these victims helps to bring a reality to the minds of the reader, showing that these are real people and suffered at the hands and will of Malachi York. 

York's trial was public despite the Nuwaupians implying that it was closed to the public. Over 50 public spectators witnessed York's trial and everything that transpired. All of the testimony was heard and all of the witnesses were seen. The public was able to see and hear various testimonies where victims of York all give a similar corroborating statements regarding the sexual behavior of Malachi York.


The following are (Trail Notes) taken in the Public Gallery. It was open to all and there were up to  30-50 people watching the trial in real time taking down notes so as to find error, contradictions and or conflicting testimonies buy the witnesses and victims. These notes were taken down by current and former Nuwaupians and the time. 


Malachi York was very successful in his child molesting rampage for many years because he made certain to get his close and loyal followers to take part in sexual activities with children first, and once they're implicated, then he could come and finish the job with full confidence that no one would speak out.


Salaam Laroche:


Salaam Laroche:  "...It was in one of the mobile home houses up top of the hill.  And I was walking by, and he called me over and asked me did I want a girlfriend but I thought he was going to hook me up with one of the girls my age.  Then he told me to come to his studio.  And  Khadiyjah was there and that's when he told me to take off my clothes, and she performed oral sex, and he was right next to me, and TOUCHED ME and he said, DON'T WORRY ABOUT IT, IT'S NOT GAY. But I was nervous and I didn't know what you do.  And then she performed oral sex on me. He sat next to me and he was touching me and he told me to touch HIS PENIS, so I did it..."

Salaam Laroche:  "...Well, Khadiyjah didn't do anything.  She was just sitting there watching.  And Husna performed oral sex on me.  And York, he came behind her and he had anal sex with her.  And then he told me to go behind her, and she was performing oral on him and that was it..."

Q. Did you see Mr. York engage in any sex acts with Issa? 

Salaam Laroche: "...There was this incident in York's house where he had me and Issa there, and Khadiyjah was performing oral sex on me and Issa was performing oral sex on York, and York actually had anal sex with Issa, and I was standing right there, he tried it with me, but he never went all the way in..."


Habiybah Washington:



Q. Ms. Washington, at what age or should I say did Mr. York at some time begin a sexual relationship with you?

Habiybah Washington: I was 13.

Q. And when you were 13 and Mr. York began to do sex acts to you, where were you living?

Habiybah Washington: In New York.

Q. And at age 13, did Mr. York approach you directly about engaging in sex acts with him, or did someone else speak with you?

Habiybah Washington: No. Someone else.

Q. Who was that?

Habiybah Washington: A woman named Rodeya.

Q. What did she say to you?

Habiybah Washington: She confronted me about wanting to learn how to have sex. She told me I would be groomed in sexual activities. She told me that it was for the purpose of learning how to please my husband. She showed me a picture of his penis, and she asked me did I know who this belonged to, and I said no. then she told me who it was, and she asked me would I mind learning with him.

Q. How did you react to that?

Habiybah Washington: I don't think I really reacted at all. She asked me if I was willing to learn, and I said yes.  I was in his house with Rodeya, and he was coming up the steps from his studio, and Rodeya told me to go behind the curtain, and he came in the room, and she sat him down on the chair, and started giving him oral sex and he saw me through the curtain, so he pulled me out, and Rodeya was showing me what she was doing to him, and she wanted me to do it and he was like I shouldn't just be the guinea pig like I feel like I'm just the guinea pig; so Rodeya started to unbutton my dress, and she took it off and then he just started fondling me.

Q. How old were you?

Habiybah Washington: I was 13

Q. And when Mr. York referred to guinea pig who was he referring to?

Habiybah Washington: He was the only one sitting there, showing himself.

Q. Was there anyone in the room except Mr. York, Rodeya, and you?

Habiybah Washington: No.

Q. What type of sex acts did Mr. York do to you while you still lived in Brooklyn?

Habiybah Washington: It was just oral sex and anal.

Q. Would some of these sex acts occur with you girls in groups?

Habiybah Washington: Yes it did.

Q. Can you explain to the jury how you girls would be together alone with Mr. York in these group settings?

Habiybah Washington: We would come up to do different chores as in clean the house or maybe do something in the office something like that and if an adult was there they either left or when he first had his house in upstate there was no adult that would be there so it wasn't anybody that was there every single day. So if we came up to do something, it would only just be us there.

Q. And when you say us, you're referring to who?

Habiybah Washington: The girls.

Q. Where would these group sexual activities take place?

Habiybah Washington: At his house.

Q. In a particular room, or were there more rooms involved than just the bedroom?

Habiybah Washington: The bedroom, the bathroom, the movie theater, the office.

Q. Ms. Washington, did there come a time when you began to recruit other children for Mr. York's sexual activities?

Habiybah Washington: Yes.

Q. How did you do this? 

Habiybah Washington: It was kind of frequent with us girls our age he would comment about different little girls like Amala. Me and him would talk about it, and then I would call Amala up.

Q. How old were you when you began to perform this role for him?

Habiybah Washington: 15 or 16

Q. Now you testified about having conversations with Mr. York about certain children. What exactly did he tell you?

Habiybah Washington: depends on the child. It was different reasons for different children. Amala was quiet. I don't really know what the interest was, but Amala was basically a child that stayed to herself.

Q. How old was she when Mr. York began expressing an interest in her?

Habiybah Washington: She was 8 years old.


Khalid Eddington: 

Q. You stated that the defendant had oral sex and anal sex with you starting when you were 13 on to 16?

Khalid Eddington: Yes.

Q. Yesterday you referred several times to a blow job, would you explain the use of that term?

Khalid Eddington: It's a term meaning oral sex, when somebody's sucking the person's penis. 

Q. Also you mentioned during your cross examination a Jacuzzi room incident with Alexis and Mr.York.

Khalid Eddington: Yes. 

Q. Please tell the members of the jury about that incident.

Khalid Eddington: We came in the Jacuzzi room, next thing you know he's all of a sudden having anal sex with Alexis, and then he has anal sex with me, then it's me and Alexis with him on top.  So it was like a threesome. 

Q. Who's "he" ?

Khalid Eddington: Mr. York.

Q. How old was Alexis?

Khalid Eddington: Alexis was around my age.

Q. Did it happen only that one time?  Did it happen more that once?

Khalid Eddington: It happened more than once.

Q. And when you moved from upstate New York from Brooklyn, do you remember how old you were?

Khalid Eddington: I was around 10 or 11.


Salha Eddington:

Q. How old were you the first time something sexual happened?

Salha Eddington:  10 or 11, around that time.

Q.Tell us what you remember the first time anything like that happened.

Salha Eddington: I remember playing in the park once and Kathy called me down to help clean the kitchen, so we was cleaning and York had walked by.  He went in the living room and Kathy told me to go in, so we went in, it was me and Beluwra.

Q. To go where?

Salha Eddington: The living room where he was.

Q. And what was Kathy's last name?

Salha Eddington: Johnson. I remember him taking my hand and trying to get me to touch his penis.

Q. What did you do?

Salha Eddington:  I kinda held back because I was shocked because it was like, he's Imaam and I didn't expect it.

Q. So when he took your hand and placed it on his penis, where was Kathy Johnson?

Salha Eddington: She was in the kitchen.

Q. And all of you were in the living room?

Salha Eddington: Yes.

Q. Where was Krystal?

Salha Eddington: She was standing near him.

Q. And Krystal is also known as Beluwra?

Salha Eddington: Yes.


David Noel:

Q. Do you remember the first time it happened?

David Noel: Yes, we was in the trailer and the lights were off, and it was a porno cartoon on, and I was sitting on the bed and York was there and Najlaa was there.  My pants were off and she was playing with me, with my genital and York had his pants off.

Q. What exactly did Najlaa do to you while the cartoon was playing?

David Noel: First she started massaging my genitals then she gave me oral sex.

Q. How old were you again?

David Noel: 7 years old.

Q. Did this happen on your birthday?

David Noel: Yes sir. 


Ginger Chang:


Q. Do you recall how old you were when your sexual relationship with Mr. York began?

Chang: Maybe 23.

Q. And on the first occasion when you had sexual relations with Mr . York, did someone bring you to him?

Chang: Yes.

Q. Who was that?

Chang: Habiybah.

Q. Was Habiybah an adult at that time?

Chang: No. Because she was still considered one of the girls, one of the Banaats.

Q. What, if anything did Habiybah say to you when she took you to York the first time you had sex with him?

Chang: Well, she said...she took me to Doc's trailer, that Doc wanted to see me, so we went together.

Q. And would you explain to the jury what happened after you got to the trailer?

Chang: We were all in there. We were talking for a little while, and then there was a door, so Habiybah was in one room and me and Doc was in the other. And it happened, and that was it.

Q. After your first sexual encounter with Mr. York, were there other times when you had sexual relations with him?

Chang: Yes.

Q. And how would you know that Mr. York wanted to have sex with you? Is there something that he would do or something he would say to initiate sexual relations with you on a particular day?

Chang: Well, he would always start out with a conversation first, and then during the night time, you know, alot of people were around and kind of try to stick around as long as they can to see who was going to be the one that stays in the house: And sometimes it would be me; sometimes it would be others. It all depends on who was, you know, and sometimes I think he does request who he wants there.


These testimonies demonstrates that York would have his victims do his bidding, then he would engage, fully aware of how to manipulate people to do what he ordered, simultaneously having them commit a sex crime where York could always threaten them with,  


"you did it too and if you tell on me, I'll say you brought me into it"