Malachi York

Ask the Nuwaupians, why does your teacher have a cartoon illustration in his likeness with children in his lap?

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Question: Ask the Nuwaupians, why does your teacher have a cartoon illustration in his likeness with children in his lap?

Answer: They won't see this as strange.

When you take the time to research and study the behavior of Pedophiles and child molesters, you'll notice they get aroused when a child or under aged teen sits in their lap.

Pedophiles are attracted to kids, somewhere along the way their thinking regarding love, sex, and kids becomes completely muddled.  They feel that only children will give them unconditional love, and in their psychologically unbalanced minds, they equate love with sex even when the object of their affection is a child.  They do not view their behavior as wrong.  They believe that adult men have the right to have sex with kids if there is mutual consent. They feel that they are far in advance of the viewpoints of society on this issue.  Many pedophiles see it from the NAMBLA (North American Man Boy Love Association) viewpoint.  Not all pedophiles are NAMBLA members. 

     A high percentage of pedophiles had bad experiences during their childhoods.  Some were sexually abused themselves.  Many were lacking a good male role model.  Some were actually beaten and abused by their fathers or had fathers who withheld love from them.  This made them feel unworthy, insecure, lonely and without love.  These men reached adulthood with very little, if any, self-esteem.  Their thinking became warped and their psyches became deeply wounded.  An important part of the pedophile never grew up but remained a hurt child.

     Many Pedophiles do Child-like Things:  They still color in coloring books, play in the sandbox with their little trucks, and decorate their rooms with toys and items that reflect the age of the child they are fixated with.  They say things like "I see the world through the eyes of a child," or "Growing old is mandatory; growing up is optional."  They read children's books, see kid-oriented movies, and play children's games.  They think of themselves as kids and are much more comfortable around kids than around other adults.

     Pedophiles Find Ways to be Around Children as Often as Possible:  They get jobs as teachers, camp counselors, school bus drivers, daycare workers, or even enter the priesthood.  They volunteer as Boy Scout leaders, church or secular youth workers, or with organizations such as Trucker Buddy International.  Of course most of the people in these professions and volunteer positions are not pedophiles, and are indeed honest, moral and upright people, but most pedophiles will seek out these type of occupations and volunteer positions.  They look for opportunities to be around kids as much as possible.


Some will even marry or become roommates with women who have children, or they become friends with single moms to have access to their kids.  They seek out those kids whose fathers are no longer in their lives.  The moms usually see these men as an answer to their prayers, for here at last is a man who is willing to spend time with their children and be that role model they've been looking for.  Kids crave attention, affection and kindness, and here is someone who is willing to give these things to their child.  Little do they know that this man they trust, who comes across as being friendly, helpful and trustworthy, is a pedophile and is quite knowledgeable about the methods of grooming kids for seduction.

     A pedophile will spend a lot of time getting the child ready for seduction.  Sometimes he will take months or even a year or two "grooming" the child and preparing him.  He uses this time to build up the child's trust in him and to get the child to see him as his best friend.  He slowly seduces the child by doing such things as playing with him and being in close contact with him.  He will tickle the child and give him "tummy farts."  He will watch movies with the child and sit very close to him, often putting his arm around the child or even having the child sit on his lap.  The child, of course, feels that this man really cares about him and that he can talk to him about anything.  If there is a father figure or other male role model missing from the child's life, then of course the pedophile knows that this child is just the victim he is looking for.  He, however, does not view the child as a victim, but a person he can share love, fun and pleasure with.  The thing to remember is that the pedophile does not think like a normal adult.  Indeed, he has serious psychological imbalances and views his actions in the same way as an adult male who is attempting seduction of an adult female.  And the pedophile does not usually stop with just one child; he often has several that he is grooming at once.  Sometimes he is grooming some while actually in the sexual relationship stage with others.

 A pedophile will take the child he is grooming many places, such as to movies, roller skating rinks, amusement parks, the zoo, and fairs and festivals.  He spends a lot of time with the child and invests as much money as possible.  He buys the child toys and even gives him clothes and trinkets.  He spends as much time alone with the child as he can.  What child would not have warm feelings toward a man who acts like he truly cares about him, pays him a lot of attention, and spends an enormous amount of time and money on him?  Most pedophiles are likable people and they groom the kids to like them.  How Pedophiles Operate


The above describes Malachi York in vivid detail, make the comparisons and you'll see that comes to what the witnesses described in testimony. 



 A pedophile will take the child he is grooming many places, such as to movies, roller skating rinks, amusement parks, the zoo, sit on Santa's lap, fairs and festivals.



Court Transcript December 30, 2003 pg. 2 LL 13-19:

“I will also tell you that I’m not going to have a closed trial. I have made arrangements to have a closed circuit television set up, and any spectators will be able to watch the trial of this case on the third floor by watching the monitor set up for closed circuit television, and I think that satisfies any public trial requirements under the Sixth Amendment or the First Amendment.”

-The Judge

During the course of the trial of this case, there were 40-50 spectators viewing the trial on closed circuit television with the witnesses who would be under the protection of the Title 18, United States Code, Section 3509(d). The names and faces of victims and all witnesses in the trial of this case were witnessed by the 40-50 spectators or members of the public.

The following are the trial notes.


Q. During the time that you lived in Eatonton, did you make trips to Disney World?

Habiybah Washington: Yes. Five trips.

Q. Did he take the girls that he did sex acts with to Disney World?

Habiybah Washington: Yes on two occasions.


He buys the child toys and even gives him clothes and trinkets.


Q. Did you ever see any of the girls with rings?

Salaam Laroche: Yes.

Q. Which girls were wearing the rings?

Salaam Laroche: Safa'a, Rodeya, Amanda.

Q, What kind of rings?

Salaam Laroche: Gold and diamond rings, I don't know if they were fake diamonds, but they were gold and diamond rings.


He will watch movies with the child and sit very close to him, often putting his arm around the child or even having the child sit on his lap. 


David Noel: "...We was in the trailer and the lights were off, and it was a porno cartoon on, and I was sitting on the bed and York was there and Najlaa was there.  My pants were off and she was playing with my genital and York had his pants off..."

Q. How old was Beluwra at that time?

Habiybah Washington: About 4 or 5 years old.

Q. Did you ever see Mr. York put Beluwra on his lap?

Habiybah Washington: Yes, Beluwra would sit on his lap, sometimes she would go on his lap by herself.

Q. Did he make any comments to you about Krystal on his lap?

Habiybah Washington: He said Krystal would move around on his lap.

Q. How old was Krystal when Mr. York told you about what she did on his lap?

Habiybah Washington: 4 or 5.

Q. Do you know Issa Johnson?

Habiybah Washington:Yes.

Q. Did you ever see Issa siting in Mr. York's lap?

Habiybah Washington: Yes.

Q. Did Mr. York say anything about Issa when he was in his lap?

Habiybah Washington: He said Issa was kinda sweet, he said Issa showed signs of being gay.  I'm guessing when he started having an interest in Issa, he said Issa would do what Krystal would do,  He would sit on his lap and move around.

These are the classic behavior patterns of a child molester and Malachi York gave off all the signs.


York's painting depicting him with children in his lap, frighteningly similar to what the victims and witnesses said at trial.