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Ask the Nuwaupians: Did your teacher Dr. York say to follow him or not to follow him?

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Question: Ask the Nuwaupians: Did your teacher Dr. York say to follow him or not to follow him?

Answer: Doc needs leaders not followers.

He wasn't sure on either one, which is why he contradicts himself in the following.

Dr. York (NETER: A'aferti Atum-RE) says  

I am your savior. Come and follow me. The hour glass is almost empty! The time of reaping is near! We are the 144,000! I am your Warner and to every people the Neteru has sent a Warner.

So I call all my brothers and sisters, come sip with me. I plead to the people to reconsider their acceptance, come follow me, for the covenant is complete in me. You have asked and he has given you me. You have sought and you have found me. You have knocked and I have opened the door for you. Don't shut the door and close yourself off from your only means of salvation. Now that I have been sent to redeem you, don't reject me, the way you rejected those sent before me. Come home you lost souls, come and follow me for I know the way.

-The Degree of Christ-ism pg. 816



York contradicts himself 360 degrees when he said...

"I told people, I don't have no followers, oh y'all are followers of this guy Dr. York, I don't have no followers, I don't want nobody walking behind me, you walk alongside of me in this world, don't tell nobody I follow him, you don't follow me, I follow you "

 Learn To Care: audio presentation

York apparently forgot what he previously wrote regarding he being "Your Savior" and instructing you to "Come follow me".  It's inconsistent statements like these that has people wondering, how can you still follow someone who contradicts themselves multiple times, year after year?