Malachi York

Ask The Nuwaupians, did you know it was revealed in Federal court that your teacher was at Wal-Mart buying Diamond rings for under aged girls...WHY?

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Question: Ask The Nuwaupians, did you know it was revealed in Federal court that your teacher was at Wal-Mart buying Diamond rings for under aged girls...WHY?

Answer: I have never heard about this, they didn't tell us that.

The Nuwaupian administration maintains a silence on the facts of the York case.  Those who were in court are fully aware of these details which leaves some serious questions as to why York was constantly in public in the company of young adolescent girls. You decide.


Court Transcript December 30, 2003 pg. 2 LL 13-19:

 “I will also tell you that I’m not going to have a closed trial. I have made arrangements to have a closed circuit television set up, and any spectators will be able to watch the trial of this case on the third floor by watching the monitor set up for closed circuit television, and I think that satisfies any public trial requirements under the Sixth Amendment or the First Amendment.”

-The Judge


During the course of the trial of this case, there were 40-50 spectators viewing the trial on closed circuit television with the witnesses, inclusive of alleged victims or witnesses who would be under the protection of the Title 18, United States Code, Section 3509(d). The names and faces of victims and all witnesses in the trial of this case were witnessed by the 40-50 spectators or members of the public. The following are the trial notes. 


Q. How are you employed?

Walmart Employee: I am retired, but I did work at Walmart.

Q. Where? 

Walmart Employee: Milledgville, Georgia

Q. How long were you employed there?

Walmart Employee: About 9 years.

Q. When did you start?

Walmart Employee: I started in 1989 and quit around 2000.

Q. Which department?

Walmart Employee: I worked in several departments, but over all I worked in the jewelry department.

Q. What years in the jewelry department?

Walmart Employee: from 1994 to 2000

Q. And you were the manager of the jewelry department?

Walmart Employee: Yes

Q. While working there did you ever come in contact with the defendant Malachi York?

Walmart Employee: Yes I did.

Q. Please tell the court about it.

Walmart Employee: On 2 occasions he came in an purchased some jewelry, and each time he had with him young girls between 12, 13 and 14 years of age.  Both times he brought quite a bit of jewelry, because the first time is was around a 1,000 dollars and the next time it was close to a 1,000 dollars.

Q. Do you remember the type of jewelry?

Walmart Employee: One was like a cluster and one was like a waterfall.

Q. What do you mean a cluster and waterfall?

Walmart Employee: Small stones, they're all a cluster of stones, but small.


Q. Were they Sapphires and Rubies?

Walmart Employee: No, they were Diamonds, and they ranged from $300.00 to $399.00, that was the average of our jewelry at the time. 

Q. Was he with anyone the first time he came in?

Walmart Employee: Yes, a young girl, she was probably 12 to 14, somewhere in that age range.

Q. Did she say anything? 

Walmart Employee: Well they spoke among themselves very quietly, agreeing silently.

Q. Did she do anything?

Walmart Employee: No.

Q. The second occasion was anyone with him?

Walmart Employee: Yes sir, another girl about the same age and they did the same thing, very quiet.  And I  would look for him because he was a good customer, he always paid in cash and it was a good sale, but he only came in twice that I remember, and I remember the first time.

Q. Why do you remember the first time?

Walmart Employee: Because at the time we had logs the we had to sign, anything that you sold over $99.00, you had to sign it off in the log, and the reason I know it was him was because he signed his name as Malachi York.

Q. Do you know if the store still has those logs? 

Walmart Employee: When I was there in 2000 they were suppose to have been eliminated, but I kept them to keep my workers honest, this keeping of logs kept up with all jewelry sold. If they're still there now, I don't know.

Q. Okay, but they were supposed to be done away with right?

Walmart Employee: Yes.

Q. You just testified about the age or ages of the girls you say was with the defendant?  You're speculating on those ages right?

Walmart Employee: Well I don't have any children of my own, but with my little nieces and nephews and they way they developed, yes I'm estimating because they were in fact young girls.

Q. Did you follow the defendant and this young lady around the store or anything like that?

Walmart Employee: No sir, we stay within our counter.

Q. So he could have had a group of people in the store with him?

Walmart Employee: He could have.

Q. And you can't tell one way or the other as to who was with him?

Walmart Employee: When I was waiting on him, it was just he and the little young girl.

Q. Right, I'm saying when he came to the store?

Walmart Employee: No, I don't know.

Q. On both occasions?

Walmart Employee: Yes.


This testimony by the Walmart employee corroborates the testimonies of  Salaam Laroche 

Q. Did you ever see these girls wearing rings?

Salaam Laroche: Yes, my cousin Safa'a, Rodeya and Amanda.

Q. What kind of rings?

Salaam Laroche: It was gold rings, I think Diamonds but I don't know if they were real but they was Diamond gold rings.


It's more than a coincident for a Walmart employee to have a similar story of a victim who reported seeing other female victims with similar rings.  The defense team for York went on to cross examine Salaam Laroche and this was brought out,


Q. You stated that you saw several girls with rings is that right?

Salaam Laroche: Yes.

Q. But is it not true that a lot of people had rings? Didn't men have rings as well, like Masonic rings and things like that?

Salaam Laroche: Yes, the brothers had Masonic rings and some with Ankhs, but they didn't have Diamond rings.

Q. Right, but they got rings which is what I'm saying?

Salaam Laroche: NO. the brothers had to buy their rings, the Banaats (young girls) that had rings, it was different than everyone.


Based on the testimonies from the witness and the victims, has your buying special rings for certain young girls, and according to child sexual abuse experts, 


"He [a pedophile] spends a lot of time with the child and invests as much money as possible.  He buys the child toys and even gives him clothes and trinkets"

One Government witness, from the International Society on the Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect stated that, part of the grooming process is to buy the child or teen gifts,

 "They usually shower these kids with attention, affection and kindness, sometimes buying them gifts. So you want to begin this process of lowering the inhibitions then get them to comply and go along with the sexual activity,  because to force them into sex against their will, when they are outside of the perpetrator's presents, they will immediately tell someone".


This is information the Nuwaupians never wanted you to know, because when using, as they say, 

 "Sound Right Reasoning", Right Knowledge would place York in a Walmart making purchases for his victims as a means to either buy their silence, or as a reward for allowing York to perform sex acts on them and they on him.