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Ask The Nuwaupians, according to Dr. York the Prophet Muhammad was a pedophile, did Dr.York's pedophilia come as a result of a genetic link to Muhammad by way of the Mahdi family?

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Question: Ask The Nuwaupians, according to Dr. York the Prophet Muhammad was a pedophile, so did Dr. York's pedophilia come as a result of a genetic link to Muhammad by way of the Mahdi family?

Answer: They'll probably call you a black Devil or the "N" word for asking this.

Nuwaupians may not be aware that York wrote this about the Prophet Muhammad.  York becomes almost angered in his claims that Muhammad was a pedophile. York says in his book, The Religion Islam - Unmasked on page 132,


"Ques: Ask The Muhammadans/Sunni Orthodox Muslims, Was Muhammad A Pedophile? 

Ans: They can't say nothing"


Then he (Mr. York) cites a hadith that mentions the age of Aisha Bint Abu Bakr, 


 "...the prophet married her when she was 6 years old and he consummated his marriage when she was 9 years old and she remained with him for 9 years  (i.e. till his death)."

 -The Religion Islam - Unmasked pg. 132


York continues by writing, 


"Now Mr. Naseef, You said the prophet is a unique and unparalleled example for all humans, but we have a problem here. Umm, let me clear my throat, would you allow a 50 year old man, to marry your daughter at the tender age of 6? Then he has a sexual relationship with her at the age of 9 or 11? Let's say someone other than your Prophet Muhammad? Something is really frightening and sick with a person who will do this and allow this to be done, are people who follow these examples as if it is O.K.?..."

-The Religion Islam - Unmasked pg. 132


then he says,

so Muhammad had sex with a little girl, whom her father, Abu Barker had given away. No where in the Qur'aan does it legalize older men taking young, innocent little girls to have sex with them? So did he sin, remember Allah repeatedly told him to seek forgiveness for his sins? So obviously he had MANY SKELETON BONES IN HIS CLOSET AS WELL  ... and her father was SICK, Abu Barkr for giving her TO THAT PERVERT.  How young was she, 6? some say 9 to 11 years old; Now that is sick! You are not even sure. Let me see you marry your six year daughter to a 50 year old.

-The Religion Islam-Unmasked on pg. 133-134 


This is a strange twist for York because one of his sexually molested victims, Habiybah Washington told the jury this in court,


Q. Ms. Washington, at what age did Mr. York begin a sexual relationship with you?

Habiybah Washington: I was 13.

Q. When you were 13 and Mr. York began to do sex acts on you and where were you living then?

Habiybah Washington: I was living in New York.

Q. Do you recall how old Mr. York would have been when you were 13?

Habiybah Washington: He's 30 years older than me, so I think he was 43. 

-Habiybah Washington's testimony January 12, 2004 


Please keep in mind that York got Habiybah pregnant when she was in sixteen and a half, giving birth to a son in August 1993,  a sexual relationship beginning when she was  a 13 year old girl which makes him an overt hypocritical pedophile.  It was also brought out in court that York started a sexual relationship with another child at the time, Amala Noel, when she was just 9 years old. 

Q. So when did you first have anal sex with the defendant?

Amala Noel: When I was 9.

Q. But you said yesterday it was when you were 8?

Amala Noel: I said 8 is when he started touching me.

Q. So you didn't have anal intercourse with him when you were 8?

Amala Noel: It happened when I moved to Georgia and I moved to Georgia when I was 9 in 1993.

Q. Alright, but it was anal sex regularly?

Amala Noel: Yes.

-Amala Noel's testimony January 7, 2004 


This can't be a coincidence.  York quotes the Qur'an implying that it's a scripture that promises a pedophile paradise for those Muslim men who desires under aged girls, 


"..LITTLE GIRLS (Qur'aan 52:20; 56:36) and I quote, and made them virgin-pure (and UNDEFILED)" who just reached puberty and paradise and I quote: and the FLESH of fowls, any that they may desire and LUSTROUS EYES..."

-The Religion Islam-Unmasked on pg. 163


York's position is here is clear, the man he claims as one of his ancestors, the prophet Muhammad, to him was  "that pervert" and based on what he wrote in the book,  Man from Planet Rizq, if a defect is in your generations, it will manifest in you, be it a drunk, killer or in the case of Mr. York, a child predator,  it's just the consequences of being in Muhammad's bloodline, that's if Malachi York truly was of that bloodline.


The Definition of a Pedophile:

Pedophilia: Defined as a psychiatric disorder in persons who are 16 years of age or older typically characterized by a primary or exclusive sexual interest in prepubescent children (generally age 13 years or younger, though onset of puberty varies). The prepubescent child must be at least five years younger than the adolescent before the attraction can be diagnosed as pedophilia.


If it's in York's genetics from Muhammad, then the Federal incarceration of 135 years has effectively punched him in the genes.  Remember, according to York he is a DIRECT DESCENDANT of the Prophet Muhammad, and York makes it a point to say this in the Man from Planet Rizq, introduction,


"Did you know in your DNA (Deoxyribonucleic Acid, Your blueprint of your genetic make-up) You have tiny explosions that go off at different stages in your life? Just like you do as a child, your DNA explodes letting you automatically know milk and food. How does a child know to lean towards a breast when they are being held in a certain way? How does a child know to reject synthetic milk over breast milk? How does a child learn to cry? How does a child know that crying gets attention and what he or she wants? How does a child know how to smile? I will tell you how. All of these things come to you at a young age. Children learn these things naturally. It is all 'PRE-ENCODED' in your genes".


York continues on pg. 2,


"Good and Evil are controlled by The Most High EL. (Psalm 82:6) you are what you are. If you are a drug addict, and cleaned yourself up, then that is in your genes as well".


On page 6 he asks,


"Is The Nature of The Child inherited from The Parents Also?

Ans: Yes. You get 33 1/3 from the Mother and 33 1/3 from the Father and then there is 33 1/3 that is you?"


he follows that by stating and showing that an...


"illustration of the probability (30 chances) of you inheriting certain traits from your forefathers...You have to go back 4 Generations to the 30 people before this child was conceived".


Pg. 8 makes the critical point,


"In their family like their Mother, Father, Grand Father or Great Grand Father was a BUTCHER. This is now in their DNA'S and explains one of the reasons why they like to kill and sometimes eat other human beings. So the urge to kill or cut was already in the genetics of the individual ".


This is what leads to the question, did the pedophile gene from Muhammad, make it's way through to York's blood?  In looking over what York wrote about Muhammad, his alleged ancestor being a Pedophile and his (York's) teachings that we are a subtotal of our generations, using that logic and "sound right reasoning",  he would have to possess that pedophile gene in him too, based on logic and York's Science of Nuwaubu.

 It's ironic that this book, The Religion Islam~Unmasked, which was a sequel to the 360 Questions to Ask Orthodox Sunni Muslims, would address the pedophile issue with such passion, and within 5 years, he (York) would be arrested on child sex charges, becoming a laughing stock to Sunni and other Muslims for attacking the very same prophet Muhammad who he (York) diligently labeled a pedophile.

For years York boasted that his blood goes back to The Prophet Muhammad, and if that's true, then Muhammad was a Pedophile, and He may have passed that pedophile gene on to York, that's if he's truly related to the Prophet Muhammad.

If he's not from Muhammad's bloodline, then this is a closed case, and York is just a typical American pedophile safely removed from the public so no more children can be harmed, however if he is related to Muhammad then by using York's own Sound Right Reasoning, better known as logic, means the pedophile gene from Muhammad was then passed on to the Sudanese Mahdi family, later into Malachi York by way of his father's DNA who he claims was Al Haddi Abdur Rahman Al Mahdi.



Since 1973 York has claimed to be of the Mahdi family of Sudan, yet no one of that family has publicly corroborated the claim.  Above is York spending time with the former Sudanese Prime Minister: Sadiq Al Mahdi



Please note that the images of As Sayyid Abdur Rahman Muhammad Ahmad Al Mahdi and Al Haddi Abdur Rahman Al Mahdi was altered to give the impression that York was of the Mahdi family, 



        Below is an original image of  Al Haddi Abdur Rahman Al Mahdi. 



 So for York to make the declaration that the prophet Muhammad was a pedophile and the he is a direct descendant by way of his father from the Mahdi family, did the pedophile gene get passed onto Malachi York, causing him to molest children of his communities in Brooklyn and Monticello, New York, then on to Eatonton and Athens, Georgia?