Malachi York

Ask the Nuwaupians, as an exhibitionist, did you know Malachi York would order a 17 year old girl watch her 8 year old sister give him oral sex?

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Question: Ask the Nuwaupians, as an exhibitionist, did you know Malachi York would order a 17 year old girl watch her  8 year old sister give him oral sex?

Answer: Nuwaupians will have no possible answer about this.


York may have harmed many children in his congregation, both physically and psychologically, but in the case of Amala Noel and Nichole Lopez, he could not and did not destroy the love and family bond that they still maintain to this day.


Any of these photos or images of the victims are not intended nor designed to disrespect, vilify, or degrade them in any way.  It's to show the faces of those individuals who had the courage to come forth and tell the truth of what they knew and experienced first hand.  Despite knowing that they would be hated, ridiculed, labeled as traders and threatened.  Having pictures of these victims helps to bring a reality to the hearts and minds of the reader that these are real people that suffered at the hands and will of Malachi York.

The following is what was told at trial by the older sister of Amala Noel, Ms. Nichole Lopez, it's one of the most disgusting and disturbing revelations to come out in the testimonies. 


Court Transcript December 30, 2003 pg. 2 LL 13-19:

 “I will also tell you that I’m not going to have a closed trial. I have made arrangements to have a closed circuit television set up, and any spectators will be able to watch the trial of this case on the third floor by watching the monitor set up for closed circuit television, and I think that satisfies any public trial requirements under the Sixth Amendment or the First Amendment.” 

-The Judge.

During the course of the trial of this case, there were 40-50 spectators viewing the trial on closed circuit television with the witnesses, inclusive of alleged victims or witnesses who would be under the protection of the Title 18, United States Code, Section 3509(d). The names and faces of victims and all witnesses in the trial of this case were witnessed by the 40-50 spectators or members of the public. The following are the trial notes. 


Q. Did you ever visit Mr. York's house in Nubia/Upstate New York?

Nichole Lopez: Yes.

Q. Yesterday you said that more started happening after you moved upstate, what was that?

Nichole Lopez: It was more direct contact instead of a sister as a mediator. He would take us out or invite us to his house to watch a movie or so.

Q. Did anything happen in upstate New York?

Nichole Lopez: Yes, it progressed to more things like oral and anal sex.  I remember one incident where it was late, me and Habiybah Washington went to his house, he invited us saying we could come and watch a movie. So it was me, her and him on the bed, lights off and at some point he started to hit me, playfully, so I hit him back, then at another time, when I playfully hit him, his hand was moving to his genital area, so I could touch him while he was touching me.

Q. And how old were you Ms. Lopez?

Nichole Lopez: I was 15

Q. Did he have his cloths on?

Nichole Lopez: It was in the dark, so I really couldn't tell at the beginning, but towards the end, he didn't.

Q. What were you wearing?

Nichole Lopez: I had a little dress on, but at some point it was raised up.

Q. When was the first time oral sex happened with you and the defendant?

Nichole Lopez: It was in upstate New York, it was something that lead to it.  Sometimes he would play fight with us and sometimes run into a room, and we would chase after him, so he would push us to bend down.  It was more like a game that lead to anal sex within the house.

Q. What do you mean he would push you to bend down?

Nichole Lopez: Meaning to kneel down, if he was standing he would push us where we're kneeling in front of him and we'd either have oral or anal sex, but at that time, it wasn't vaginal.

Q.  You keep saying us, were there other people in the room when this would take place?

Nichole Lopez: Yes, sometime in the beginning it was one on one, then after a while it would be different people, or sometimes he'd have all the kids come over, all of us could watch a movie and some would stay over because he built a movie theater in his house, and sometimes someone sitting next to him, they'ed start performing oral sex, and he would have other's take turns, so in the beginning it was more oral sex.

Q. So who else did you see performing oral sex on the defendant?

Nichole Lopez: It wasn't all the girls, it was basically the same ones, Habiybah, Chandra, Safiya, Latifa, they was the main ones.  Sakina Parham and her sister was on the land and she got involved, I've seen her a couple of times doing stuff, and there was another girl named Adiba.

Q. You mentioned Chandra Lampkin, how old was she at the time?

Nichole Lopez: Chandra's a couple months younger than me, so we're all around the same age, I turned 16 upstate.

Q. And you saw Sakina Parham engaging in sexual activity upstate?

Nichole Lopez: Yes, and I think she was 14 when she came up.

Q. You mentioned earlier about anal sex, when did this start?

Nichole Lopez:  It was in Sullivan County, upstate New York, one thing lead to another. He built an office connected to his house, and it became routine where he would go throughout the house and turn off all the lights and who ever walked with him, he would do stuff, or it might have been in the hallway, because he had a hallway that had a lot of video's, and in the hallway he would do stuff or in his room or in different parts of the house.

Q. What kind of videos?

Nichole Lopez: It was regular videos, cartoons to regular movies, there were some videos in the bottom shelf in red casings and they didn't have labels, he told us they were porno, so basically 90% of the videos were regular. 

Q. And the anal intercourse?

Nichole Lopez: I just remember it progressing to that point, sometimes it would be anal, or sometimes he would start to try vaginal, it would stop because it was a big thing for us, we were suppose to be virgins when we were married, so it took a while for me to progress to that level, but I don't remember the exact incident that the anal sex started.

Q. Did you ever refuse to engage in the sexual acts with him?

Nichole Lopez: Not initially, there was a point however some years after where the vaginal sex started, I didn't feel comfortable because that was around the time he started telling me that he was my dad and I really felt awkward because I wasn't his blood child. At one point I had a conversation with him, and I told him that I didn't feel comfortable with this sex stuff and that I just wanted a father daughter type relationship with him, and  he said fine, we can do that.   I was the only one that worked in the art department, but  when something trivial happened, I was sent to the sewing room which was further away, and usually when he'd take people out who worked in the office or the girls out, he started saying he was moving to Georgia, and even though we got along, we didn't see eye to eye with certain things, I knew it was because of that.

Q. Because of what?

Nichole Lopez: Because I didn't want to have sex anymore and he started calling me a square or chicken. 

Q. So what happened after he said fine we can do that?

Nichole Lopez: It lasted maybe two weeks, and then he started making little comments like, he'll touch me and then say,

"...oh, no...I can't do that, I forgot, you're my daughter..."

comments like that.  Once when he was going out at night he took Sakina Parham and I asked him if I could come and he said, sure, and it was me, Sakina and him and he had a conversation in the car with us, and he started saying how I wouldn't really be anything to him because I thought I was too good or that I thought my stuff was gold and that Sakina, she would be something because she would do anything he say, and basically explaining to us,

"...if there is somebody who has money or a lot of knowledge and they're willing to take you under their wings, you're basically supposed to do whatever they tell you to do for them to pass that knowledge on to you, and you should be privileged..."

and that I wasn't.

Q. How old was Amala when she moved in with the defendant?

Nichole Lopez: It may have been when she was 7 or 8.

Q. Did he ever indicate a sexual interest in Amala to you?

Nichole Lopez: Not at first, at one point he said Amala (Amanda) had the ability to just come upstairs without asking questions, because sometimes you have to ask to go in his house or ask for permission; and she was given the clearance to just come up anytime she wanted.  He told me to take her sometimes with me to work and he would have a conversation with me saying, "why am I holding her back from him; are you afraid that I might do something to her ?" and that he would't have sex with her because he's too big and he will probably... 

"..break her... "

and at that time I said I wasn't even thinking about that. But he said for me to take her sometimes, not every time, so then I stopped bringing her to work with me and I just let her go, and a few months after that, he started telling me that he was doing stuff with her.

Q. Doing what with Amala?

Nichole Lopez: He would tell me that, he would have her perform oral sex or sometimes he told me how she looked at him, turned him on more than his older wives and that he liked her.

Q. How old was Amala, your sister at that time?

Nichole Lopez: I'm not sure, she was either between 7, 8, or 9.

Q. Did you know Krystal Harding?

Nichole Lopez: Yes, she also goes by "Beluwra", she was a girl who come in when she was 4 years old with her Mother Nichole Harden and her sister Asiyah.  Amala was 8 when Beluwra she started hanging out with Amala, York didn't want them together because Beluwra, he said, was kind of a wild girl, that she would do crazy things.

Q. Did Mr. York ever indicate anything of a sexual nature with regards to Beluwra?

Nichole Lopez: Not at first, he told me that he didn't want them together because he said 

"...Beluwra was possessed..."

and if they both hang together, that possession will go into Amala and everyone would look at my sister weird, but after a while, he started  bringing them both around and it got to a point where he would send me or send messages with Habiybah Washington for me to get them and bring them to the trailer, and he told me that he had them giving him oral sex.  

Q. How often would he have you bring them to his trailer?

Nichole Lopez: It depended at the time, it might have been once a week or a couple of times during the week.

Q. Why would you bring them over there?

Nichole Lopez: I mean he said he was bringing them over to do stuff with him and at the time, he just told me they was having oral sex, he didn't say anything else or he was like, I'm grooming them.

Q. Did you ever tell your Mother about it or what was going on?

 Nichole Lopez: No.

Q. Did you ever at any point say to Mr. York that it was wrong to have oral sex with your little sister and her friend?

Nichole Lopez: No.

Q. Why not Nichole?

Nichole Lopez: I mean, I didn't think about it, it was just something he always talked about, so when he finally said he was doing it, it didn't cross my mind as something that was wrong, it was just something that you know occurred, so I didn't look at it in any other way.

Q. Did you ever actually see him touching Amala and Beluwra or anything with them?

Nichole Lopez: Upstate, I think it was one time where he had an Indian office in the house and he had Amala and me stay there the night with him and she was touching on him and she gave him oral sex, and that was it.

Q. How old was were you at the time

Nichole Lopez: I was about 16 or 17.

Q. And how old was Amala?

Nichole Lopez: She was about 7 or 8, because she's nine years younger than me.


This is an example of the the mental conditioning and psychology York had over the younger members of his cult.  For an older sister to allow this man to sexually abuse her younger sister and she not report it at that time, shows that he had them under a truly hypnotic spell.  Keep in mind that these were children that were manipulated by a man who studied and used psychology.  He used many of the children for his personal pleasure, having a willful disregard for their emotion, psychological and physical health. York was able to get away with having so many children in his company because he was successful in selling the deception to the parents that the children in his cult were to be the 144,000 spoken of in the bible's book of Revelations. 

Revelation 14:1

"...Then I looked, and there before me was the Lamb, standing on Mount Zion, and with him 144,000 who had his name and his Father’s name written on their foreheads".

Using that religious rhetoric, it became a tactic York used to have anal, oral and later vaginal sex with children of his choosing.  Prior to relocating to Eatonton, Georgia, York came up with another child sex gimmick, and that was to groom young teachers who would go out and teach his doctrine around the world, a group of children he would call, The Young Disciples, making it not so unusual to see children in his presents, even if it's leaving his house his at night.