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Ask the Nuwaupians, did you know your teacher used psychological tactics on his young victims as well as their parents to do his will ?

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Question: Ask the Nuwaupians, did you know your teacher used psychological tactics on his young victims as well as their parents to do his will ?

Answer: No, Things like what?

York was well versed in mental games, psychology and the workings of the mind.  He even authored a book called, The Mind, knowing how the mind works, or the mentality of people, York knew exactly how to effect people with high and low self esteem.  He manipulated numerous young boys, girls and adult women to be his sex toys, and in each case, there was mental mind manipulation used.


This type of mind control is seen and used by many notorious pedophiles and child molesters. Pedophiles want a child or teen who is easy to "groom" or "court". The easiest targets are kids who need attention, who need love, who needs to feel wanted, who feel they do not get that at home. York knowing this, separated children from their parents, keeping children in peer groups, these children hardly saw their parents except on certain days and and for a short time, York took full advantage of this and took on the role of Father, provider, and sex abuser, rewarding some who complied, with cloths, a gold ring and trips, and others he who wouldn't he alienate them, making them out to be disloyal snobs unworthy for his attention.  An example of this is in Habiybah Washington's and several other victim's testimonies. But first, I have to make this point, 


Court Transcript December 30, 2003 pg. 2 LL 13-19:

 “I will also tell you that I’m not going to have a closed trial. I have made arrangements to have a closed circuit television set up, and any spectators will be able to watch the trial of this case on the third floor by watching the monitor set up for closed circuit television, and I think that satisfies any public trial requirements under the Sixth Amendment or the First Amendment.”  

-the Judge


During the course of the trial of this case, there were 40-50 spectators viewing the trial on closed circuit television with the witnesses, inclusive of alleged victims or witnesses who would be under the protection of the Title 18, United States Code, Section 3509(d). The names and faces of victims and all witnesses in the trial of this case were witnessed by the 40-50 spectators or members of the public. The following are trial notes.


Below is Habiybah Washington, who has moved on with her life, and we support her. 

Q. As a child growing up in Mr. York's community, did you see your parents often?

Habiybah Washington: We had scheduled days to see our parents, which was Friday, that's when I saw my parents, every Friday or my mom on Friday.

Q. How long would you see her on Friday?

Habiybah Washington: About an hour.

Q. Other than that hour on Fridays, would you be able to see her during the week?

Habiybah Washington: No.

Habiybah's Mother stayed busy in the Community doing chores and her Father, just as the other Ansaar men, had to "peddle" daily, with a normal quota of $100.00 per day.  The men were out most of the day selling York paraphernalia, oils, inscents or teaching people in the streets.


Habiybah Washington's Father Nathaniel and her son Fathered by York, Enlil.


York segregated children from their parents with limited visits. When a family moved in or was born in the Nubian Islamic Hebrew Mission or Tama-Re: Egipt of the West, York was able to gain access to their children and pre-teens and wives because York kept the families separate and convinced the adults that he was their savior and that their salvation was in the children who would have to be groomed and raised right in order to be the 144,000 of the bible by him, so the parents literally gave their children to York and he used the children for his sexual pleasure. 

A reader commented on Facebook that...

"...I never heard of that either, however I know hes taken people mates and to be quite honest if your mate leave you or sleep with him......she was never yours..."

What they person failed to realize, was that York kept the brothers poor, working non stop, away from the community for the majority of the day, meanwhile York having photo's of children and wives, would see an image of a child or anyone he wanted, and he would summon them to do what ever he wanted.  This was a totally unfair tactic by the man who made millions off the tax free money those men would bring in from being out daily, and with a quota of $100.00 or more per day, that brought in a sizable income. 

Nichole Lopez was separated from her parents also, which was community protocol nationwide. She says...

Nichole Lopez: When I moved into the community in Brooklyn I cried a lot for my Grandmother.

Q. Could you visit your Grandmother after you moved inside?

Nichole Lopez: No. 

Q. Did you continue living with your Mother after you moved into the community?

Nichole Lopez: No, I lived in the girls house, everyone was separated, the women and children, the children were separated into groups, they had one building specifically for the babies and toddlers, pre-toddlers and the junior room.  Then you had the little girls called, "salaat girls" and the little boys house, 1 or 2 room workers for each set of kids. 

Q. Would their Mothers live with them?

Nichole Lopez: No, at one time we had what was called, "tiffu time" (childrens time) and that would be on Friday, usually after Jumaa for a couple of hours.


A former wife of York, Ruby Garnett stated the following on the separation of families,

"The brothers lived in separate quarters, the sisters lived in separate quarters and the children lived in separate quarters supervised by people who weren't their parents. Parents had visiting hours: 2 hrs in the am and 2 hrs in the pm." 

-Ruby Garnett is a former co-wife of York and author of, 


These living conditions instituted by York paved the way for him to have full access to the children and women, while the men were out selling and studying book, leaving no quality time for their children and wives, York would fulfill that role as you will soon see.  Part of the testimony from Nichole Lopez was on January 8th, 2004.


Q. Now Ms. Lopez earlier you mentioned that the sex progressed to vaginal, can you explain that to the jury?

Nichole Lopez:  I was sort of one of the last girls in my group that progressed to that level, I got fired from the art department and placed in the sewing room, which separated me from the other girls, which basically meant that I was in trouble.  

Q. Did you ever get paid for any of the work you did?

Nichole Lopez: No.

Q. Ok, continue.

Nichole Lopez:  I was 17 at the time, this was right before we moved to Georgia, he said, everybody's finished and for me to stay behind because he has a bone to pick with me, I was nervous, and after all the girls left, he turned off all the lights and this was in his Arabian office, which is in his house, it had a couch that rolled out into a bed, and he told me it's nothing to be afraid of, because there were a couple of times in the past where he tried to have vaginal sex, and I told him that Adiba and Latifa was having problems with their husbands because  they weren't virgins. So he told me to sit down and he went ahead and did it.  He said, 

"it's going to hurt initially, but after awhile you're going to like it and it won't hurt anymore..."

Q. What do you mean by he went ahead and did it?

Nichole Lopez: By that I mean, he sat me down and because I was squirmish and I had a lot of anxieties about doing it vaginally, he was sort of holding me down until he was able to put it in and the sex began.

Q. When you say he put it in, what did he put where?

Nichole Lopez: He put his penis into my vagina. 

Q. You mentioned in an earlier statement that he said you wouldn't come when he moved to Georgia, what did you mean?

Nichole Lopez: He said he was going to move and started looking at different properties to move and usually whoever was around him or in the circle, we knew we would be going too. He  used to tell us how he wanted to raise us so we're able to take care of him and he could get rid of his other wives and just have us taking care of him, so he was grooming us.  Some might work in the office or do books and he could depend on us to do things for him, so when I got fired and sort of pushed away, it was after the conversation where I said I didn't want to have sex anymore, I just wanted that Father daughter relationship. After a couple of months of being pushed aside, I was trying to come around and he would have conversations saying, he'll take different people with him, he would make little comments like that to make me feel bad about it.  After I did the vaginal sex with him, maybe a few weeks later Habiybah Washington came to me and informed me that I would be going with him to Georgia.

Q. Thank you Ms. Lopez.  Now you testified earlier that he said the men he would put you with wouldn't mind, what did you mean?

Nichole Lopez: At one point when we were Muslims, he was saying he intended to groom us to marry like different ambassadors.  After a while, there was the "Young Disciples", which was a group of young guys who were supposedly groomed to be teachers, they would teach classes, if he needed something, they would get it done, men 18-25.  During that time, he started pairing people together, he hooked up his daughter Hagar with one of the top Disciples at the time who was Y'hosha, the Father of her 2 kids.

Q. And you mentioned Banaat, what does "Banaat" mean?

Nichole Lopez:  When we were Muslims, the young girls were called "Mu'minaat" which he says were the faithful or the pure ones and the boys he called, Mu'minun, but when we got out of Islam, he just called us, Banaats which means girls.  There was a group of us who made a little song for a cassette tape called, Thought Nubian "Al Banaats", it was me, Habiybah Washington, Sakina Parham, Chandra Lampkin, Tahiyah Thomas, the girls that lived on the land upstate at that time, eventually all the girls were called Banaats.

Q. Eventually you moved with Mr. York to Eatonton, Georgia correct?

Nichole Lopez: Yes.

Q. How old were you again?

Nichole Lopez: 17, it was in January where I would turn 18, this was around 1992/1993, 17 going on 18. It was about 8 of us, including him that came down the first trip.

Q. Mr. York accompanied you and the other girls on the trip across state-lines to Eatonton, Georgia?

Nichole Lopez: Yes.

Q. Anyone else?

Nichole Lopez: Yes, there was Hagar, his daughter. 

There was one of his wives who was also a Banat, then there was, Jin hee Bea, she was a Korean lady who was like one of his wives that was with us, a girl named Kheturah, she was about 16, she was sort of his wife, but not raised with us, she came with the Young Disciples, after she became involved with Doc and eventually had 2 children with him.

Q. How did you all get down here?

Nichole Lopez:  2 cars, he took one car with 4 people, and the other 4 people were in another van with his son Ishmael.

Q. When you got to Georgia, did the sexual activity with the defendant continue?

Nichole Lopez: Yes, it was pretty much the same, but more frequently, vaginal, anal, oral.

Q. When he had vaginal sex with you, did he ejaculate?

Nichole Lopez: No, he wouldn't ejaculate. 

Q. You indicated that there were other people, who else would be there when these sexual activities took place in Georgia?

Nichole Lopez: Different people, sometimes Habiybah Washington, Chandra Lampkin and there was a lady who had a husband, but a couple of times in the beginning, she would be there.  There was an incident where she performed oral sex on him and it was a bunch of people in the room. Sometimes the lights were off, so even though people are there, you don't always know who's doing what unless you're walking around or feeling around the room.

Q. The different people you remember doing this, were there younger ones?

Nichole Lopez: The only younger ones that I knew of were my sister Amala and Beluwra.

Q. Let's talk about that, what did you see go on with her and the defendant?

Nichole Lopez: Doc always talked about one day having both me and my sister in a room at the same time, once when he had a trailer, this being after his house was already built, he would sometimes hang out and he had both of us there, and at different times we was performing oral sex or he had her performing oral and had me fondling him, then switched it up.


The family bond that York could NOT break.

Let's pause here for a moment to make a point.  The comments by Ms. Lopez shows just how deep the mental influence York must have had on these young ladies, so much so that these acts included sisters.  This type of mind control or brain washing was successful for a variety of reasons, one key ingredient is to live within the cults headquarters, thereby separating the families,  the cult leader has free reign and full access to the children.  

Please keep in mind that these photos are used to bring  a reality to you the reader that these are real people that were all victims, and they are not posted to insult, belittle, vilify or to disparage anyone.


Q. How old were each of you then?

Nichole Lopez: I was like 17  so she must have been 7, I was 17 going on 18, this was after the house was built.

Q. Do you remember any other time you and your sister performed sex acts with the defendant?

Nichole Lopez: There may have been 1 or 2 other incidences I saw her performing, but not where both of us were interacting on each other.

Q. Did you ever notice a change in Amala's behavior?

Nichole Lopez: At one point she and Beluwra were the main kids or girls going over his house all the time, when more kids started coming to live on the land, she was sort of pushed aside. 

There was a girl named Sakina Woodsshe may have been 9 or 10, she was a year or two younger than my sister, she was with a group of girls that age, Sakina Woods, is Chandra Lampkin's younger sister, there was also a girl named Mariyah and she was two years older than Amala, so at one point Doc told me that he's going to take them to Disney World.  Amala, being reclusive, and loner who didn't talk much, Doc told me to tell her that ,

 "she needs to come out of herself..." or  "...start talking and coming around..."

  I would tell him that when I talked to her, she told me that when she came around, the other girls would tell her to go home and try to bully her out! and he would say, 

 "...tell her not to allow them to do that...because she was the first one around and she was better than them..."

 And he said,

 "if you doesn't start coming back around when we go to Disney World, I'm not going to take her "

 So I told her to start coming around more. 

 Q. Okay,  you mentioned Krystal"Beluwra" Harding, did you witness the defendant engaging in sexual activity with her?

Nichole Lopez: I can't remember anything with her.

Q. What about Sakina Woods?

Nichole Lopez: No, and that's because at one point he kept the groups of kids separated, so it was more like I would see the people in my group have sex. As I got older I saw a couple of girls in Athens at his house, Safa'a and a girl, last name Laroche.

Q. Did you see the defendant having sex with this girl Safa'a in Athens, Georgia?

 Nichole Lopez: I saw her giving him oral sex.

Q. And how old would Safa'a have been at the time?

Nichole Lopez: 14-15, this was about a year before I left, so she was in her teens.

Q. What about Salha?


Nichole Lopez: Yes I did, I've seen her fondle and gave him oral sex, I wasn't there that many times with some of the girls, but some of the times there were boys, but with the girls, mostly it was oral sex, that's what I saw.

Q. When you were in Georgia, did the defendant give you and other girls gifts?

Nichole Lopez: yes, on my 19th birthday, he took me shopping and spent a lot of money. We was wearing Cowboy cloths at the time, so I got Cowboy cloths, a leather jacket and boots, things like that, or jewelry.  He would get all his wives or Bannats in his circle rings, I guess he couldn't give me a ring because I was supposedly one of his daughters, so he got some rings but told me that he was going to to Gerald Richards who at the time matched with me, but he let me pick out the ring and I had to give it to him to give to me, so when Gerald would give me the ring, I would still act surprised. 

Q. What kind of ring?

Nichole Lopez: It was gold, diamond cluster.

Q. Where did you go to get the rings?

 Nichole Lopez: I've been with him some of the times when he would go to Wal-Mart or other stores to buy rings.  Sometimes he would buy them like for groups, meaning, he would be like, I'm giving this ring to this person and this ring to that person like that.

Q. What type of rings did he by at Wal-Mart?

Nichole Lopez: Well everybody had rings, they're gold rings with diamonds

The statements above are 
consistent with what the Wal-Mart jewelry department manager's testimony who reported that Malachi York would come in with young females and buy lots of jewelry, she says,


Q. And you were the manager of the jewelry department?

Walmart Employee: Yes

Q. While working there did you ever come in contact with the defendant Malachi York?

Walmart Employee: Yes I did.

Q. Please tell the court about it.

Walmart Employee: On 2 occasions he came in an purchased some jewelry, and each time he had with him young girls between 12, 13 and 14 years of age.  Both times he brought quite a bit of jewelry, because the first time is was around a 1,000 dollars and the next time it was close to a 1,000 dollars.

Q. Do you remember the type of jewelry?

Walmart Employee: One was like a cluster and one was like a waterfall.

Q. What do you mean a cluster and waterfall?

Walmart Employee: Small stones, they're all a cluster of stones, but small.

Q. Were they Sapphires and Rubies?

Walmart Employee: No, they were Diamonds, and they ranged from $300.00 to $399.00, that was the average of our jewelry at the time.

w Her statements and Nichole Lopez's testimony is corroborated by a young male victim of York named, Salaam Laroche.  He stated,

Q. Did you ever see these girls wearing rings?

Salaam Laroche: Yes, my cousin Safa'a, Rodeya and Amanda.

Q. What kind of rings?

Salaam Laroche: It was gold rings, I think Diamonds but I don't know if they were real but they was Diamond gold rings.


It's more than a coincident for a Walmart employee to have a similar story of a victim who reported seeing other female victims with similar rings.  The defense team for York went on to cross examine Salaam Laroche and this was brought out,


Q. You stated that you saw several girls with rings is that right?

Salaam Laroche: Yes.

Q. But is it not true that a lot of people had rings? Didn't men have rings as well, like Masonic rings and things like that?

Salaam Laroche: Yes, the brothers had Masonic rings and some with Ankhs, but they didn't have Diamond rings.

Q. Right, but they got rings which is what I'm saying?

Salaam Laroche: NO. the brothers had to buy their rings, the Banaats that had rings, it was different than everyone.

Please remember this because it's important.  The testimonies are corroborated by each witness, NO witness could listen or watch the testimony of other witnesses on the stand.  All witnesses in court trials are sequestered from each others testimony.  This is done so that each witness gives a more accurate account and can't repeat what other witnesses say just because they heard them say it.

It wasn't until AFTER testifying that witnesses could watch the trial.  Only after they were excused from the witnesses stand could they be allowed to watch the trial not before. This is why even though people who testified for York, still don't know much about the entire case, they didn't see anything else other than when they testified themselves. People who say, 

"I was a witness who testified"

as some sort of leverage against others is ridiculous and silly. All they know is their own testimony, and because the testimonials presented here corroborates the others, is proof positive that they were telling the truth.


The statements giving are a demonstration of the mind trickery that York perpetrated on these people, breaking their will and having them to do anything he wished, no matter how repulsive.  This is a dangerous tactic used by York, it can and has devastated some of the victims to where they are still reliving the horrors and trauma that York caused them.  

It's never easy having to confront your abuser in the presents of witnesses, camera's and your family, but these witnesses and victims had the courage to make a stand and tell the truth of their experiences with York and we owe a dept of gratitude all of them, because now children can sleep a little better knowing that there's one less pedophile in society to fear, one that will never touch, hard or use mind games on them or their parents.  



   The following website can help in the prevention of York type characters who prey on children.



Profile of a Pedophile Unmasked! 

Want the profile of a pedophile? We all do. As a group, pedophiles have similar characteristics, but there are no rules about how they live into those.

Pedophiles are adults who are sexually attracted to kids. Unfortunately, they are also pretty good at keeping that secret.

Those whose secret got out are often tried in a court of law, but not always convicted. Whether they are technically guilty or not, I never discount the danger every pedophile poses to my child.

Research shows that 1 in 3 girls and 1 in 6 boys will have sexual contact with an adult. It is not unlikely that your child is also in the sights of a predator.

Can You Spot A Pedophile?

Maybe. The profile of a pedophile is hard to detect. They are CEOs. They are homeless beggars. They are friends, neighbors, teachers, priests, aunts, uncles, mothers, fathers… your average Joes and Janes.

Below, I give you some tips on how to recognize one. But remember, these are only tips. Recognizing a pedophile can be difficult and sometimes impossible.

Dr. Anna Salter has an excellent suggestion. She is a therapist who specializes in and interviews sex offenders.

Of all people, she's probably the most qualified to give you the profile of a pedophile.

In her book “Predators”, she recommends that instead of trying to identify a predator, try to make your child a challenging target. Pedophiles do not want a challenge. They want a vulnerable child.

The Invulnerable Child

A child's trust is the predators biggest key to secrecy. They are someone the child confides in as well as someone you would not suspect.

That is what makes the profile of a pedophile so hard to identify.

Pedophiles want a child who is easy to “groom” or “court”. The easiest targets are kids who need attention, who need love, who need to feel wanted, who feel they do not get that at home.

But when you take interest in your child’s life, you become a deterrent.

When parents are watching, pedophiles are on their best behavior. Your mere presence is a turn-off to them. While you are there, your child won’t be getting the extra attention or affection.

Why? Simple really. Your kid doesn't need it. The predator’s power is gone.

Predators need more than your child’s trust (a good cover-up). They also need the opportunity (a time and place) to molest.

As Dr. Salter said, “No opportunity, no abuse.”

Show up to the extra curricular activities. Be there at ballet or soccer practice. Help supervise the slumber parties and school dances.

Not every parent has time for that. But if you give your child the attention he or she needs, chances are the predator will turn elsewhere.

You virtually make your child invulnerable to pedophiles.

A Pedophile Mind

Seeks For Trust & Opportunity

pedophile mind, profile of a pedophile

Tips To Catch A Pedophile

These predators are excellent actors. To catch one in his or her “act”, you have to know what you’re looking for.

These tips (below) illustrate what the profile of a pedophile is. Arm yourself with these questions. The answers alone may not mean anything. But if they start to add up, you may have signs of a pedophile in your midst.

By the way, I say HE in my examples, but there are a lot of SHE's out there that are just as guilty.

Tip #1: Watch His Behavior

  • Is he interested more in kids than adults?
  • Does he offer to baby-sit or take the kids to give you a break?
  • Does he work closely with kids?
  • Is he especially affectionate toward kids?
      • Does he have activities with kids when parents are not invited or involved?


As a pedophile, he is drawn to children. He places himself in a position with easy access and trust - like working at schools, churches or scouts - so he can choose his targets.

Then the pedophile “courts” his latest victim– buying her gifts, taking her on excursions, anything that makes her feel special – to gain friendship and trust. It works pretty well.

Pedophiles are also good listeners. Once he learns his victim’s strengths and weaknesses, he can toy with her emotions - building self-esteem while he plays on her biggest loves or fears.

To listen to and manipulate a child are elements of the profile of a pedophile.


Tip #2: Watch His Relationships

  • Is he single, not interested in dating people his age or dating at all?
  • Is he more interested in his girlfriend or her kids?
  • Is he married but more affectionate with kids than his spouse?
      • Is he married to someone with no sexual expectations?


A key distinction in the profile of a pedophiles is his sexual interest in kids... but this may not be his only sexual interest. He may even be married.

But consider his partner.

If she is a pushover or a powerhouse, she may not have any need for intimacy. Marriage is an excellent disguise.

And if he really is sexually interested in his wife... marriage tends to produce more victims – more kids.

But who needs a spouse for a disguise? He can get easy access to his girlfriend’s kids, especially if they live together!

If he finds a particularly needy partner, he can threaten to leave her if she won’t help him molest or get his next victim. After a while, she also becomes addicted to abusing. She becomes a genuine predator herself. Many female child molesters emerge this way.


Tip #3: Watch His Circle of Friends

  • Does he identify better with kids than people his age?
  • Does he have lots of friends who are kids but not many adult friends?
      • Do his friends (who are kids) fall within a particular age group?


All pedophiles are interested in kids, but each has his favorite flavor. He usually has a circle of friends within the age group he prefers.

Here is something to note: The older the victims are, the more the pedophile leans toward a specific gender. The younger the children, the less gender matters.

Notice if he lavishes affection on one gender over the other within his young group of friends. This may be a clue as to his preference.


Tip #4: Watch Your Child

  • Do you notice a sudden change in her typical behavior?
  • Does she have sudden sleep problems or nightmares?
  • Does she draw pictures about sex?
  • Does she do sexual things or act sexual with other kids?
      • Does she suddenly fear people or places she didn’t fear before?


These may be tell-tale signs that your child is currently under attack.

Notice the child’s apparel. Does he or she have torn or stained underwear? Or suddenly wear layers of clothes?

Sometimes you can tell by noticing differences in your child’s body. Difficulty walking or sitting, bruises in the genital area, or stomach pains and problems could be warnings. And of course, sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) or pregnancy are more obvious signs.

These tips outline the general characteristics you find in the profile of a pedophile. Study these. Take note of the people around you and your kids.


Anyone fit the profile?

Is Your Child In Danger?

boy and girl silhouette, child safety

Again, the best way to protect your child is to make them a difficult target. But some predators will still attack any child - in which case you need to be proactive.

If you suspect it, report it. You owe it to your child.

Call your local police station and ask how to report a child predator. You should be able to report them anonymously.

Be prepared with any evidences you may have – names, dates, times, places, victims, anything that may help the investigation. If you notice internet assaults on a child, print the offensive online chat.

Better to investigate an innocent person than to let a real monster roam free.

Remember, 1 in 3 girls and 1 in 6 boys have sexual contact with an adult before the age of 18.

I cannot tell you how many times I hear on the news that the neighbor of an arrested predator suspected something, heard something, noticed something… but shrugged their shoulders and said, “Eh, live and let live.”

No. Report it. Please.

It is not only your moral obligation, but your legal obligation. There are programs in place to protect those who report abuse.

You may save more than your own children.

Need real-life examples of the profile of a pedophile? Click here to read the stories of 10 convicted pedophiles.