Malachi York

Ask The Nuwaupians, why do some of you believe and say that Malachi York is not in prison?

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Question: Ask The Nuwaupians, why do some of you believe and say that Malachi York is not in prison?

Answer: Most Nuwaupians suffer from trauma and Cognitive Dissonance which causes some to have delusions and visions of York.

There's a strange belief that's running through the minds of Nuwaupians, even more bizarre than their belief in York's theology. Apparently some Nuwaupians believe that York is not and was never in prison.  They base that belief on a set of unsupported and cult like rejections of reality.


- Show them a video of York in court and pleading to charges = that's not good enough


- Show court documents of York's sentencing and confinement = that's not good enough


- Show a photo of York in prison = that's not good enough


- Show pictures of York walking out of courthouses in custody = that's not good enough


- Audio of York speaking from prison = that's not good enough



None of the people who believe that York's not in prison can provide any any evidence as to where he is if not in prison, no pictures of him out of prison since 2002, no lectures, no phone calls,  no appearances anywhere.

Those who believe this, do so with no explanation as to where York is currently or where he's been since 2002 and all of the countless events and court hearings, filings, transfers etc that have taken place since 2002 to-date.  Denial of the fact that Dr. York is currently in prisons is an ultimate result of Cognitive Dissonance (psychological form of denial). Despite the pictures, news reports, court filings, court hearings, trial, audio tapes from prison, visitations, letters, phone calls, etc. people STILL want to believe he is not in prison.


So where is York if he's not in prison?

1. Did Anu hide him?

2. Did he return to his planet when times got hard?

3. Did he return to the mythical world of Melchizedek?

4. Was he murdered then an imposter replaced him?

5. Was he a secret government agent using psychological operations on blacks and after his mission was complete there was a fake arrest where he would be given a new identity and now living in Georgia as a member of a motorcycle club?



Believe it or not, but some Nuwaupians are convinced that York is out and riding motorcycles because of a very shorty video that was circulating on Youtube, showing a gentleman who resembled York pumping gas.


 This is similar to sightings reported by Elvis Presley fans, only with York, he's alive and his fans won't except the fact that their "god in flesh" is gone forever.

 "I am your savior. Come and follow me..."

-The Degree of Christ-ism pg. 816 


A few points Nuwaupians should consider:


- York was arrested May 8th 2002, denied federal and state bond


- CNN Airing transcripts


- York was convicted and sent to Federal Prison on 9-2-04 according to the judgment - Returned 11-4-04


- York sent phone messages from prison which are available


- York sent letters to certain Nuwaupians from the Federal Super Max Prison 


- York's own family members and closest followers attest to the fact that he is in prison


 For those cult members of the Nuwaupian religion who are in denial that the man in Federal custody is York, just ask them, where is he then?