Malachi York

Ask The Nuwaupians, why is the website Nuwaubianfacts boldly posting lies?

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Question: Ask The Nuwaupians, why is the website boldly posting lies?

Answer: Nuwaupians are clueless on practically anything regarding the York doctrine,  legal case and trial, so they trust the propaganda site which is rooted in deception.         

The website Nuwaubian Facts is the go to place for misinformation, victim and witness character attacks.  Misinformed Nuwaupians flock to this site because for whatever the reason, they won't investigate the case and trial of York independently.

The individuals who operates the site makes some major errors in what they purport to be the truth of the York case.  One such error, or better yet lie, is pertaining to the name "Dwight" York.  


                                                                     Reason to FREE Dr. Malachi Z. York.


                                                    Reason No. 1  - NO SUCH PERSON AS DWIGHT D. YORK. 

"Who is Dr. Malachi Z. York.  According to his birth certificate issued to him in Boston Massachusetts, it simply state "YORK" without a first name. 

Where did they come up with Dwight D. York and 'till this day he is still incarcerated as Dwight D. York. MISNOMER? 


This is a clear indication that they know practically nothing about Malachi York's history regarding his name as told by him.  They do not present the court documents where Malachi York changed his name legally twice, but you will see it posted here on this site.



The first time York changed his name it was from "Dwight York" to Isa Al Haadi Mahdi, then later to Malachi York.  In fact he even says the use of the name Dwight goes all the way back to childhood, or did Nuwaubian Facts forget the facts about this.


"...The name ‘York’ comes from my mother’s previous marriage in 1941 A.D. to a Portuguese man from Boston, whose name was David York. As I grew older I was nicknamed ‘Dwight’ after my maternal grandmother’s (Leila Williams) father’s name because my mother’s family didn't want to recognize my Arabic name.

-The Ansaar Cult Rebuttal To The Slanderers pg. 56


 "...In my method of teaching, I made us become Christians and I revealed the name Reverend Dwight York..."

-Does Dr. Malachi Z. York Try To Hide The Fact That He Was Imaam Issa?


Why didn't the people at Nuwaubian Facts give you those facts?  They go on in an attempt to build a conspiracy theory by writing,

"...The federal government on May 8, 2002 A.D. executed a search warrant and arrest warrant on 404 Shady Dale Rd., a property that Rev. Dr. Malachi Z. York has not owned for over 5 years.  The arrest warrant and search warrant was for someone by the name of "Dwight D. York".  But did they arrest Dwight D. York?

 In order to prove a person's identity you must first ask for identification.  Before issuing a search warrant the investigators must give probable cause and the person who is to be arrested must be identified to a magistrate judge in order for a search warrant to be issued.  The FBI falsely identified  Rev. Dr. Malachi Z. York on May 8th, 2002 A.D. on the arrest warrant issued at 404 Shady Dale Rd., it clearly stated that the warrant was for "Dwight D. York"


The comments above are important, but not for the reasons Nuwaupians are mislead to believe.  Notice that Nuwaubian Facts does NOT produce nor share a link to see the Arrest Warrant and Search Warrant on their website.  This is important because to make that declaration and not show the documents is a sign of deception.  This is not the first time they use this form of deception, they made claims about York not having an STD by saying

"THE MEDICAL RECORDS DON'T LIE" yet they NEVER posted the Medical Records of York's STD results, WHY?  Because they're not interested in the facts, they're interested in keeping Nuwaupians uninformed and confused about the case and trial of Malachi York.  It's the Nuwaupian cult benefits from the deceptions of Nuwaubian Facts and not those sincerely seeking the facts of the case and trial. 


Nuwaubian Facts confidently asks,


- Is Dwight D. York an American Citizen?

- What is Dwight D. York's birth certificate number and is his first and last name listed on it?

-  Who are Dwight D. York's mother and father?

- Does Dwight D. York a legal resident?

- Does Dwight D. York have a passport?

- Has Dwight D. York ever traveled to other countries?

- Does Dwight D. York have a social security card?

- Has Dwight D. York taken out any loans or mortgages?

- Does Dwight D. York own a car?

- Does Dwight D. York have a bank account?


 Instead of the Grand Standing, why not post those legal documents of York prior to his name change on January 6th 1990 in Kings County NY Court case no. 22867-88  and see what name is signed. York purchased property later called Tama-Re: Egipt of the West from Arne and Sandra Lassen at 404 Shadydale Rd. The purchase agreement and deed was signed by York as "Dwight" York aka Isa Al Haadi Al Mahdi. 

Why not cite that as proof that York never used Dwight York.  Here's his signature on that land deed. It's witnessed by Kathy Johnson and Louise Eddington. Again we ask, why is the website boldly posting lies?