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Ask The Nuwaupians, are you aware that both the Evans twins spoke out and said that York did molest them AFTER the video Hasna appeared in?

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Question: Ask The Nuwaupians, Are You Aware that both the Evans Twins Spoke Out and Affirmed that York did Molest them AFTER the Video Hasna Appeared in?

Answer: Nuwaupians know nothing about this because they've been conditioned to believing anything the cult says. 

Nuwaupians have the tendencies to grab videos off YouTube hoping they'll have a response to the overwhelming facts that are now available regarding the molestation's that Malachi York committed. 

In a video Hansa Evans said,

Hi.  My name is Hasna Evans.  It’s April 17, 2004.  Um, I’m 18 at, right now.  I did this out of my own free will   No they didn’t give me any drugs or anything.  I was named as an alleged victim in the case.  And um, Malachi York is innocent.  He never molested me or anyone that I know of…”


This was at a time when she defended York not because he was innocent but because she and her sister were in fear of York. Shortly after the video, Issa Johnson released a heart felt poem about his sexual molestation's by York called Unapologetic For Victimizing Me, which after reading it both Hasna came forth and said the video claiming that York never molested her was "B*** S***"


Nuwaupians now say "So now liars are trust worthy?". This is a display of the flawed mentality that Nuwaupians have because when these same witnesses were supporting York they were suppose to be trustworthy, but now that they have recanted against York, Nuwaupians say they are not to be trusted.


Nuwaupians and their sympathizers have tried to reply by bringing up the short video taped statements from Hasna but not informing the viewer or reader that the video was done when Hasna was in support of York. The twins, Hasna and Husna are now adults and they can speak for themselves.  Husna and Hasna Evans, have spoken up on their own behalf and explained why they did what they call a fake video statement initially.

Nuwaupians will repeat old pamphlets and handouts York followers published about his case, which are filled with opinions, illogical conclusions and no relevant facts.


Husna Evans: 

"Issa I am not going to compliment on this poem because I agree with everyone else on this post. All I can say is that your strength is so much more powerful than myself, your courageous heart pumps more louder than myself. You have said things that I am still afraid to say and you feel things that I cannot allow myself to feel. The pain runs so deep but it does not consume me. I am so proud of you for not being afraid and just know that we can all relate and we are all better than our experiences. Thanks Issa"


Husna Evans:

"Wow, wow, wow Issa you have caught some people's attention but made some people run away. I heard about all the comments that were on here that is now removed. I wish I could have gotten the opportunity to read them all. There is nothing wrong with putting your opinion on here but do not be afraid if someone has a different point of view than yourself. I believe that the topic of statutory rape and child molestation is something people run away from, it is a subject that people prefer to sweep under the rug. That is a shame because the less people discuss the issue the more ignorant we become and the easier it is for predators to get away.

This is a serious issue that needs to be addressed. Child molestation is a crime that should not be excused and go unpunished. Put yourself in victim's shoes and trust me it is one of the worst things that anyone can go through. When a man takes advantage of a little girl, he messes her up emotionally, psychologically and physically. I just want to tell all the victims of Sexual abuse that it was not their fault, they are not alone and not to let their past define who they are." 


Hasna Evans: 

"WOW reading this was amazing, everyone and their mamma told me about this. I am glad that I did take the time to read it. Being taken advantage of by anyone is never a good thing. I do get frustrated when people try to say 'it made you stronger, you met a lot of great people, had great experiences.' No, FUCK that, my life would have been great still without those horrible experiences. 

I would have avoided nightmares, flashbacks, bad relationships, loosing my childhood and don't get me started with my education and everything else. GOD had nothing to do with this so stop with the 'he put you in this situation for a reason'.

I was in a cult end of story. What bothers me even more are the SICK people who still follow, believe in and communicate with this filthy monster; especially the one's who are fake about their beliefs (one minute guilty next he's innocent). No code words for me excusing rape from Dwight York should never be tolerated, that man got what he deserved. Issa I love you even more for publishing this.

Both sisters after the trial and after Hasnaa did that video they spoke openly about what happened to them and that York did in fact sexually molest them, taking their virginity.  In another FaceBook log regarding Issa Johnson's poem Hasna and Husna go on the say,


Husna Evans:

"Ok Kayti Hotepre, Stop with the lies please. These so called witnesses that you speak of are coming forth because they were coerced by Adrian Patrick and told by Nuwaupians to lie. I remember when York said to lie about it. You know nothing about abuse because if you did you would know that children do not come forth because of fear. Fear that people like you would deny the truth. Well there are no more children and the fear is gone. I know the two witnesses personally and I know for a fact that they are not lying. I also know that you are not doing your research because Issa actually testified on the prosecutions behalf and stated that he was abused. Another point that bugs me a whole lot is when Nuwaupians go around saying that the courts won’t release the transcripts of the case. 

Well duh it is a child molestation case dealing with minors so they could not release those transcripts. Trust me Nuwaupians if you was at the court like I was, you would be disgusted with the information and the evidence that the prosecution provided. I testified and lied for the defense because I was afraid that York would come out of jail and make my life a living hell. I was not aware of the evidence that they had against him, I really thought that he was going to be released, so I lied but thank goodness he was not and will never leave.


Husna Evans:

"...Nobody is denying that they do not exist but they are coerced video tapes. Plus the video tapes and the so called witnesses who denied the allegations don’t matter. York would have been convicted regardless. There was so much evidence against him. They did not need the seven witnesses to say that he was innocent.  After the witnesses testified on his behalf [they] were cross examined they were no longer credible. Nothing they said including me made any sense. The prosecutor proved to the jury that I was lying.

They even asked me whether I had ever been in his house and Adrian Patrick and the Nuwaupians told me to say no but that was a stupid idea because right after I said no the prosecutor pulled a photo of me and some other young ladies in his house. They sure did refresh my memory. Let me say this again the videotaped confessions and all of that is all bullshit none of that matter. If he had 100 witnesses testifying on his behalf he still would have went to jail because they had videos, pictures and medical evidence. We were all cross examined and we all were no longer credible witnesses because it was proven that our testimonies were nothing but lies. The Nuwaupians wanted me to lie about where I lived on the Land, telling me to say that I lived with my parents in a house on top of the hill, knowing that I lived in the Girls house and in Athens with York."


 Husna Evans:

[to Kayti Hotepre] My parents did not know I was lying because I never told them the truth, York told me if I were to tell my parents the truth they would get kicked off of the land. At the time I thought getting kicked off of the land was the worst thing that could happen, but because I was brain washed I did not know any better. My parents did not know what was happening to me so I do not blame them for anything. They joined this cult because they thought that they were doing something good. My parents were not on the land very much because they were sent to the store to make the Masters money.

I would assume that someone who has experienced child molestation would be a little more sensitive to this situation. I don't have to explain myself to you because you should know that there is a lot of manipulation that goes on and I was a child that was manipulated into believing that this man was holy. I am sorry that I did not have your strength to come forward but there are a lot of victims who don't because of people like you. Oh and by the way I was not molested I was raped. You want evidence please, I can give it to you but you don't want me to go there.

You Waups crack me up thinking that dropping names is going to break me, that is not my mother’s name. That is some bullshit name that York gave her. He did so much to control people, keeping families separated, and starving children while he ate stake. Well guess what I was born into this nation so I was fed the Kool aid early on but you know what, you can keep drinking it."


Husna Evans:

"To answer your question about my father yes, he does teach at different places but I don’t see anything wrong with that. York plagiarized all of his information so it was not original and he also made women who lived on the land write for him.  My father is not teaching information based on the Doctrine that York put out. York was a fraud, my father is teaching information that other people put out.

My father was never by York’s side, York only made it seem that way. You only saw pictures of my father and York in parades and in the Public eye. York wanted to make it appear that he was surrounding himself with adults when behind closed doors he had nothing but brainwashed children beside him. The only reason why we moved on the land was because York saw that my parents had young children and he wanted to please himself. When my parents moved on the land they had no idea that they were going to be working in the store, they thought that they would be working on the land. York wanted them as far away from us so he could play his rape and child molestation game without any interference. He even started telling us that our parents did not care about us and we were his children. He told me horrible things about my parents to make me hate them and not come forward with the truth. The only people who were close to York were children. My father never molested any child because if he did he would be locked up with your leader York.

Oh and you claim that you remember myself, Issa and Hanaan but you don’t know us. You don’t know what we have been through. I am sorry that we hurt you with the comments that we made but we are only speaking the truth. We are also hurt by the comments that you all make on your various websites."


Husna Evans:

"I do know and feel like you guys support a child molester and abuser. That is what hurts the most. The fact that you deny everything that he has done to hurt people and ignore some of the simple facts that the courts provided. You say that you watched the trial on video, so I wonder if you recall the medical evidence that was put on display about me. I wonder if you remember all of the horrific details involving internal damage in various places due to forced penetration. Do you remember that? Oh yeah I forgot I had this made believe boyfriend that the prosecutor proved to be a lie.

You say that you were on the land a lot but were you there when I was told that I could not see my father anymore? Were you there when I had bruises on my feet because of shoes that were too small and my mother purchased a pair of shoes that cost $2.50 for me and York accused her of stealing money? Were you there when I was starving because I had nothing to eat for two days while York was dining on takeout?  You know what I know that I am putting my business out there but I don’t care anymore. I have defended this man for so many years and I am tired. I want the truth to be known. I know that he is in jail but until his followers know the truth I will not be quite. I will continue spreading the truth and warning others about York. He built his so called nation on the notion of hurting children and I don’t want his followers to think that it is ok, justify it or make excuses. You want the proof, I am the proof, you want the evidence, I am the evidence. I am a victim of rape and I will not silence myself. I want the Nuwaupian lifestyle of mis-education, no education, child neglect and abuse to end."


Hasna Evans:

I see there is a new book out. Let me see my name in it, Im going to the FBI or anyone else who can help me ASAP!


It's clear from the comments that the twins Husna and Hasna are in deep pain and remorseful for ever defending York, but Nuwaupians never want to talk about the victims who spoke against York AFTER the video, just as they ignore the fact that Habiybah Washington NEVER recanted in court but maintained that here testimonies at trial in January 2004 were true AFTER her own video.

Their father, most know him as "Bun" or Nobel: Anthony Evans made his point clear that his daughters put the Nuwaupians in their place! March 25th, 2014.

 Re Ankh: Anthony how are you? I have a couple of questions.

A. Evans: I`ll do my best

Re Ankh: Will you ever speak out about what doc did to your daughters? I dont mean to sound disrespectful, but I ask in the most humble way I can.

A. Evans: Well my Daughters do a good job of doing it themselves. I really don`t need to because the damage is done to him [York], Plus there's not many people who focus on Dr. York.

Re Ankh: You say they're doing a good job of it, I havent seen anything lately....are they gonna do a book or something?

A. Evans: They used to but they`ve moved on Right now my daughters are focusing on their careers

Re Ankh: oh that's great so Ill leave that alone then, I wish them nothing but the best.

A. Evans: They`re doing fantastic.

Re Ankh: that's good.

A. Evans: Let the truth be told my daughters got them straight and they will not bother them You know they've destroyed whatever they [Nuwaupians] had left. Really no one pays attention to them. Chuck be digging in them LOL 

Re Ankh: Thanks for being so kind and not angry at my question, i seen you teach and you can get loud

A. Evans: LOL me get loud I`m a humble soul these days. I've moved on with my life and them Nuwaubians talk about me very badly. I act like they don`t exist. But I live a peaceful life. Thank You so much and please give Chuck my peace.

It's evident that Bun and his family has moved away from the Nuwaupian cult madness, and we wish them continued peace and success.