Malachi York

Ask The Nuwaupians, Why is Malachi York wearing hazel contact lenses singing?

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Question:Ask The Nuwaupians, why is Malachi York wearing hazel contact lenses singing?

Answer: They may tell you it's glaucoma.



Malachi York used to speak in protest and disappointment for years about "negroes" being under "the spell" of "living in the image of the beast " (white man),  however, when he was giving lectures in Brooklyn, NY on how having blond, "fried hair"  or blue eyed contact lenses was a sign of being brain washed by the white man, York had no problems performing on video with hazel colored contact lenses, eye liner and heavy makeup. This is seen in the the video "Let Me Be the One at Christmas".  York says this regarding "blue eyed contact lenses",

 "He has stripped the Nubian woman of their natural beauty and has them believing that a multi-colored face and processed straight hair is beautiful.  They even have the nerve to wear BLUE CONTACT LENSES in their eyes..." 

-The Holy Tabernacle Ministries Guide to Better Living Purity and Neatness and maintenance of Health pg. 67


York points out out how they even have the nerve to wear "BLUE CONTACT LENSES" in their eyes, but apparently having HAZEL EYES for men is condoned, because that's exactly what he's wearing in the video "Let Me Be the One At Christmas".


York apparently loves wearing colored contact lenses as we see below.




Why does York play these games with his followers, and why the makeup and hazel contact lenses above?