Malachi York

Ask The Nuwaupians, why would Malachi York deliberately put children, women and men into deplorable slum living conditions?

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Question: Ask The Nuwaupians, why would Malachi York deliberately put children, women and men into deplorable slum living conditions?

Answer: Nuwaupians who didn't live in a York community or on the York property in Eatonton, GA. wouldn't be aware of this.  

The following are (trial notes) taken in the Public Gallery. It was open to all with 30-50 people watching the trial in real time, notes were taken by current and former Nuwaupians. 


Malachi York made it his obligation to psychologically torment members of his organization, even to the point that he would have them living as if they were in a third world country, meanwhile he continued to live a lavish lifestyle fit for a King, and this would include sex with minors, and/or with the wives of members.  The following testimony is from Nichole Lopez, on January 8, 2004 where she explains what she and others who lived at 404 Shady dale rd. had to endure.   She was the second witness to testify of the miserable living conditions under York's rule which helped to establish RICO allegations because the Nuwaupian organization had the ability to gain and maintain full access to children for sexual purposes.  York had it set up whereas he would reward or punish persons based on if they gave him sexual favors.

The York case wasn't just about child molestation, York was also charged with RICO counts with overall RICO purposes which was that the Nuwaupian organization was conducted and operated to benefit one individual, and that was Malachi York.  Ms. Lopez's testimony along with others demonstrates the physical conditions of the buildings the followers lived in compared to the lavish living lifestyle York lived while residing at the 404 Shady Dale rd.  The workers who lived on the  "Tama-Re: Egipt of the West" property worked over 40 hours 6 days sometimes 7 days a week and was never paid any monetary compensation.  So the operation of the organization was to benefit York and through the hard labor of the followers, this made life easy for York.

York refused to supply any medical coverage for followers in his organization.  The female members on the Land" (Tama-Re) didn't have access to making money or working off the York property this would include those "in the circle" which were (women and children York would have sex with). He refused to supply or offer, 

- life insurance

- health insurance

- burial insurance

- dental insurance

- Hospital visits  (unless it involved a serious emergency) 

- removed children from school to work on his property, if they expressed interest in attending, they were put out of the organization 


Nichole Lopez January 8, 2004


Q. In building 103 that you stayed in, what were the living conditions like?

Nichole Lopez: The conditions when we first started living there were sort of okay, before we moved down, Doc told us that the previous owners had asked him if he wanted to extend the sewer because there was an old barn that he changed to a house, [the men's house] but Doc NEVER had it extended and as more people arrived, we started having sewer problems, 20-30 or more people living in a two story house.  The tiles fell apart, the carpet had to be pulled up, there was no stove when we moved there, just a small food warmer.

As we stayed longer, it became really bad.  It reached a point that the sewer would just overflow, there wasn't a tub, but there was a shower stall.  After a couple of years, one of the brothers did install a tub, but one room was unlivable because of sewer water was constantly coming up.  It was so bad that you had to climb over and try to jump to the staircase.  Most of the toilets didn't work, which had people using places other than toilets to relieve themselves.

Q. Was this building 103 where the girls lived?

Nichole Lopez: Well at one point some of them did live there, at one point it was mostly kids and adults, or adults with their smallest children and some of the "Banaats".

Q. What was the house called that the girls lived separately?

Nichole Lopez: The girls house.

Q. What were the conditions like in that house?

Nichole Lopez: The trailers that those girls lived in were the same trailers that were moved from Upstate, New York, so they were already in bad condition, run down and messed up!  When I moved with the girls, there was a hole in the floor in the kitchen, the refrigerator didn't work, the food had to be stored in the sun room to keep cold, so a lot of food spoiled,  and we had a mice and roach problem. 

Q. What type of food was there that went bad?

Nichole Lopez: There was beans, rice, sometimes there were potatoes, cream cheese and eggs.  They tried to keep the children eating 3 meals a day and the adults twice a day but there were times when we didn't have food.  There was an incident in 103 where Yvonne Powell had to put an onion in some water, boil it and share with the children, we had to wait till the kids ate to see if there was any extra's because we didn't have any food.


( York's attorney M. Arora objects and speaks with the judge in a side bar conversation)


Nichole Lopez: There were times when we didn't didn't have a washing machine or dryer basic essential like toiletries, sanitary napkins.  Some of the sisters had to use old stockings or towels as an alternative to sanitary napkins.  

Q. If you needed those items, how were you supposed to get them?

Nichole Lopez: There were times when you had to fill out a request form to get needed items, sometimes you would try to ask the people who went to buy food, they would buy food bi-weekly, but we couldn't just go a say, I need a toothbrush, can you get it for me?.  At times the kids didn't even have underwear.

Q. Where did the request forms go?

Nichole Lopez: They went to the office and either Kathy York, Amina or whomever was in charge at the time, they took the request forms to him for approval.  It went through the office and the office when through him.  


I need to pause a moment from what Nichole Lopez is describing, to cite an excerpt from Salaam Laroche's testimony which is relative to this issue,


Q. Yesterday you described one incident where the defendant [Malachi York] had anal sex with you and that you were in pain and that you were bleeding when you went back home correct?

Salaam Laroche: Yes

Q. Now how many boys stayed in the boys house?

Salaam Laroche: Between 15 and 20, something like that.

Q. How many bathrooms?

Salaam Laroche: Only 2 and 2 showers

Q. You only had 2 showers and 2 toilets right?

Salaam Laroche: They had 2 tubs, one large round tub and a regular one.

Q. And were they open?

Salaam Laroche: Yes.

Q. And could you see in?

Salaam Laroche: Yes.

Q. And did any sex acts happen between Husna Evans and you in Athens?

Salaam Laroche: Yes.

Q. Who was present what that happened?

Salaam Laroche: York and Khadiyjah was sitting and watching TV that's when they were watching a porno flick.

Q. Tell the jury what happened during that incident with you, Mr. York,  Husna,  and Khadiyjah in Athens.

Salaam Laroche: Well, Khadiyjah didn't do anything.  She was just sitting there watching.  But Husna performed oral sex on me.  And York, he came behind her and he had anal sex with her.  And then he and them told me to go behind her, and she was performing oral on him. that was it.  But at a different time we was in Athens, just me and York, and he tried to perform anal sex on me again over there, and that's when he told that the Egyptian Gods used to have sex with each other with boys.


-Salaam Laroche: January 9, 2004


I wanted to show that part of Salaam's testimony because it flows with what Nichole was testifying to regarding the living conditions being so bad.  There was a lack of general privacy, where Salaam after having anal sex with York, was bleeding and he had to sit in a tub of water "naked" in full view of other boys.  Athens like Eatonton was a place that he would perform anal, oral and vaginal sex acts on under aged boys and girls, either threesomes or quads.


 Nichole continues her testimony;


Q. You have Government's exhibits 155 and 170 before you, do you recognize these documents?

Nichole Lopez: Yes, they're request forms.

Q. What was the property in Athens, GA. like?

Nichole Lopez: It had two levels, a pool room, it had something like a bunk  on the second floor, it was made to look like an office with computers.  One of the living rooms had printing equipment, larger printing equipment that was brought and installed.  Upstairs had Doc's bedrooms, and there were 2 rooms that were filled with bunk beds where guest would stay.  Kathy York and others had their own rooms, 2 rooms that only Kathy or Habiybah Washington or Shalimar Richardson lived in, while everyone else lived in the bunk beds in other rooms.

Q. Would the defendant be in Athens Georgia as well?

Nichole Lopez: Yes, and he had a room that he stayed in.

Q. Did he live there?

Nichole Lopez: Yes he did.

Q. After he purchased the property in Athens, did he travel back and forth and frequent both Eatonton and Athens?

Nichole Lopez: Yes he did.  Sometimes he would come to Eatonton and stay a weekend or a few days, or sometimes he would do things and go back.

Q. Were there a particular group of people he would travel to Athens with? 

Nichole Lopez: He would take some of the "Banaats" and a few of the other sisters,

Atiyah Thomas, Chandra Lampkin, Khadiyjah Merritt, and Habiybah Washington, Lisa T*****



Q. Between the time you moved into the organization when you were 11 in New York till the time you left in 2000 at age 24, did you ever get an opportunity to see a doctor?

Nichole Lopez: No, there was a time when I had braces and I would see the orthodontist; but when I moved to Eatonton, I couldn't go back and forth.  At that time I was supposed to wear retainers, but I wasn't allowed to go and get them. We didn't go off the land to get physicals or anything like that.

Q. Did you ever get medical treatment or physicals on the land?

Nichole Lopez: No, unless there was an immediate emergency, you didn't go to the doctor. There was an incident where I was hospitalized twice and was in intensive care for about a week.

Q. What happened?

Nichole Lopez: My legs would get a little numb, from my legs and it would progress up and no one knew what or where it was from. It happened off and on for approximately 6 months and at times it would paralyze me where I couldn't move anything from my neck down.  My fingers were numb and I'd have to stay in on bed rest till it improved.  It progressed so much that they had to send me to the emergency room.  After being examined they thought it was a disease that some obese people would get when their veins get clogged but I was too skinny for that to happen, so the results were undetermined.  Nearly a year later it started happening again and I started experiencing a shortness of breath and I couldn't move.  I was rushed again to the emergency room and the doctor said if I came 3 minutes afterwards, I would have died. My heart slowed down and it was hard to breath so they put electric shocks on my fingers and it was determined later that it was a severe potassium deficiency, they said potassium goes from 1-5 and death can take place if it's lower that 2 and mine was at 1.5.  I was in the ICU unit and hooked up to heart monitors for about a week.

Q. Were you instructed by the doctors to eat specific foods to increase your potassium?

Nichole Lopez: Well the doctor gave me a list of foods and asked me what I was eating, and at the time I was told by the office on the land to just tell them that sometimes I forgot to eat.

Q. Did you get the food?

Nichole Lopez: I filled out a request form and got some at first, but gradually I got less. interviewed Nichole Lopez for 2 hours on 9/16/14 and asked about what happened when she got out the hospital and she said,

"...I got some of the food, then later doc was like, just eat some banana's so I wasn't getting all that I needed..."


She pointed out some other disturbing facts of life inside of Tama-Re,

"...we used to sell 'carob' and other foods on the land and we would keep them in a freezer, but we couldn't even eat food that we made when we barely ate, some of the carob would sit too long, we had to throw them away, we would eat the old carob or food that that was practically spoiled...we barley ate full meals while doc would have 'Omaha Steaks', lobster and take the 'good girls', (those he was fucking) to 'Golden Corrall' all you can eat buffet '...some of the girls would fuck him knowing they could get off the land and have a meal..."


I myself visited Tama-Re many times to pick up supplies for my Nuwaupian bookstore would always be asked by the brothers to humbly give them a few dollars for food.  Once in 1998-99, I was speaking with Dalanta Jones AKA"Mentu Hotep" of the "Triad of Atum-Re" and he told me,

"...if you move down here, and you're already skinny, if you moved down here, your cheeks will sink in and you'll look like one of those Ethiopian starving kids..."

    Dalanta "Mentu Hotep" Jones 



Q. When you left in 2000, how did you feel?

Nichole Lopez: I had mixed feelings, I didn't want to leave because it was scary, we were always told that different things happened if you were outside.

Q. Who told you this?

Nichole Lopez: Doc did, he said, the kids born or raised in the community, were protected as long as they stay inside the community, things like rape, murder and drugs we were not exposed to. He would say, once you leave the gates, there's a hexagon that lights up around the planet which alerts Demons to attack you, and that's why people who leave, they're not successful because there's adverse forces  and the only way to become somebody is to stay inside.  I was scared being around people, I was always around the same faces for basically all my life. I was in my 20's and had never filled out and application and never did a resume, so I was scared to go out there.

-Nicole Lopez January 8th, 2004


York with his vast wealth lived as a God at the expense of his followers who lived on the property on 404 Shady Dale rd. Eatonton, Georgia.  What's abundantly clear is, York cared so little of his followers that he would deprive them of basic health necessities for life, education, health insurance, dental and proper nutrition.  York was responsible for these children because they saw very little of their own parents and York's policy was to separate families, (see question #171)


"Ask The Nuwaupians, what do you call an organization which requires Mothers to sleep separately from their children, and Fathers sleep and live separately from their wives?"

that separation from parents left children as young as 4 vulnerable and in York's care.  Many were sexually and mentally abused.  Below is a video link where York amusingly tells a crowd of followers why he deliberately put people in those conditions, and attempts to justify it claiming that it made you a better worker.  No, it placed many in dangers from poor nutrition and a short life expectancy due to preventable health and dental deficiencies.