Malachi York

Ask The Nuwaupians, did Dr. York torture Nuwaupians?

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Question: Ask The Nuwaupians, did Dr. York torture Nuwaupians?

Answer: They won't have a clue on what you're asking.


Nuwaupians who were not Ansaars in Brooklyn, part of the Nubian Islamic Hebrews Mission, Holy Tabernacle Ministries or lived on the York property in Monticello, NY and Eatonton, Georgia, (Tama-Re:Egipt of he West) wouldn't know of how York would purposely put his followers in horrible living conditions.  He says that it was to make you a better "worker"  and that it was "discipline" you needed. That need according to York was to live in filth, sleep on floors and run the risk of being bitten by rats, mice or roaches.  

The irony in this is, these same conditions he placed his followers in, children, women and men, York calls it TORTURE, when it's applied to him.  The idea that he had to endure sleeping on a hard floor, living with rats and roaches, some how constitutes real torture but it was discipline and perfectly fine to have his followers live that way because it gave them the ability to "withstand anything" and handle any "pressure they give you"  leaving you with a strong work ethic.


On an audio recording of York while he was in jail, he claims to have been tortured into giving a guilty plea,

"...I was told they were being treated the same way I'm being treated that means I was sleeping on a concrete floor with real poor bad food, wasn't getting my medication, watching  RATS and ROACHES, bugs and stuff..."

-Dr. Malachi Z. York Speaks from the Isles of Patmos (audio) jailhouse phone interview


If that is what York calls torture, then he inflicted the same torture on Nuwaupian children, women and men, York makes the following hypocritical and contradictory statements,

"...I was saying sleep on the floor, but there's RATS in there, so...what's wrong with rats...they might bite you, then don't get bit...there's always somebody to get bit why it gotta be you...they say it's no heat, so...there's too much subjected ya'll through everything that you could go through, to make you ready to stand who ever comes after us because I don't need the BITCH in men..."

-Malachi York; Monticello, NY 1991


Nuwaupians are faced with a problematic situation when spreading the myth of York being tortured.  Based on what York describes as torture from a jail phone conversation, the same thing is what he inflicted on his followers.


The filthy living conditions was made public in court testimony,


Q. In building 103 that you stayed in, what were the living conditions like?

Nichole Lopez: The conditions when we first started living there were sort of okay, before we moved down, Doc told us that the previous owners had asked him if he wanted to extend the sewer because there was an old barn that he changed to a house, [the men's house] but Doc NEVER had it extended and as more people arrived, we started having sewer problems, 20-30 or more people living in a two story house. The tiles fell apart, the carpet had to be pulled up, there was no stove when we moved there, just a small food warmer.

As we stayed longer, it became really bad.  It reached a point that the sewer would just overflow, there wasn't a tub, but there was a shower stall.  After a couple of years, one of the brothers did install a tub, but one room was unlivable because of sewer water was constantly coming up.  It was so bad that you had to climb over and try to jump to the staircase.  Most of the toilets didn't work, which had people using places other than toilets to relieve themselves.

Q. Was this building 103 where the girls lived?

Nichole Lopez: Well at one point some of them did live there, at one point it was mostly kids and adults, or adults with their smallest children and some of the "Banaats".

Q. What was the house called that the girls lived separately?

Nichole Lopez: The girls house.

Q. What were the conditions like in that house?

Nichole Lopez: The trailers that those girls lived in were the same trailers that were moved from Upstate, New York, so they were already in bad condition, run down and messed up!  When I moved with the girls, there was a hole in the floor in the kitchen, the refrigerator didn't work, the food had to be stored in the sun room to keep cold, so a lot of food spoiled,  and we had a mice and roach problem. 

Q. What type of food was there that went bad?

Nichole Lopez: There was beans, rice, sometimes there were potatoes, cream cheese and eggs.  They tried to keep the children eating 3 meals a day and the adults twice a day but there were times when we didn't have food.  There was an incident in 103 where Yvonne Powell had to put an onion in some water, boil it and share with the children, we had to wait till the kids ate to see if there was any extra's because we didn't have any food.

-Nichole Lopez January 2004


That was day to day life for Nuwaupians living on the York property in Eatonton, GA. , he felt it was nothing bad or unreasonable, but when it happens to him, he laments and calls it torture.  To show how York boasted at how he subjected his followers to certain conditions under the excuse of making them be able to withstand anything etc. and how he does not need the "bitch" in men, THEN to simply turn right around in his OWN personal situation after living UNLIKE his followers, then claims that is torture and that he wants to sue the government and its the reason why he pleaded guilty in Federal and State venues etc. to show all of that is powerful. There is NO comeback for that.