Malachi York

Ask The Nuwaupians, did Malachi York own dogs?

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Question: Ask The Nuwaupians, did Malachi York own dogs?

Answer: They'll say no because of what Dr. York said in a jailhouse phone interview.


Malachi York authored a publication called "The Dog" which has been revised on several occasions, and in that book he gives his thoughts on what he thinks dogs really are.  


"All Dogs Belong To A Single Species, Called Canis Familiar is (Notice The Similarity To The Name Canaan). They Are Carnivorous Animals. It Is A Known Fact That A Dog Will Revert Back To The Mannerisms Of His Ancestors, Such As The Wolf And Jackal. Dogs Are Forced Into Domestic Conditions. If You Allow Them To Go Hungry, You'll Surely Be Attacked. Most Dogs Will Sink Their Teeth Into Your Jugular Vein, Because They Are Blood-Thirsty, Carnivorous Beasts By Nature, And Will Eat You To Survive. Remember! The Jugular Vein Is Your Life Line, And This Goes Hand In Hand With The Disagreeable Ones Wanting Your Soul, Or Dracula Biting Your Neck. In Reading This Book You Will Learn Why The Dog Is One Of The Most Defiled Things On Earth"

-The Dog pg. 2



York sees dogs as being "Jinns" which amounts to demons or a body inhabiting an "evil spirit". he says so in a jail house phone call,

"...Nuwaupians or Nuwaupians of the Yamassee Native American Moors of the Creek Nation we do not drink alcohol, we do not smoke cigarettes, we do not smoke marijuana, use any kind of drugs, nor do we have what we call Jinns or dogs in our house because of our old culture called Ansaaruallah where we never had dogs around our house..."

 -Malachi York Speaks From the Isles of Patmos

With all the he wrote regarding dogs, this did not prevent him from owning dogs himself. 

Members who lived on the York properties in Monticello, New York (upstate) and 404 Shady Dale Rd. Eatonton, Georgia, have attested to the fact that York owned dogs, but this is not well known to his followers outside of his property. York owned at least 3 dogs at the same time he told followers that he didn't own them, they were bad to have and that Ansaars/Nuwaupians don't keep dogs.

Jst Gia: "...I'm really not sure of the name and I don't want to give inaccurate info, one dog in a big cage by his [York's] house..."

Gina Jones "...Yes it was a German Sheppard..."

Nichole Lopez: "I remember them" 

Kathy Johnson: "he kept a black lab named "anubu" and a mut, can't think of his name good dog but a mut lol..."

Taariq Noel:  "...I remember on the land [404 Shady Dale Rd. Eatonton, GA.] he had a German Shepherd called Bud, and also up state a white dog name Shashoni...Shashoni looked like a white German Shepherd..." 





This is yet another chapter in the ongoing series of lies and inconsistencies as taught by Malachi York, to say that Ansaars/Nuwaupians don't keep dogs. and at the same time owned dogs. This is a testament of his habitual lies.