Malachi York

Ask The Nuwaupians, what excuse can you bring to explain why York's defenders are now saying he did molest children including themselves?

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Question: Ask The Nuwaupians, what excuse can you bring to explain why York's defenders are now saying he did molest children including themselves? 

Answer: They will say anything, but nothing accompanying evidence.

Nuwaupians are faced with a difficult reality, and that is, why have so many who supported York prior to his conviction, are now freely telling the world that Malachi York did in fact sexually molest the children at his property and that he molested them.  Nuwaupians push the claim that the "victims" recanted, well they did, but they have it backwards, they recanted not for York but against him.

They have no explanations as to why these people recanted against York, they are

Hanaan Merit,

Husna Evans,

Hasna Evans,

Issa Johnson,

Kathy Johnson,

Sa'fa Laroche,

Suhaila Thomas,

Sakina Woods,


Sakina Woods said initially that nothing happened to her and is seen stating this on video,




She also stated at the trial of York that, "They kept asking me over and over and I kept telling them, 'No, no, no... "

But recently in a short interview with, she said without hesitations the following.


Chuck Morgan: Did Malachi York sexually molest you and the listed victims?

Sakina Woods: Yes he did.

Chuck Morgan: So what you said in the video on YouTube that Nuwaupians like to use was not true?

Sakina Woods: No it wasn't true.


Sakina recanted as a direct result of the poem released in 2009 by another York victim, Issa Johnson entitled,

~Unapologetic For Victimizing Me~

where she commented on his Facebook page saying,

" Issa, that poem hit home because I can relate to you.  You said it all, and more.  This poem just put me in an emotional state of mind, the feeling of disgust,  confusion, angriness that I tried to suppress just all came back. It is so touching and painful; my eyes are tearing as I read this poem.  

I can feel all of my emotions coming back.  We all have been affected somehow,  it just comes out in different ways.  It's really ashame what happened to us but it's not our fault.  And you're right no child should ever endure what we've been thru.  You're definitely not grieving alone cuz I feel your pain 100%.  We're all going thru a healing process and I'm glad that you had the guts to post this because shit like this should not be hidden.  Expressing yourself is the only way to start the healing process.  I'm there for you if you need someone to talk to."

-Sakina Woods


 So Nuwaupians, why are so many of those who backed York in the past, and were listed as victims, are now on the side of those where were molested?