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Ask The Nuwaupians, What Ever Happened To The Beauty Mark On Malachi York's Face?

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Question: Ask The Nuwaupians, What Ever Happened To The Beauty Mark On Malachi York's Face?

Answer: They may attack you for implying a feminization of York

This is a question that York's followers should have asked going as far back as the 1980's.  When York was out perusing a hobby in music as "Dr. York", he found it necessary to add on the face makeup, which included the eyeliner, extending the eyebrow, lip gloss and a curious "dot" on his cheek similar to the music artist Prince.

During York's lectures he would at times take shots at Prince for his androgyny and feminine appearance,

 "...Princess, I mean Prince..."

-Malachi York: Is The Devil A Man (audio)

Yet during that same time period of playing an Imam or a Rabbi, York would doll himself up in makeup. 


So with Prince or any other artist in music who would take photo's to look or have a combined masculine/feminine appearance, York would attack, yet he wore the makeup, chemically altered hair, eyeliner, lip gloss and the beauty mark on the right side of his cheek.

The beauty mark was popular among female celebrities back in the 1940's and 50's, and it's possible that York, a product of that era, found it appealing and incorporated it as part of his promotional photo's.



The question that needs addressing is what ever happened to that beauty mark on his face?  It's not seen in his Mug Shot, it's noticeably absent from photo's taken by his followers, nor is it visible in video's from his indoor or outdoor lectures, so where did it go or was it placed there purposely by York as a mark of beauty which would certainly ring in questions of an ambiguous gay lifestyle.









The mark isn't even found on his face as a teen.



It's well documented and attested to from the victims, those who participated and witnesses at the Court Trial of January, 2004 that York engaged in homosexual acts with teen and preteen males.  Nevertheless, the question should be asked because York is on record denouncing homosexuality and effeminate men who emulate females outwardly.

Q. And did anything sexual happen with Mr. York, you and Khadiyjah?

Khalid Eddington: Yes.

Q. How old were you?

Khalid Eddington: I was 14 and it was at night at his house in the upstairs bedroom, and at some point I took off my cloths and started giving him a blow job, then I noticed he reached over and got the baby oil. He then told me to turn around and attempted to perform anal sex on me while Khadiyjah was giving me a blow job to try and help me with the pain, and it really really HURT!

At the time I was thinking to myself, this stuff hurts bad! He asked me if it hurt, and I was like, YEAH! then he would go slower and try to make it softer, eventually he went all the way in, but the pain was too much so he eventually just stopped, and I got up and eventually went home. When I was at home, I sat on the toilet for a while because it felt like I just took a shit! and my butt hole was BLEEDING! so I just sat there.  


Khalid Eddington: We came in the Jacuzzi room, next thing you know he's all of a sudden having anal sex with Alexis, and then he has anal sex with me, then it's me and Alexis with him on top.  So it was like a threesome. 

Q. Who's "he" ?

Khalid Eddington: Mr. York.

Q. How old was Alexis?

Khalid Eddington: Alexis was around my age.

-Khalid Eddington January, 2004 York Trial 


Salaam Laroche: I was still 13. But this all happened like within a month, then a month afterward, two months after.

Q. Tell the jury about the time when he tried to perform ANAL sex on you.

Salaam Laroche: He told me to relax, and I couldn't. I mean, I never had that done to me, so it was like I didn't know what was going on. But he tried to penetrate my anus. He tried to put it in but could't go all the way in. I mean, it never actually went in, but it couldn't go in because I guess I wasn't relaxed because every time he tried, it kept, getting tight and hurt, so I was just nervous but it never actually went all the way in.

Q. Do you know if he put any liquid on you or his penis?

Salaam Laroche: Yes. Baby oil.

-Salaam Laroche January, 2004 York Trial


This type of dual sexuality from a total cross dresser to just wanting to look mildly feminine, York condones by accepting and promoting to his followers the Gate Keepers philosophy,

Gate Keepers:  a group of Gays that are those who can only open the doors to the spiritual realm because these being vibrate on a dual level due to their homosexual natures. This is explained in the video "Outformation Class - Gateways and the Guardians" taken from the Paa Taraq Prison teachings of Malachi York and given to his loyal teachers to teach the loyal Nuwaupians who trust, believe and accept. 

"...Gate keepers are born totally feminine in body with a male spirit,  or totally masculine in body with a female spirit so the anatomy is a woman completely with all the physical attributes of a female with a male spirit inside of her, or a male with all the physical attributes of a male with a female spirit inside of him... he kills, abuse all he calls gay, homosexuals faggots, because of their inner homophobia's taught by his own creator religions of Abraham-ism so he created the homophobia in hopes of killing the gate keepers in hopes of killing those who can open the gates..."

-Outformation Class - Gateways and the Guardians


You can watch these points given by clicking the link below.


Even in the closeup photo below, the mole or dot is gone, so Nuwaupians, where did York's beauty mark, mole or dot go when it was seen prominently as Dr. York the entertainer on album cover?