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Ask The Nuwaupians: Did You Know Malachi York Would Condone Homosexuality Yet Condemning It At The Same Time?

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Question: Ask The Nuwaupians: Did You Know Malachi York Would Condone Homosexuality Yet Condemning It At The Same Time? 

Answer: Most Nuwaupians are confused with regards to York's position on homosexuality.

Nuwaupian cult members as well as neo-Nuwaupian followers are under York's hypnotic spell, so much so that they can't see what's right in front of them or in his books.  The sexually assaulted victims of York testified in Federal Court that Malachi York participated, encouraged and sought gay sex with them, as well as other young pubescent males. Sex that included boys as young as 4 performing oral sex on him (York) and allowing teen boys to perform anal sex on him (Dr. York).


When it was decided to write this article, it was important get York's personal views on homosexuality and pedophilia, views that are still in print. Homosexuality and pedophilia are topics he's rarely ever mentioned to any degree, and York's pedophilia was not limited to just female children, but also directed towards boys of his Nuwaupian congregation.  

The object of the Pedophilian is children that range from 13 years old and under.  Men are most likely to practice Pedophilia than women.  There is rarely any kind of sadistic acts performed. Usually the Pedophilic prefers to fondle the child or persuade the child to manipulate his genitals. Often times some degree of oral and anal sodomy is engaged in.  Most Pedophilians are victims of broken homes marked by divorces, separations or death.


"...One rare type of Pedophilian is the senile man, who remembers the sexual pleasures of childhood and takes to fondling little girls.  The senile man chooses this form of sexual pleasure because of his waning sexual capacity for adult women."

-Malachi York: Sex Life of a Muslim pg. 276


As you read the words of his victims, certain aspects of York's comments here may stand out in your mind.  The following are testimonies from some of his victims who had the courage to speak truth to York's power.  The questions asked are from the lead prosecutor R. Moultrie during the trial January, 2004.


Q. Did Mr. York only stand next to you, or did he do anything to you during that incident?

Salaam Laroche: He sat next to me and he was touching me and he told me to touch HIS PENIS, so I did it. And I think that was it. But that was the first incident 

Q. What's the next incident you recall between you and Mr. York?

Salaam Laroche: I know it was in the same mobile home and he asked me to perform ORAL SEX ON HIM.

Q. And what what did you do?

Salaam Laroche: I did it, but I didn't know what I was doing, so I guess he had Khadiyjah show me, like she performed oral sex on me.

Q. And were you still 13 at this time?

Salaam Laroche: I was still 13. But this all happened like within a month, then a month afterward, two months after.

Q. Tell the jury about the time when he tried to perform ANAL sex on you.

Salaam Laroche: He told me to relax, and I couldn't. I mean, I never had that done to me, so it was like I didn't know what was going on. But he tried to penetrate my anus. He tried to put it in but couldn't go all the way in. I mean, it never actually went in, but it couldn't go in because I guess I wasn't relaxed because every time he tried, it kept, getting tight and hurt, so I was just nervous but it never actually went all the way in.

Q. Do you know if he put any liquid on you or his penis?

Salaam Laroche: Yes. Baby oil.


This young man gave testimony of his molestation by Malachi York.  Another sexually assaulted victim was Malachi York's step son, Issa Johnson, where he writes:



-Issa Johnson's Facebook page.



Those comments by Issa, can be corroborated and linked in with the testimony of Salaam Laroche and others.



Q. Did you see Mr. York engage in any sex acts with Issa?

Salaam Laroche: There was this incident in York's house where he had me and Issa there, and Khadiyjah was performing oral sex on me and Issa was performing oral sex on York.   And York actually had anal sex with Issa, and I was standing right there, but I couldn't you know, he tried it with me, but he never went all the way in.

These are the actions of a man who's public persona was the high bravado, presto-macho illusion, but turns out he was a closeted bi-sexual man living in denial.


This disturbing image depicts what victims similarly described York's actions with his victims, kissing, fondling, oral and anal, this did include males, a fetish that involved anal sex, either inflicting it on others or having it performed on him (Malachi York).  


These revelations are not new, Malachi York made references to the "benefits" of anal sex and "drinking" semen in his book, Sex Life of a Muslim Revised edition #54. 


 "Occasionally, a couple of light strokes on the anus feels erotic to many women..."

-Sex Life of a Muslim pg.105

"Violent anal penetration can injure the female, and all anal intercourse carries a small risk of urethritis in the male, and vaginitis in the female if anal and vaginal sex are mixed without cleansing the male penis before vaginal intercourse.

-Sex Life of a Muslim pg. 108


"From a scientific point of view, seminal fluid can be taken orally. It cannot poison anyone. Besides sperm, semen contain fructose (a simple sugar), and a number of enzymes and bicarbonates found in the body.

Question: Are you saying that seminal fluid (SPERM) is good for you?

Answer: Yes the intake of male seminal fluid by the female is very advantageous for the body. Because of the high degree of minerals and protein which it contains,it aids the body in its daily function. The quality and quantity of the seminal fluid is affected by not only the male's bodily composition, but also by his "mental state". Therefore if your male partner has negative or weak mind along with a unhealthy body, this is exactly what the female will nourish her body with. And vice-versa, if he has a sound mind and body it will greatly uplift her physical and mental state.

The diet the male nourishes himself with has an effect on the quality and taste of the seminal fluid. Whether it is a high protein or iron diet (thus producing rich seminal fluid) or solely pork and starches (thus producing salty seminal fluid which is poor)".

-Sex Life of a Muslim pg. 118


"Concerning Anal sex, it is important for me to make the western Muslims aware of the fact that the Pakistanians and pale Arabs had incorporated many of the customs of the Indians and the Greek religions into their way of life. Yet, when it came to the practice of Anal Sex, they rejected it and classified it as "unlawful" only because they were accustomed to seeing it practiced amongst male homosexuals. "Man laying with man" is an unnatural act that is forbidden. The Pakistanian saw these homosexuals practicing anal sex and thus generalized as "unlawful" for everyone to observe. India is not the only country that has a high level of homosexuality. In Turkey, the European Arab enjoys having sex with little boys. Because this type of activity takes place and is widely known amongst the Arabs, people who truly want to know about anal sex are left with the impression that anal sex is forbidden. It is with this in mind that the question of anal sex is being addressed at this time".

-Sex Life of a Muslim pg. 149


"The technique of anal sex is different from ordinary penetration. Insertion into the anus must be done gradually, not as one would do in the vagina. Carefully lubricate the glans and penis, which can be done with any type of baby oil or vaseline. Then place the glans to the area and press gently and steadily, while the female "bears down" so you can enter. First, she will close up tight, if she is not accustomed to it. Then after a few times or moments, she will begin to open. Proceed slowly into her, never penetrating more than glans-penis deep, and take your friction on the pull rather than the push. The male can work on her breasts and clitoris meanwhile. Contrary to popular beliefs, anal sex is not only performed when the female is kneeling with her head down. The female can lie on her back and the male can enter the anus from the front. 

I must stress the importance of following the prescribed guidelines of cleanliness and safety when engaging in anal sex. For hygienic purposes, ANAL SEX IS NOT TO BE MIXED WITH STRAIGHT VAGINAL INTERCOURSE!!!! This may cause harmful vaginal infections with yeasts and other organisms which belong in the gut, not the vagina or the male urethra. After performing anal sex, the penis is to be washed off thoroughly if vaginal sex is to be pursued.

Many females have mental drawbacks concerning anal sex, either from a past encounter with a male who did not have the "finesse", or from the indoctrination received from others stating that anal sex is painful.

Anal sex should be introduced gradually so as not to cause irritation to the female. During face to face intercourse, using a greased finger anally will aid in the female accepting this new entry gradually and not tighten up her muscles in the anus. Therefore, when the penis is introduced, the muscles will be use to it and the pleasure will result from it for both parties. Once tried, it may become a part of your sex menu".

-Sex Life of a Muslim pg. 178-179


"Many women have hangups about anal sex, because they think of it as something painful, not pleasurable, and producing an unappealing odor. A second reason is because women think of anal sex as something that only homosexuals have a hand in.

The couple must have an understanding of their anatomies and the subject must be discusses beforehand. A man must take his partner into consideration or else pain will be inflicted.  The entry cannot be forceful as in vaginal sex, it has to be done slowly and carefully as the first strokes may cause some discomfort. The pleasure will be experienced once he learns how to enter her properly.

-Sex Life of a Muslim pg. 193


"It is important to note that there is no danger of the female becoming pregnant through swallowing sperm, since there is no connection between the digestive system to the womb. It is actually safer than normal intercourse if one does not want to become pregnant.

-Sex Life of a Muslim pg. 195


Having this background of York's views and delights in anal/oral sex is important and relevant to the topic.



York will defend homosexuality in his book Sodom Misinterpretedsimultaneously condemning homosexual people, while engaging in bi-sexual acts with teen and pre-teens. 


"...The name of this scroll "Sodom Misinterpreted" is chosen because of the un-justice that is being inflicted upon the GAY population by those who claim to be not GAY..."

-Sodom Misinterpreted pg. 11


Malachi York was notorious for calling out gays; with disparaging statements like,  "Faggots... they got sugar in their shoes... the Greeks was a faggot society..." 

York would even antagonize Christians or Black Israelites for reading the KJV (King James Version) of the bible because King James was a homosexual, a clear example of York's endless hypocrisy.

"...In 1589, James married Princess Anne of Denmark a European Caucasian woman and you exalt him.  And this rather plain, characterless and somewhat masculine lady made an ideal consort for him.  He had grown up with practically no female society and his afflictions tended to center on his ownsex, he was a HOMOSEXUAL.  Though whether he ever progressed beyond slobbering kissing and juvenile fumbling and fondling is debatable.  His own appearance was unattractive, a large head with rheumy eyes topped an ungainly ill proportioned body, he was deformed."

-Malachi York: 360 Questions To Ask The Israeli Church pg. 16

If that's an indication of how King James was a homosexual, then the same can be said of York because he too spent a great deal of time as an adolescent growing up in a sexually segregated society. Malachi York is the product of a broken home, he had no relationship with his actual father David P. York, and likes to boast that he was a 12 year child when he became the son of Muslim leader of the State Street MosqueSheikh Daoud.

"...It is because of my association with Shaikh Daoud who was one of my forerunners, let me start by saying on Friday at Jumah, June 21, 1957 A.D. at age 12, I met and became his son, he changed my name from Issa Al Haadi Al Mahdi and York to Isa Abd'Allah Ibn Bakr Muhammad..."

-Shaikh Daoud Vs. W.D. Fard pg. 115-118  


There's plenty of questions that can be asked regarding those statements from York, but one this is certain, the Islamic society that he grew up in being segregated from females, is how he set up his own Islamic communal living as the Nubian Islamic Hebrew Mission, a segregation that his followers lived under from the first "community" in the 1970's on Coney Island, to Brooklyn, Monticello, N.Y. , till finally in Eatonton, Ga. 


This is NOT to suggest that Sheikh Daoud molested York, but one would have to question why this 12 year old child was given over to this male society.  There is NO mention of York living with his siblings nor his biological mother.


Another of York's male victims in addition to Salaam Laroche and Issa Johnson was David Noel, and he testified saying,

Q. I want to talk to you about upstate New York.

David Noel: Okay.

Q. Was there a time when you were living upstate that Mr. York began to behave in a sexual manner towards you?

David Noel:  Yes.

Q. How old were you?

David Noel: 7. 

Q. And where  on the property in upstate New York were you living at age 7 when Mr. York began to behave sexually  towards you?

David Noel: In building 101, where I was living with other children my age.

Q. Do you remember the first time it happened?

David Noel: Yes, we was in the trailer and the lights were off, and it was a porno cartoon on, and I was sitting on the bed and York was there and Najlaa was there.  My pants were off and she was playing with me, with my genital and York had his pants off.

Q. Now you mentioned a cartoon.

David Noel: Yes.

Q. What type of cartoon was playing?

David Noel: It was a pornographic cartoon.

Q. This is pre-marked as Government exhibit 28. Have you watched this item, exhibit 28?

David Noel: Yes sir.

Q. What do you recognize?

David Noel: What I recognize was a fountain with a devil.  It was a  image of a devil and i'll never forget it

Q. Why?

David Noel: Because it's stuck in my mind and when I saw it, it took me back.

Q. What day?

David Noel: The first incident that it happened on my birthday.

Q. And what are you referring to? What incident?

David Noel: Child molestation.

Q. Involving who?

David Noel: Involving Mr. York and myself.  I was there with Mr. York, and Najlaa.

Q. David is this the adult cartoon you were referring to when you talked earlier about seeing an adult cartoon  being played by Mr. York.

David Noel: Yes sir.


Lead Prosecutor Moultrie: Your Honor, we would like to play that section of the tape from exhibit 28.


Q. David explain to the jury what stood out in your mind about this cartoon?

David Noel: The part with the fountain and the devil standing on top of it, sitting on top of it.

Q. When you got to the trailer, was it already playing?

David Noel: Yes.

Q. What exactly did Najlaa do to you while the cartoon was playing?

David Noel: First she started massaging my genitals then she gave me oral sex.

Q. How old were you again?

David Noel: 7 years old.

Q. Did this happen on your birthday?

David Noel: Yes sir.

Q. Did Mr. York engage in any sex acts with you when you moved to Eatonton?

David Noel: Yes.

Q. Was there an incident with You, Mr. York and a boy named Khalid Eddington?

David Noel: Yes.

Q. What do you remember about that?

David Noel:  I remember walking  to the house and went upstairs and it was just me and him Eddie (Khalid)  in the upstairs bedroom and he was trying to get comfortable to mess around.  And Kathy kept coming upstairs with tea and water and asking us if we needed anything.  There was a dildo up there and Eddie (Khalid) picked it up trying to get comfortable and eventually we began to have oral sex and from there, Kathy York came upstairs and directed us to the downstairs bedroom, to the bed, and Karth York took off her pants and began fondling me and Eddie (Khalid Eddington), then Mr. York took off his clothes and came over to do the same thing. he asked me to hold his genitals and to arouse it, then he brought it closer to my mouth and then I gave Mr. York oral sex, then Kathy, then Eddie.  So, from where he got undressed and came over to the bed, he put his genitals in my hands, and then I gave him oral sex, and he tried anal and between he Kathy and Eddie they were switching around between people.

Q.  When you say he attempted anal sex, what do you mean?

David Noel: He tried to penetrate my anus with his penis.

Q. How did you react?

David Noel: I was in pain.

Q. Did you tell him?

David Noel: No, I was scared.

Q. What did he do after having trouble putting it in?

David Noel: He put baby oil to try and lubricate it, and on occasion he would try to put his finger in to loosen it up.

Q.  You mentioned some baby oil and that Mr. York used as a lubricant, do you recognize any ointment like that in the picture marked as Gov. exhibit 8?

David Noel: towards the right, I see it.

Q. What type of product are you referring to?

David Noel: The baby oil.

Q. Look at the large screen, it that what you're talking about?

David Noel: Yes sir.


Lead Prosecutor Moultrie: Let me have the next exhibit, Gov. exhibit 9.


David Noel: It was also cherry flavor.

Q. How do you know?

David Noel: Because he used it when I gave him oral sex.

Q. Where did he put it?

David Noel: On his penis.

Q. In exhibit 9 where does the picture appear to have been taken?

David Noel: It's from the bedroom, not sure exactly.


Lead Prosecutor Moultrie:  Let's see the other picture from exhibit 8, does this help?


David Noel: Yes, that's in the downstairs bedroom.

Q. Okay, after the incident with Khalid, Kathy and Mr. York, did York continue having sex with you and Khalid?

David Noel: Yes sir.

Q. How often?

David Noel: At least once every week or every 2 weeks, and from that with less frequency.

Q. I'm going to approach you David with Gov. exhibit 16, do you recognize what is depicted in the picture?

David Noel: Yes.

Q. Who is that?

David Noel: Issa Johnson.

Q. Did you ever see Mr. York do a sex act to  Issa, did Issa appear older or younger than he is in Gov. exhibit 16?

David Noel: He looked a little younger than this.

Q. How old was he the first time you saw Mr. York do a sex act on him?

David Noel: I'm not sure how old he was, I was 3 years older than him, so 5 or 6.

Q. What sex acts did you see Mr. York perform on Issa Johnson?

David Noel: I've seen Issa perform oral sex on York, I seen York attempt anal sex on Issa and I've seen Issa attempt anal sex on York.

Q. Where was the first time you saw this?

David Noel: In his house in the downstairs bedroom.

Q. Was anyone else present?

David Noel: It was Najlaa or Marcula (Khadiyjah Merritt) 

Q. Was it daytime or night?

David Noel: Night.

Q. You talked about going into Mr. York's house on more than one occasion.

David Noel: Yes.

Q. Was it usual for normal followers living in Eatonton to go to York's house? 

David Noel: No, you can't go inside the house, it wasn't allowed.

Q. Following your return to Eatonton did you begin to avoid Mr. York sexually?

David Noel: Yes.

Q. And when he would come back and forth to Eatonton, did the sex acts continue?

David Noel: Yes.

Q. How old were you then?

David Noel: Around 14 -15.

Q. Where?

David Noel: In his house down the hill, on 2 occasions, it was a house near the Ramses Club.

Q. Did you leave Mr. York's community in Eatonton at some point?

David Noel: Yes.

Q. Do you remember when?

David Noel: I left January 18th or 19, 2001.

Q. Did any of your family leave with you?

David Noel: Yes, my Mother, my 2 sisters and my 3 younger sisters.

Q. Why, what happened that made them leave?

David Noel: My Mother found out. 


This active pattern of homosexuality perpetrated on children by York was on going.  Another male child Khalid Eddington, gives his testimony regarding the sex acts York performed on he and others.


Q. Do you know Mr. York?

Khalid Eddington: Yes.

Q. Is he in the courtroom?

Khalid Eddington: Yes, he's wearing a light blue shirt, dark blue vest and an over coat.

Q. When you lived in Brooklyn did you refer to him by any other name?

Khalid Eddington: Yes, Imaam Isa.

Q. Do you remember how often you may have seen or spoke with him when you were sent to Upstate NY?

Khalid Eddington: I would see him more, especially when he would stand out on the balcony of his house.

Q. How old were you when you moved to Eatonton, Georgia?

Khalid Eddington: 13.

Q. Do you remember where he lived when you arrived in Eatonton?

Khalid Eddington: Doc stayed in building 100 at that time.

Q. And how often did you see Mr. York there?

Khalid Eddington: Not much.

Q. Did you ever go into Mr. York's trailer when he lived there?

Khalid Eddington: Yes.

Q. And how old were you?

Khalid Eddington: I was about 13.

Q. Did he make any sexual advances towards you?

Khalid Eddington: Yes, one night there was a few of us who went to his trailer and he gave us food, the others left later.  I came back inside the trailer and I remember seeing Habiybah sitting there. she came over and began to give me a "blow job" and Doc was standing beside me masturbating. He started getting closer to me with his penis. He said, "it won't be gay you suck it", so he got closer and I gave him a blow job.

Q. When you came back into the trailer, was Habiybah surprised?

Khalid Eddington: Yeah, she looked shocked, that was the look on her face. 

Q. Did you tell anyone?

Khalid Eddington: No, because he told me that it's our secret.

Q. Did you know Khadiyjah Merritt?

Khalid Eddington: Yes.

Q. And did anything sexual happen with Mr. York, you and Khadiyjah?

Khalid Eddington: Yes.

Q. How old were you?

Khalid Eddington: I was 14 and it was at night at his house in the upstairs bedroom.  At some point I took off my cloths and started giving him a blow job, then I noticed he reached over and got the baby oil. He then told me to turn around and started to perform anal sex on me while Khadiyjah was giving me a blow job to try and help me with the pain.  And it really really HURT!

At the time I was thinking to myself, this stuff hurts! but I didn't say anything, he asked me if it hurt, and I was like, YEAH! then he would go slower and try to make it softer, eventually he went all the way in, but the pain was too much so he eventually just stopped, and I got up and eventually went home. When I was at home, I sat on the toilet for a while because it felt like I just took a shit! and my butt hole was BLEEDING! so I just sat there.  

Q. Did he previously talk to you about other boys in a sexual manner?

Khalid Eddington: Yes he spoke about other boys, like Issa, David, that they were both gay.

Q. Did the defendant ever ask you to do anything sexual with David Noel?

Khalid Eddington: Well he would say that David was gay and he wanted to know for sure so I went to find out. I didn't know how to approach him about it so I just came out and asked, "whose dick is bigger" and I pulled out mine then he pulled out his. As we had our penises out, I went over and gave him "head" and told him that Doc was interested and wanted to see him. Later I went to Doc and told him what happened and that he was right

Q. How old were you when these 2 incidents took place, you and the defendant and David Noel?

Khalid Eddington: With David I was about 14 and he was 8 or 9.

Q. You mentioned Issa Johnson a little earlier, where did you meet him?

Khalid Eddington:  I met him when we moved the trailer at the top of the hill, I knew Issa before that, but he didn't move in with us till the trailer was moved, and one night I remember laying down and I could feel someone playing and touching me, I woke up and at that point I knew Issa was doing this too.

Q. What do you mean?

Khalid Eddington: I'm saying, I knew at that point that he was part of the group, boys that was having sex with Doc.

Q. How old was Issa at that time?

Khalid Eddington: He was young, around 6.

Q. So Issa was roughly a 6 year old child?

Khalid Eddington: Yes.

Q. Did anything happen sexually with you, the defendant and Issa Johnson?

Khalid Eddington: All I remember was being in a room with Issa and Doc, and we both was giving him oral sex. That's the most I remember with Issa Doc and me.

Q. Was anyone else in the room when you and Issa gave Mr. York oral sex?

Khalid Eddington: I think his Mother was in the kitchen at the time, there as a closed to the first bottom bedroom that leads to the kitchen, and it was closed.


Salaam Laroche testified further saying,


 Q. Did Mr. York make any comments to you about Issa?

 Salaam Laroche: That Issa was gay and he was a faggot.


 Yet in his hypocrisy York would indulged in homosexual acts according to his victims.  We read more from York in Sodom Misinterpreted where he writes,  

"...we at the Holy Tabernacle Ministries DO NOT segregate against the GAY population. That is their right." 

-Sodom Misinterpreted pg. 11 


" Sodomites were not Israelites; thus NOT under Israelite law.  So Leviticus DOES NOT APPLY TO THEM. Only if an Israelite MALE lies sexually with another Israelite MALE  or Israelite FEMALE with another Israelite FEMALE;  this is an abomination and they are supposed to be put to death; only Israelites who live under ISRAELITE LAW NO ONE ELSE !"

-Sodom Misinterpreted pg. 52


" of the Greatest rulers of Ancient Egypt, Ankh Aton, was a Hermaphrodite, others say Transvestite and even others say just a homosexual husband to Nefertiti."

-Sodom Misinterpreted pg. 86



Malachi York's implications that the Pharaoh or Egyptian gods in general were homosexuals was touched on at the trial. Court documents from victim's testimonies attest to that fact.


Q.  Salaam did Mr. York ever explain to you why it was okay for him to be doing these kinds of acts to you and Issa?

Salaam Laroche: No.

Q. Did he ever talk to you about Egyptian gods and stuff?

Salaam Laroche: Yes

Q. Tell the jury what he told you about that.

Salaam Laroche: He said that the gods like Osahen and them used to have sex with each other.

Q. How old would you have been at that time?

Salaam Laroche: 15.


Malachi York's former "main wife" (not actually married), Kathy Johnson mentions that York claimed that sex with children male or female was a cultural issue, asked her to explain.

Chuck: "How was he able to get you and others to do so many things sexually that was brought out in court?"

Kathy Johnson: "...he convinced us that this was how girls in the Sudan were taught to please there soon to be husbands, an adult [female] gives a boy a blow job, familiarizing him so he would know what to expect and how it should be done while the girls are taught to please the adult in all manners sexually.  Doc would incriminate us by getting those in the circle involved so if anyone would talk, they would be guilty of the same crime which made us all maintain the silence...."

-Kathy Johnson: 10/21/14


You can read more of Kathy's experience with York in her book, The Main Wife: A Memoir of Manipulation and Victory.


This type of strange justification to practice homosexuality is mentioned by York on the topic of the "Gate Keepers..."  a group of Gay's that are, "those who can only open the doors to the spiritual realm because these being vibrate on a dual level " due to their homosexual natures. This is explained in the video,

"Outformation Class - Gateways and the Guardians"

taken from the "Paa Taraq" prison teachings of Malachi York and given to his loyal teachers for all Nuwaupians to trust, believe and accept. 


"Gate keepers are born totally feminine in body with a male spirit,  or totally masculine in body with a female spirit so the anatomy is a woman completely with all the physical attributes of a female with a male spirit inside of her, or a male with all the physical attributes of a male with a female spirit inside of him"

-Outformation Class - Gateways and the Guardians 


"he kills, abuse all he calls gay, homosexuals faggots, because of their inner homophobia's taught by his own creator religions of Abraham-ism so he created the homophobia in hopes of killing the gate keepers in hopes of killing those who can open the gates"

-Outformation Class - Gateways and the Guardians

You can view these comments, simply copy and paste the link below into your browser.


These Gatekeepers are those who Nuwaupians are encouraged to seek out and follow, "Gays" because according to Malachi York, they are, 

"...those who can only open the doors to the spiritual realm because these being vibrate on a dual level..."

Now that Gay marriage is legal in all the American states, it's only a matter of time before more Nuwaupians will come forward and fully embrace their homosexual adorations. It would certainly speed up that process up should York finally admit publically that he was sexually molested as a child and as a result, became a closeted bi-sexual sex addict, some Nuwaupians may find that comforting.