Ask The Nuwaupians, is it possible that the Duwaanis learned to recite all of Shakespeare, the Qur'an, Baghavida and Torah because they were utilizing the Mech computer created by Rizqiyans?

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Question: Ask The Nuwaupians, is it possible that the Duwaanis learned to recite all of Shakespeare, the Qur'an, Baghavida and Torah because they were utilizing the Mech computer created by Rizqiyans?

Answer: Most Nuwaupians may have forgotten or ignored that York taught this, and the neophyte Nuwaupians may have never even heard of this one.



Of the many ridiculous claims of York, this has to go down as one of the most pathetic.  Claiming that some unverified short hairy creatures were reading Shakespeare, reciting various religious text's and using the Mac computer demonstrates that York didn't care what he taught, as long as people brought his books and looked at him as some wise scholar/extraterrestrial.  He writes,

(161) The ruling species of the underworld are many. Duwaanis, called Gnomes, which stand 3 feet tall and have porcupine-like quills protruding from their bodies;

(162) They live near lava and other volcanic environments. They live off insects and worms. 

(163) They are extremely intelligent, taking pride in mastering all of the science and literature of the surface people.

(164) I once met a Duwaani who could recite all of William Shakespeare.

(165) He knew the best wines from the seventeenth century up. 

(166) He could discuss everything from the Koran, the Baghava Gita, Upanishads, Torah on to Sigmund Freud, and the architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright.

(167) They are extremely friendly and are of no threat to humans.

-Holy Tablets Chapter 1 Tablet 9:161-167


Question: What is a Duwaani?

Answer: According to York, they're short hairy people from another world.



 -Holy Tablets Chapter 16 Tablet 4:87-115


How can we take York serious and not question his sanity for writing this fictitious nonsense about fictional hairy creatures from the Canis Major star system.

In verse (162) he says..."They live near lava and other volcanic environments".

This writer lives on an Island that has volcanoes and there's no history, myths or legends about little hairy people living near or around Mauna Kea, Haleakala nor Kilauea.  If there were computers underground like Hal, applied logic would ask, 

1. Where are these computers that the so-called Rizqiyan built?

2. What archaeological evidence is there of underground ancient computers call ha or Hal?

3. What evidence is there of giant computers near volcano's?

4. What ancient culture has giant ancient computers in it's cultural literature, either text or in verbal traditions?

5. Where in this world has a giant ancient computer been found under ground called "ha" ?

6. How were they powered?

7. What year did this take place?

8. Were these computers desktops, laptops, iphones or notebooks?


*FOOD FOR THOUGHT*  In the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968), the antagonist of the movie was a large old early model computer named "HAL 9000".  It's safe to conclude that York was making things up again to generate revenue via this story from the movie.  York placed this story about the IBM computer called HAL in several books including his holy tablets bible.


Did the Duwaanis learn all this information about the Koran, the Baghava Gita, Upanishads, Torah on to Sigmund Freud, and the architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright from using the large computer that the so-called Rizqians build underground thousands of years prior?  

(16) When the Rizqians came here some went beneath the Earth and BUILT a LARGE COMPUTER, a mechanical device, called "mech," from where they get the word Macintosh, the original name was Al Hisaabat.

(17) The disagreeable also built a LARGE COMPUTER and called it simply "ha" H.A.L. their Earth name IBM.

(18) With these machines they could scan the surface, pick up some scenes from all over the televise them.  

-Holy Tablets Chapter 16 Tablet 4:16-18


York says, the name "Mech" is short for "Mechanical" where the word "Macintosh" comes from, but Macintosh is the apple computer created in 1984 by Steve Jobs.  York even claims that some undefined "disagreeable" people built a computer they called, HAL, better known as the International Business Machine (IBM).  This is absolutely ridiculous,  The next time someone says that York was so intelligent and giving truthful, accurate and factual information, ask them to cite the evidence supporting York.