Ask the Nuwaupians can Edomites/Asians - Filipinos-Korean-Chinese be Nuwaupian?

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Question: Ask the Nuwaupians Can Edomites/Asians - Filipinos-Korean-Chinese Be Nuwaupian?
Answer: No! they are 6-7 either cursed beings and not Gods like us.
This question was sparked from an insult by a Canadian Nuwaupian who objected to a Filipino and African-American relationship claiming that the Filipino (Asian) is allegedly "cursed".  This issue demonstartes York's constant, inconsistant and contradictory positions regarding his teachings.
"wow just caught that, this coon has an Edomite woman, but will slander a negroid, and aid in destroying his own people ....what do we call these type of people ? Black devils, dude you done, it is over for you, after all this time to become someone u still gotta talk about doc, lmao, get a life......"
 "6-7 ether.....hummm this explains alot, your 9 ether spirit force is diminished.....genetic kiss.... maybe u really should read docs books u need them, this explains the rebellion"
-Khaf Rayay SakhamHu Hatap via Facebook.

This silly idea was started by Malachi York many years ago.   York spoke and wrote that Asians were of the "cursed" of seed of Esau.
The Adamites are East Indians, who are dark-Red brownish people with straight black hair known as Hindu by many.  The original Mongolians were dark skinned with hollow hair black and dark brown hair.  When you look at the picture of the real Buddha, you see that he was dark red.  The original Edomites were dark reddish brown skinned people also with hollow hair".
-Was Adam Black or White? pg. 37
York gave the Ansaars and Nuwaupians this theory on the origins of the Asian people,
"People never question Ministers, Imams, Pastors, Reverends, Deacons, Etc. about where in the bible or Koran does it explain where the Chinese people come from. In Malachi 1:3, God identifies Esau with the symbol of the Dragon and it states: and I hated Esau, and laid his Mountains and his heritage waste for the Dragons of the wilderness his heritage is his seed which is the symbol of China".
-Was Adam Black or White? pg. 38
This is York's sole proof to support his theory as to the origins of the Asian people.  York then begins to use another biblical quote to leave the impression that Asian (Edomies) are cursed,
"God condemns Esau's seed because Esau got mad because Jacob "supplanted" his birth rite (Genesis 27:41) by taking Esau's rightful position as the oldest of his twin brother.  Out of anger for loosing his birthright to get revenge against his family and seed, Esau went and married a Canaanite [White] woman against Gods law, which was not to marry Canaanites (Genesis 26: 34.  That law was given to Abraham (Genesis 24:34) who gave it to his son Issac who was Esau's father (Genesis 28:1).  So Esau brought the wrath of God on his Genes" 
-Was Adam Black or White? pg. 45

York continues with his main point,
"The point is the curse of the original Edomites, also called Mongolians, even Genghis Khan, who was a Mongol conqueror who united the Mongol tribes, who were dark brown reddish in color are cursed with Mongoloid-ism called down syndrome.  People who have down syndrome have 47 chromosomes and not the normal 46 chromosomes". 
-Was Adam Black or White? pg. 45
In using the bible, York asserts his opinions that Edomites (Asians) are cursed and suffers from Down Syndrome which would also include Filipinos/Japanese/Korean/Chinese/Indonesian.   
Here York attempts to convince the reader that Mongoloidism is a curse that some God places in the genes,
"...when the most high places a curse on someone it shows up in their genes (Isaiah 34:5).  Mongoloidism is a disorder in the chromosomes...people with down's syndrome have 47 chromosomes instead of the normal 46.
-Was Adam Black or White? pg. 390
These ridiculous claims by Malachi York is never supported with any historical documentation, no ancient verifiable text nor any scientific medical analysis.  In one sense York is claiming Asians to be cursed by way of his God, then he some how tries to link  this fabricated curse to be the results of space Alien's having sex with "certain" humans producing people with down syndrome.

"...Down's syndrome is the results of EXTRATERRESTRIAL BEINGS called Teros or Sunayans mixing in with certain humans. The Sunaynans have 48 Chromosomes instead of 46 chromosomes in which humans have.  The Tero's chromosome structure is so different from EARTHLINGS that when mixed with certain humans, caused a defect of 47 chromosomes which is today called Down Syndrome"
-Was Adam Black or White? pg. 390


In this strange and twisted story,  York also claims that these "Teros" space Aliens are from "Jomon" and live deep inside caverns within Earth.

"The Teros that have an abundance of pigmentation in their skin are descendants of their 'elder gods' from the planet Jomon in the star Arcturus in the Bootes constellation.

-Holy Tablets Chapter 16 Tablet 4:69
"Because they bored further into the Earth they were able to keep their sanity, because of cross breeding. The Teros took on different forms, and others look so human they can come to the surface and not be noticed".
-Holy Tablets Chapter 16 Tablet 4:84-85
Below is a so-called Teros, which York calls, "Laamsa", Chieftain of the Teros.
-Holy Tablets: figure 89 pg. 287
Malachi York is giving a weird set of commentaries with not a single citation of evidence, which he says is the doings of the religious mindset,
"They make statements about events and time, but they don't produce the evidence, or the document to support what they say, which leaves the reader in the same state they are in religion, to believe, but not have facts" 
-Let's Set the Records Straight pg. 239
The story of "Teros",  was lifted from a Science Fiction magazine of the 1940's called, "Amazing Stories: The Shaver Mysteries",  Shaver wrote to the science fiction magazine about how he was abducted from prison by a female "Tero" (integrative robot) to a cavern beneath the Earth, where the Deros and Teros battle for power.

York contradicts his initial position that a God cursed Esau, producing Mongoloid-ism (Down Syndrome), unless York believes the Teros to be his Gods.  During all this time writing about Esau being cursed,  York allows what he would call, "Edomites" or Tero's  to live, breed, and participate in ancient Nuwaupian sacred ceremonies on his "Holy Land"  Tama-Re.

The Asian (Filipino) shown above went by the name, "Nin Haniya El".  Below is her office space, and if you look close, you can see the spine folding machine to make Nuwaupian books, the shelf contains all freshly completed Nuwaupian publications.
Apparently Malachi York didn't believe in what he taught his followers about Asians being sufferers of a curse resulting in Down's Syndrome, he had them living on his land, one was his personal driver and sex partner, that person was an Edomite (Asian) named Ginger Chang who was also a prosecution witness that testified against Malachi York.

So by mixing his "seed" with at least one known Asian, York also violated the laws of his Scriptures, which further verifies him to be a hypocrite and the Nuwaupians to be ignorant spectators of his hypocrisies.
Note: The publication, Was Adam Black or White? that this writer is quoting from, comes from an earlier copy and gift from Malachi York, more pages were added later to the officially released version so page numbers will vary.  

For more information on Esau's curse, see Are the Caucasian Edomites?