Ask The Nuwaupians, Can you still be a Nuwaupian, using right knowledge and still throw up the horn hand sign of Lucifer?

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Question: Ask The Nuwaupians, Can you still be a Nuwaupian, using right knowledge and still throw up the horn hand sign of Lucifer?

Answer: No you can't, that would make the person a hypocrite!

Looks like a loyal follower of York's doctrine has been successful in maintaining both.

On the cover of the book, Are There Black Devils? the illustration shows a figure apparently in the music field, with a guitar, Pentagram on the ground and brandishing the dreadful "horn hand sign" of the followers of Satan.  York and many others who get paranoid, throw around claims that he/she is a member of the Illuminati or a Devil worshiper.  Afrika Bambaataa, a loyal Nuwaupian and follower of York, puts up that sign as well, yet in classic York/Nuwaupian hypocrisy, look the other way when it comes to Afrika Bambaataa



Afrika Bambaataa of the Zulu Nation even did a record with the self professed Devil and former front man of the British Punk-Rock band, the Sex Pistol, Johnny (Rotton) Lydon, a song called, World Destruction.


Afrika Bambaataa also did a song called, "Planet Rock" a song using a Techno sounds reminiscent of the 70's and 80's band, Krafwerk, their biggest urban hit was, Trans-Europe-Express a song that used to drive York nuts, yet again, The Nubian and Nuwaupian Nations looked away.  Afrika Bambaataa is a fan and strong supporter of George Clinton and Bootsy Collins and their Parliament/Funkadelic/Bootsy's Rubberband groups, and the P-Funk sign was the same as the hand-horn sign of the goat, yet nothing is ever said of George Clinton and Bootsy Collins being in the Illuminati or Black Devils.


York says,

"Goats Are Horned Animals Used To Represent Evil Along With The Ram. The Satanic Goat Of The Witches' Sabbath Is Called Baphomet, The Goat Of Mendes, He Is Also The God Of Lust " 

-Are There Black Devils pg. 73

Ques: Is It Possible For You To Pick Up Music Demons From The Artist If They Have Been Possessed By Beings Who Crawled Into Them While Recording?


Ans: It Doesn't Matter If It's Snoop Doggy Dog, Mariah Carey, Cameo, D'Angelo, The Whispers, Earth, Wind And Fire, Shabba Ranks Or Whatever Group Because Whatever Demons That Came In Contact With Them While They Were Recording, Singing Or Playing Instruments, You Are Exposed To Those Demons When You Listen To Music.

-Are There Black Devils pg. 111


The double standard and hypocrisy by York and the Nuwaupians with regards to Afrika Bambaataa is overt.