Ask The Nuwaupians, Is Nuwaubic/Nuwaupic an actual language that was spoken by Extraterrestrials, Sumerians and Egyptians?

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Question: Ask The Nuwaupians, Is Nuwaubic/Nuwaupic An Actual Language That Was Spoken By Extraterrestrials, Sumerians And Egyptians?

Answer: They'll say yes Nuwaupic is the language of the ancients, first coming from Rizq, and given to the Sumerians by the Anunnaqis then to the Egiptian by way of the Neteru. 

The language of Nuwaubic/pic is as contradictory and elusive as the facts in Nuwaupian doctrine, changing nearly every 6 months to some new form, totally eliminating a consistency in it's adaptability. York has claimed the language to be from the pseudo planet "Rizq", Sumer and ancient Egypt, never once giving a verifiable nor primary source to support the claim.  At the trial of York, one of his former office workers testified as to the true origins of the Nuwaubic/pic language, and one didn't have to travel to another planet to find it. Ms. Lopez said,

Nicole Lopez: We went from Muslims to Christians to Hebrews to Native Americans, one time we had a Powwow where different Indians came, and once we were getting Hebrew words added into the language we spoke.  He started  making the NUWAUBIC language, even though we had teachers from Morocco who taught us classical Arabic, the kids had their own dialect of Arabic we spoke. And doc was amazed that we grafted our own language, and he would say we started another language, so he said he was going to put out a book on it and we would give him different words, but after a while he started incorporating Spanish and other words into it.


This being the obvious reality, look at the metamorphosis of lies that had to be taught, instead of admitting that the language was started by children who grew up in the cult developing their own dialects..


1992: The first language spoken was cuneiform, because that was the language the Elohiym spoke. This language was then taught to those who lived on the white and blue Nile rivers falsely called Egypt today. Originally called Ganawa ( The Garden ) or Aramaic Hebrew language Saw-deh (barasith) Genesis 3:1 which means the outer field. 

-The First Language pg. 9


1992:  "...there is no language spoken today. People speak today what's called tongues..." 

-The First Language pg. 8


1997: "I put together our own tongue, out of our original language which was taken from us. It has 3 forms one works like Arabic it's called Nubic, the other is like hieroglyphics, it's called Nuwaubic and finally the Rizq script."

-Nuwaubic Teachers Guide 


1998: "They must all speak one tongue. So come let us give them back our and their only true language Nuwaubic." 

-The Sacred Record of Atum Re Scroll one verse 2


1999 -2002: "The name Barber or Barbarians comes from Ashuric/Syraic Arabic word Barbarians meaning to be hairy or to have a beard. The Tuareg are a form of Berber tribe inhabiting the western and central Sahara and western Sahel of northwestern Africa. This is why you will find Ashuric, Arabic, and Hebrew in our Ancient Egyptian Mystery language, The language of the Neteraat." 

-Nuwaupik Simplified (Red Book) pg. 2


1999-2002: "The whole Earth at onetime was one single language, that was the language of God who was in heaven speaking amongst his host. That language was none other than Nuwaupic." 

-Nuwaupik Simplified (Red Book) pg. 4


2013:  Our language can be traced back to Napata also called Kush or Cush. The first city mentioned in your bible in Genesis Chapter 2. It even goes back further to the Nazdaru, Neteru Overseers, The beings from the stars Responsible for the great civilization know as Egypt. We Nuwaupians acknowledge these beings as our Salafu Ancestors. 

-Nuwaubic. com


In the first language book, York says NO language is spoken today.  So if no language is currently spoken, how can one create or make a language from tongues? which is a contradiction. In addition to that, in the writings of Malachi York, there appears to be a contradictions as to the true origins of our languages, it changes from the Elohiym, to Neteru then finally to Napata as found in his writing from 1992-2013. 


The lies on surrounding this language has shifted over the years, the latest change is to discover that it's now using a Sanskrit form of lettering. The Nuwaupic script has now taken on the characteristics of scripts found in use in India. The Nuwaupic script now looks like Gurmukhi and Devanagari scripts of India. The Coptic script did not use a line above its letters. Coptic script is a Greek script with 7 symbols retained from the Demotic script. The picture below shows various scripts in use in India along with the Sabean script which is the root of the Nuwaupic script but the additional lines gives the appearance of a mixture of Sabean and East Indian characteristics.

Top = New Nuwaupic

Middle = Devanagari

Bottom = Coptic


The NEW addition of the line/bar above the letters in Nuwaupic is to give the Nuwaupian some artificial impression that Nuwaupic is ancient, but that lie has already been debunked.

Below are some of the Nuwaubic/Nuwaupic language books that have been sold over the years as the TRUE and ancient language of the Nuwaubians, via some Extraterrestrial people.