Ask The Nuwaupians, was the ancient Egyptian Deity Tehuti the serpent in the garden of Eden in Genesis 3:1-15?

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Question: Ask The Nuwaupians, was the ancient Egyptian Deity Tehuti the serpent in the garden of Eden in Genesis 3:1-15?

Answer: At this point, Nuwaupian are so confused by York that they wouldn't even attempt to answer.

Believe it or not, this is what's in York's "Paa Taraq" and "Actual Facts" series. In the then leaflet called "Void and Darkness", in it York writes that /DHwty/ Djehuti Tehuti, whom York referred to himself as at one time, but that Tehuti was the serpent in the garden.


25.) "Now we look back at Genesis 3:15 and we see 'and I (that is the lord of the Eloheem) will put enmity' Aybah Online Bible Hebrew Strong's #342, from the Hebrew Strong's #340 Ay-yab, meaning 'hate, hostility, enmity, hatred'.  So it was this Lord or master of these Eloheem who first introduced hate between 'thee' meaning Online Bible Hebrew Strong's #5171 Naw-khawsh from Online Bible Hebrew Strong's #5172 Naw-khash, 'whisper, divine, diligently observe, a hissing creature, the one who whisper' and 'the woman'.  In Genesis 3:1, under the title serpent, the winged serpent was one of the Egiptian deity Zdihuti, Djeheuty, Tehuti, Thoth, Ibis, the keeper of the secrets, a talking serpent according to Genesis 3:1-15"


-Void and Darkness pg. 11


This is a very strange story by York (Paa Nazdir: Amunnub-Reakh-Ptah, Paa Hanut: Djedi).  It's almost too ridiculous to addressed, but because there are Nuwaupian cult members out teaching this nonsense, is why there's a need to clarify. Initially York taught this about Tehuti.


"Originally named either Djehuti or Zehuti by Pa Tama-reyeaat "Egiptians", Tehuti "Thoth" was given his better known name by the Greeks...Tehuti was a messenger and spokesman for the Neteraat "Supreme Beings" as Tehuti, and finally a lunar neter "supreme being" under the sun God Re "Ra"

-The Sacred Wisdom of The Grand Hierphant Tehuti pg. 4 



"As you know Tehuti's name is also spelled Djehuti, Zehuti and Thoth from which you get thought.  He was the recorder of time as Khnum is the keeper of time...Tehuti is the Neter "Supreme Being" of peace and love between beings.  Through wisdom you will have peace and love between disagreeable beings...Tehuti came down from Septet "Sirius" and he also spent time in Sahu "Orion" and was a part of the Moon and Mars projects in the seeding of this planet, being a man from planet Rizq in the 19th galaxy called Illyuwn.  He has no mother or father, beginning of days nor end of days.  He was also known as Melchizedek, Al Khidr, Rahma, Yaanuwn, Al Qubt, the spokesman for the Deities..."

-The Sacred Wisdom of The Grand Hierophant Tehuti pg. 8

As you can see, York has totally distorted who Tehuti was to the ancient Egyptians, and making himself to be Tehuti. So if Tehuti is the serpent in the garden who told "Eve"  Nekaybaw, that they were not going to die after partaking of the fruit of the tree, then York is saying he was in the garden himself, being he claims to be from planet Rizqalso known as Melchizedek, Al Khidr, Rahma, Yaanuwn, Al Qubt.

Nothing York is teaching in that "Void and Darkness" leaflet has any merits, all one has to do is read it, study what the ancient Egyptian scribes wrote regarding Tehuti and see that York was out of his mind.

So again the question is asked, Was The Egyptian deity Tehuti the serpent in the garden in Genesis 3:1-15?,  before deciding to answer, remember the words of York,


The Biblical and Koranic concept of God was created in the hearts and minds of their authors and as these authors became authentic, their documents became authentic and within the pages of their documents called scriptures, God was born.

-Conflict Between the Gods pg.1


We Completely And Categorically Reject All Myths, Fictions, Religions And Lies That Have Not Been Proven. That Would Include Your Heavens, Your Hells, Your Fire And Brimstones, Your Horn And Pitchfork Devils, Your Winged Angels And Your Old Man God Character Sitting On A Throne Up There Somewhere. We Deal Strictly With Facts. If You Can't Prove It We Don't Want To Hear It, That Doesn't Mean We Won't Listen To You, Just Don't Expect Us To Accept Your Beliefs By Virtue Of A Title Such As Reverend, Pastor, Deacon, Imaam, Shaykh, Rabbi, Minister, Theologian, Etc. That Is Your Sensationalism And We Deal With Just The Facts.


-The Holy Tabernacle's Guide For Better Living Purity And Neatness And Maintenance Of Health pg. 32.


 "...the scriptures that you hold in your hand today, are NOT divinely inspired. They have been tampered with and you would be a fool to swear by it, the old testament contradicts itself and the new testament and the Qur'an vice versa".

-The Degree of Christ-ism


5. Fables- Legendary stories; unverified stories, unverified means not substantiated; not proven to be true. To tell a fable means to narrate something as if it were true.  Note that the key words in the previous sentence are "as if they were true", which means that it isn't true..."

-The Significance of a Lie pg. 21


I think you get the point.