Ask The Nuwaupians, why is the term used for water, the name for the sun in York's pseudo 19th Galaxy?

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Question: Ask The Nuwaupians, why is a term used for water the name for the sun in York's pseudo 19th Galaxy?

Answer: They could never explain this.

Malachi York claims that on "his planet" there are three suns,  

1. Utu

2. Apsu

3. Shamesh     


30.) The planet RIZQ has three suns Utu, Afsu and Shamesh that all have damaging ultraviolet rays and has a much faster rotation than that of this planet, so the depletion of the ozone layer occurred at a faster rate.

31.) We needed to build a protection, a dome of gold dust particles suspended in the atmosphere, to protect the planet from the damaging ultraviolet rays"

-Holy Tablets Chapter 2 Tablet 1:30-31 



 When investigating York's claims, we discovered that, 


1. Utu: Sumerian language = Sun

2. Apsu: Akkadian language = water, a derivative of Abzu, a ritual water container in a temple.

3. Shamesh: Akkadian language = Sun.


This second sun "Apsu" according to York's is,


 "Apsu- Ap-soo, Sumerian, The Primeval Abyss, The Sun"    

-Holy Tablets glossary pg. 1660 


With a little research you'll prove that "Apsu" is an Akkadian word borrowed from the eme.gir (Sumerian) word Ab.Zu .


Abzu: a ritual water container in the Sumerian temple, in Akkadian it's,

apsû "(cosmic) underground water".    It's used 195 times in Sumerian literature with 21 distinct forms.  

abzu, 159

abzu-ta, 40

abzu-še3, 30

abzu-a, 26

abzu-ke4, 15

abzu-ĝa2, 9

abzu-ka, 8

abzu-na, 7

abzu-gin7, 5

abzu-ba, 2

abzu-ni, 2

abzu-me, 2

abzu-ke4-ne, 1

abzu-zu, 1

abzu-e, 1

abzu-ka-ni, 1

abzu-a-še3, 1

abzu-da, 1

ab-zu-gin7, 1

abzu-bi, 1

abzux-ta, 1

-Electronic Pennsylvania Sumerian Dictionary 


Apsu: cosmic underground water, Babylonian; (Abzu)-Zu.ab 1. literally as home of fish, a water tank in a temple 

-A Concise Dictionary of Akkadian by Jeremy Black pg. 21


One of the epithets of the Sumerian deity Enki/Ea is "ar.rum apsî" king of the Apsû (construct state of arrum 'king'). On cylinder seals one sees Ea sitting on a thrown with water streams out of his shoulders.

-John Heise's 'Akkadian Language


Apsu: 1. deep water, sea cosmic subterranean water. 2. (a personified mythological figure), 3. water basin in the temple;

-The Assyrian Dictionary of the Oriental Institute of the University of Chicago (CAD) volume A 2


In Akkadian literature, we read how Apsu represents water.    



1.) e-nu-ma e-lis la na-bu-u sa-ma-mu

2.) sap-lis am-ma-tum su-ma la zak-rat

3.) Apsu-ma ris-tu-u za-ru su- un

4.) mu-um-mu  Ti-amat  mu-al-li-da-at gim-ri-su-un

5.) me-sunu is-te-nis-i-hi-ku-u-ma

6.) gi-pa-ra  la ki-is-su-ra su-sa-a  la se

7.) e-nu-ma-ilani la su-pu-ma-na-ma

8.) su-ma  la zik-ku-ru si-ma-tu  la [si-ma]

9.) ib-ba-nu-mu  ilani ki-ri[b]  s[a-ma-mi]    


Translation (English)

1.) When in the height heaven was not named,

2.) And the earth beneath did not yet bear a name, 

3.) And the primeval Apsu, who begat them, 

4.) And chaos, Tiamat, the mother of them both,  

5.) Their waters were mingled together,

6.) And no field was formed, no marsh to be seen;  

7.) When the gods none had been called into being,

8.) And none bore a name, and no destinies [were ordained];

9.) Then were created the gods in the mist of [heaven].  

-Enuma Elish: Tablet 1 column 1-3 by Assyriologist  Leonard W. King


York lied about a topic that's so easy to refute.  His congregation ignored the facts and allowed this lie fester till now it's a full blown cancer in the minds of Nuwaupians who still believe it.