Ask The Nuwaupians, have you ever seen a singing extraterrestrial?

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Question: Ask The Nuwaupians, have you ever seen a singing extraterrestrial?

Answer: They'll just stand there with a blank look on their faces.


Malachi York was a self professed extraterrestrial from a planet he calls, Rizq.  In addition to that, he was also a part time crooner calling himself the "Love Man" Dr. York.  As ridiculous as it is, this is what York has asserted and many of his followers and fans still believe to this day.

Here's a few of the statements York has made publicly regarding his extraterrestrial ancestry.

"I am a being from the 19th galaxy called Illyuwn. We have been coming to this planet before it had your life form on it. I manifest into this body to speak through this body. I am a entity and etheric being. I incarnated into this realm from time to time. My incarnation as an Ilah Mutajassid or Avatar was originally in the year 1945 A.D. Then in 1970 was my time to come in flesh to start my work of breaking the spell of sleep."

-The Man From Planet Rizq pg. 23
"If you have the time to read, you will learn that I, the author of this book and hundreds of others, I am not, by any means, an ordinary man. I am a seeded entity. I was pre encoded to awaken at an appointed time. That means that my DNA structures were genetically designed to go off like a time bomb of awareness, at a designated moment, in order to accommodate the light being, the ether being, that was to come into this current human body born 12 midnight Tuesday, June 26 1945 A.D. here on the planet Qi (Earth)".
-The Man From Planet Rizq pg. 26
"I am from the 19th galaxy Illyuwn, far outside of this one...I came from the planet Rizq by way of Nibiru, you call it Jannat". Our solar system is within the 19th galaxy on this side of the first warp called the black hole...The planet that I come from each being lives to be 1000 years old." 
-Holy Tablets pg. 1640-1641


Whether York is sane or not is something a clinical psychologist can determine, however clearly he is either the biggest liar or sufferers from a severe case of a personality disorder.
York, the self professed space creature in human skin, asserts without providing evidence,
"we know how to alter molecules and dematerialize through magnetism and the science matters at will"
-Holy Tablets pg. 1642
"...Does this mean Riziqians can travel inter dimensionally?...Yes! WE CAN, RIZQIYIANS, have the ability to travel within many time frames and density levels, as well as in between in and out of your very dreams...WE RIZQIYANS astrally travel from location to location...the body can be turned into a "ship" by utilizing the seven seats or chakras of the body. I will teach this to those who listen".
-Are There (UFO'S) Extraterrestrials in Your Midst? pg.107-108
"I come from a star fleet of people that are scientists, and the planet Yaanuwn comes from they live to be trillions of years old, when they raise up to beings "Etherians or Etheric beings". While in their physical state they each live 120 years".
-Is God an Extra-Terra-Astral? ( Extraterrestrial) pg.111
These comments by the self professed space Alien Mr. York, is he speaking in the first person, leaving no doubt that it's him. Doctor York as his sideline alter ego, started his music career in the 1980's, where he states,
"I found that Marvin Gaye reached more people with one record then all the Imams did on Friday's giving Jumah services..." 
-Dyin Allah or Dyin Islam?  True Light (audio)
York started his musical hobby with "Jackie and the Starlights, the Students, and Passion" in the 1980's, his solo venture started with his record label "Passion Productions" later called "York Records", recording himself as the solo artist Dr. York. The debut release was the single "Don't Stop (my love)" released in 1985 " and "Only a Dream" (later included in the album New York Hot Melt Records UK, 1985. Mr. York claims that he could "reach a mass majority of my people through my music."  When listing to a Dr. York song, there is no emphasis placed on conscious awareness or social issues that effects black people or brown people as some Rap artist at the time were doing, York's songs were about romance, hence the tittle, "the Love Man".
So again I ask, have you ever seen a singing extraterrestrial?,  the answer would have to be yes if you've fallen victim to the shenanigans this narcissistic sociopath.  One thing these cult leader allstars have in common is music,  
- Charles Manson,
- David Korresh,
- Yahweh Ben Yahweh,
- Marshall Applewhite. 
Malachi York will always be known as the most dangerous cult leader second only to Jim Jones because Jones was responsible for the deaths of hundreds of his followers while York was responsible for sexually molesting children within his congregation.